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SouthEnd Psych offers convenient and exceptional care using a combination of innovative tele-psychiatry, tele-therapy and traditional in-office visits.

Staying Abreast of What’s Best for Your Mental Health. Staying Abreast of What's Best for Your Mental Health. August is National Breastfeeding Month, and it’s necessary to take a look at how it can affect one’s mental health, both positively and sometimes negatively.

Staying Abreast of What's Best for Your Mental Health

As a mother, we want to do what’s best, but does that always mean the breast? What do the Experts Say? Overcoming COVID Fear and Social Scene. Dating.

Overcoming COVID Fear and Social Scene

Backyard Barbecues. Open mic night at karaoke. Concerts. Oh how we’ve longed to get back to these events, but in the same breath, we’ve worried and allowed fear to claim authority over our lives. How do we slowly get back to that comfort zone that diminished overnight? Finding Freedom in your Future: Mindset Matters. Our eyes sometimes see more than they can handle, our ears sometimes hear the unexpected, our hearts sometimes feel broken and our paths sometimes seem off course.

Finding Freedom in your Future: Mindset Matters

How we respond can either hold us back or push us forward. It’s about mindset and some of us may need a shift, especially from the aftermath of a 2020 pandemic, a rise in racial tension and questionable sustainability. The pandemic infused fear about health, finances and our normal way of life. The rise in racial tension infused fear of the unknown for populations of color. Benefits of Donating Blood. SouthEnd Psychiatry — How important is online counselling for mental... Medication management psychiatry – SouthEnd Psychiatry. The human body is often surrounded by many types of diseases and diseases.

Medication management psychiatry – SouthEnd Psychiatry

Every person gets advice from a doctor if he is ill or there is a problem in the body. Sometimes when people have any problem related to the brain, they need a psychiatrist. Normally, for a problem related to the brain, A psychiatrist can do it with the right advice and the right treatment. Mental health therapy. Experiencing trauma of any kind opens the door and possibility of substance abuse and addiction.

Helping Someone Cope: Providing Hope. Grief is not our friend but is certainly not a stranger to most of us.

Helping Someone Cope: Providing Hope

It has knocked on our door and walked right in without an invitation, never facing a warm welcome. When those we love are grieving a loss and trying to cope, words can fail us. While there is no perfect response to one of the most challenging emotions we experience as humans, we can offer hope in the ways we help. Communicate.