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COVID-19 Resources

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COVID-19 Time Capsule. Please Note This time capsule design was created and is supplied for free by LONG Creations.

COVID-19 Time Capsule

Natalie Long has been a long time friend of embark websites and has helped us with several projects. We wanted to return the favor, so we offered to host her files and create this page to help alleviate the traffic she was receiving. Why make a dedicated page? We created this page because the original Facebook post went viral and you guys literally crashed the Dropbox and Google Drive with the sheer amount of downloads. Please remember this is a free resource, and we are trying our best to make it available to everyone! "This is something I designed for fellow families with children living through this difficult time, it is meant as a GIFT not for profit! " Support LONG Creations. The Fred Rogers Center: Resources for Caregivers of Children during COVID-19.

During uncertain times, it may be difficult to know what to do or to say to children.

The Fred Rogers Center: Resources for Caregivers of Children during COVID-19

As Fred Rogers said, it is your being there that matters most. “Being there” may look different for each caregiver and child and it may look different each day. Here are some considerations as you care for yourself and children. Remember, you know yourself and the children in your life best. Trust Yourself. Honor Solitude: Solitude is important for children and their helpers to understand their inner stories and the world around them.

The Brain Architects Podcast: Early Childhood Development and COVID-19. What Is COVID-19? And How Does It Relate to Child Development? Why are people wearing masks? Why are people covering their faces? For children under three years, it’s best to answer their questions simply in language they understand.

Why are people wearing masks? Why are people covering their faces?

If children ask about people wearing masks or other face coverings, parents can explain: Sometimes people wear masks when they are sick. When they are all better, they stop wearing the mask. Sometimes children might ask follow-up questions like the ones below. At this age, it’s important to answer only the questions they ask. Is the mask a costume? If you live in a community where many people are wearing masks, your child may want to “pretend play” wearing a mask. During stressful times, what children need most is you—a safe, secure relationship where they can express their feelings and questions.

Keep daily routines (naptime, bedtime) as consistent as possible for your child.Limit your child’s exposure to media reports about COVID-19. Young Children at Home during the COVID-19 Outbreak: The Importance of Self-Care. Parenting a young child is already stressful at times.

Young Children at Home during the COVID-19 Outbreak: The Importance of Self-Care

That’s why it’s important to remember to take care of yourself, too. When you feel calmer, it’s easier to be there for your children and meet their needs. The Case for Self-Care During the COVID-19 Outbreak Most everyone has heard the flight attendant tell them to put their own oxygen mask on before helping others. The same goes for parenting—your health and well-being is important so that you can nurture your child.

The realities of COVID-19 make self-care even more important. Pay Attention to How You Are Feeling Anxiety, worry, and grief are normal responses during and after an event like coronavirus. Take time to notice your feelings and pause and reflect before responding to your child or co-parent. Imagine Your Child’s Behavior as a Communication When young children experience a change in their routines, they may be confused or upset. Make Time for Self-Care Taking Care of Yourself What activities make you happy? Tips for Families: Coronavirus.

We want to hear how we can best support you!

Tips for Families: Coronavirus

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