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Library Cart | New Haven Moving Equipment. First Book. Zen and Anti stress. Play Lost Pig, a Free online game on Jay is games. Librarian Tool Box - Open Educational Resources - LibGuides at Virginia Tech. Open Textbooks (free, Faculty-editable) Open Stax College (Rice University) BC Campus Open ED Open Textbook Library MERLOT (material type=open textbook) Open Textbooks CCCOER College Open Textbooks Open SUNY Textbooks Lower-Cost (Faculty-Editable) Boundless ($) Flatworld Knowledge ($) Thuze ($) VT Libraries VT Faculty - Contact your VT College Librarian regarding purchase of a multi-user eBook version. VT Faculty & Students - Contact the VT OER Librarian for assistance in locating OER. Slightly lower cost commercial Custom Textbooks (Note: these tend to have lower or zero re-sale value) OER Commons. GRANTS - LIST OF FOUNDATIONS INTERESTED IN 'BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE" | LINCS Community.

Amazon School Rewards Program | Dollars for Schools. In 2010, Amazon earned $34.2 BILLION in sales. Chances are that you and many of your friends, family and neighbors use Amazon. Your school has an opportunity to piggyback off the success of Amazon through their School Rewards Associates Program. The process is simple and quick. Just set up an account through the Amazon associates program. After setting up the account, Amazon will send you a unique link that anyone can use to access Post this link to your school website. Send it to friends and family. If you want to take full advantage of the Amazon associates program, you can enhance your school website by providing links & banners to specific Amazon pages and add widgets for Amazon products.

Please note that Amazon does not offer this School Rewards Program in California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, or Rhode Island. How much does the school earn? Your school will receive up to 15% in referral fees for any purchases that are made on the Amazon site. Like this: Associates: The web's most popular and successful Affiliate Program. Grades 9-12. Ridgefield Park Junior-Senior Media Center. Grades 9-12. Untitled. Setting Up Your Own MakerSpace.

Since you already know that you want to set up a MakerSpace you know that it is an area that provides hands-on, creative ways for students to design, experiment, and invent as they engage in science, engineering, and tinkering.” (definition from edutopia) Before I started making specific plans for a MakerSpace in my library, I started reading everything that I could get my hands on that would inform me about such a space. I read online, searched out other libraries, schools, classrooms, and communities that had MakerSpaces, hit the library and Amazon looking for books about MakerSpaces, visited several MakerSpaces in the area, read blogs about MakerSpaces, and followed makers on Twitter.

Even though I have a MakerSpace up and successfully running, I am still seeking out any information I can that will improve my space for my students. Littlebits. Setting Up Your Own MakerSpace. Try The World | Food subscription box from around the world. Home - 2015 TEL Workshop - LibGuides at Tennessee State Library and Archives.