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3D Chess

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3D Chess - "Chess - The Next Generation" 3 Level Chess (Strato Chess) Tri-Dimensional Chess An Introduction.avi. Chess from Star Trek - Rules. Star Trek is a science fiction phenomenon.

chess from Star Trek - Rules

For many decades, there are several Star Trek television series made, broadcasted, and repeated. Besides, there are several Star Trek movies, fan clubs, magazines, books, etc. In a number of Star Trek episodes, a three dimensional chess variant is played. The rules were reconstructed by a fan of the series, Andrew Bartmess, and given below in a description by James Dixon, reworded by Hans Bodlaender. Millennium_3d_chess.pdf (application/pdf Object) Millennium 3D Chess* Millennium 3D Chess* Chess for the Third Millennium and Beyond!

Millennium 3D Chess*

Millennium 3D Chess Millennium Three Dimensional Chess Millennium 3D Chess.