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Cannabinoid Science. Untitled. Vicente Sederberg. Untitled. iHemp Radio. iHemp Radio. Florida Hemp Industries Association. Hemp Industries Association - Home. Hemp Industries Association - Home. Hempearth News and Blog. Are you aware that hemp history is really not a mystery?

Hempearth News and Blog

Hemp has truly revolutionized the universe in so many different ways. It will continue to help humanity and shape the world to become more beautiful than it already is. Hemp history has dated back to 8000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is now known as modern day Turkey. Hemp was grown specifically for fiber and food resources. Hempearth Following this further, hemp history even dates back to 1000 B.C. where it was known as the “univerisal crop” around the globe.

Hemp is growing at a 20% yearly growth rate. Vitamin Hemp Moreover, today hemp is even being used to as replacement for fiber glass in many motor vehicle components. Cannabis- Industrial Hemp. A Beginner's Guide to Hemp Oil, the Cannabis Product That's Legal Right Now. With medical marijuana on everyone's lips (in more ways than one), people are buzzing about weed, hemp, cannabis, THC, CBD, and all kinds of other related terms that you might or might not understand.

A Beginner's Guide to Hemp Oil, the Cannabis Product That's Legal Right Now

It's OK -- this is confusing stuff. Leave it to Cultist to offer a little clarity about one such topic you're probably hearing a lot about: hemp oil. From "cannamoms" to Whole Foods salespeople, lots of folks are touting the benefits of this product. But what is it, exactly, and what does it do? See also: How to Become a Medical Marijuana Millionaire in Ten Easy Steps So what is this stuff? Let's start with what hemp oil is not.

The oil has only trace amounts of THC, the psychotropic component in weed. "You'll see two kinds -- hemp oil drawn from the plant and hemp oil drawn from the seeds. Aw, man. "Charlotte's Web," Derived From Hemp, Has Been Legal Since 2003. Moriah Barnhardt has a three-year-old daughter, Dahlia, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last May.

"Charlotte's Web," Derived From Hemp, Has Been Legal Since 2003

Anecdotal evidence suggests that a soon-to-be-legal brand of low-THC pot called Charlotte's Web might help her condition. If not, legalizing medical marijuana as a whole would give her a plethora of treatment options by allowing her to tweak the formula she administers to her kid. But this Tampa mom doesn't need to wait for 2015, or for Florida voters to make up their minds. She's one of the many parents who are already purchasing hemp oil online and making Rick Scott's decree obsolete before it even happens.

Starting at the beginning of next year, something that's often called "Charlotte's Web" will be grown in Florida. But a website called sells a hemp-derived product for $550 a tube that mirrors the profile of what people are calling Charlotte's Web. See also: "Charlotte's Web" Medical Marijuana Bill Isn't Enough for Many Parents of Epileptics. Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA. Scientists have discovered astounding new evidence that suggests hemp proteins have the capacity to repair damaged DNA -- a phenomenon that occurs in all humans as the result of aging.

Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA

While the majority of people are aware that DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is present within most living organisms, there is perhaps a larger percentage who are completely oblivious to the fact that this hereditary material accumulates damage in a manner similar to wear and tear on an automobile. Fortunately, human cells are resilient and are able to fix most of the blemishes that occur each day within our genetic code.

Yet, not all of this damage is repairable, which is what scientists believe leads to the body’s inability to heal itself. Although most of the injuries to DNA are not serious, some damages, like strand breaks, can cause the body to make mistakes during the repair process that can shorten a person’s lifespan. (Photo by Hemp Nation Magazine) Blog - Healthy Hemp Oil. Cannabidiol – It Comes in Different Forms Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining a reputation for its beneficial properties for health, illness, skin and hair.

Blog - Healthy Hemp Oil

Research has suggested its positive influence on a long list of illness, from diabetes to arthritis. With its ability to benefit a wide range of people, the market of CBD products is […] This is a guest post by Tung Tran who writes about how to help people fix their skin problems. Please enjoy his extensive research about the great benefits that hemp seed oil can have for your skin. 5 Must-Know Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD) Chemical structure of cannabidiol.

5 Must-Know Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD)

(Photo:Wikimedia Commons) CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly changing the debate surrounding the use of marijuana as a medicine. Most people have heard of a chemical called THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. But recently, attention has shifted to another compound in marijuana called CBD — and for good reason. Because while doctors can’t seem to look past certain side effects of THC, CBD doesn’t appear to present that problem. Here are five facts that you should know about this unique compound: 1.