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The Larpwright. E.V. - The world of the Forest Knights. Google Translate. Resources. Introduction to Nordic Larp. Johanna Koljonen introduces Nordic larp by talking about her bodily experience of a fallout shelter outside Tulsa during an alternate past Cuban Missile Crisis.

Introduction to Nordic Larp

She explains how you can understand what goes in to creating ambitious larps by comparing the process with a birthday party, and goes on to answer the question of wether these games are games at all. Nordic Larp for Noobs » Lizzie Stark. In English. LajvVerkstaden (The Larp Workshop) works with as a cultural form and an educational tool.

In English

We design many different types of events – from serious games about democracy and oppression to playful larps in fantasy settings. Our projects are created in collaboration with schools, businesses and NGOs and are specifically designed to give participants access to a learning experience that reaches them not just on an intellectual level, but physically and emotionally as well. The contents of the games generally cover specific factual knowledge (how do I make a budget?) But also extend to moral reflection (Am I obliged to help others in financial need?). The Mixing Desk of Larp v2.

Petter Karlsson – Producent och speldesigner. Nordic LARP is a fascinating medium and we would encourage Serious Games designers to have a look at it from the perspective of education and learning.

Petter Karlsson – Producent och speldesigner

It offers a different view to learning and education and could be what we are all looking for. Serious games is a term for games that serve another purpose than only to be entertaining, such as an education game. On a blog post at GALA - The Games and Learning Alliance three researchers from the Heriot-Watt University discuss if serious games and AI technology could benefit from Nordic Larp. Thanks to Jaakko for the tip. Harmaasudet - The Greywolves. Larping, Larp; Live Action Role PlayingLARPING.ORG. Larp DefinitionLARPING.ORG. LARP is an acronym for Live Action Roleplay. Thus the act of going to LARP is LARPing or Live Action Roleplaying. We just like to call it larping. Many people ask “What is larping?” Larpification - Claus Raasted. Role-Playing as a Teaching Method - Sanne Harder. Because Play Matters - Blog. Hit Seekers - A Math Game in the Music Industry by Aaron Vanek.

Hit Seekers is an educational live action role-playing game that aims to help students in mathematics.

Hit Seekers - A Math Game in the Music Industry by Aaron Vanek

We need help in developing this idea so kids anywhere can have fun while learning real-world business math topics. We are currently playtesting Hit Seekers at a school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). We are working with their math teacher to revitalize the class's basic skills, operational appreciation, and academic interest in the subject through real world problems as well as impart new math knowledge. Some students in class are far behind and have little to no desire to achieve. We want to change that attitude. Hit Seekers is an interactive game based on the music industry.

Finland ← Storyline Scotland. Our Farm A Storyline Topic in a primary school in Pargas, Finland Ann-Catherine Henriksson The curriculum in year five in the primary school in Finland tells us to teach about how our food is produced and about the plants and the animals that provides us with food.

Finland ← Storyline Scotland

Storyline Scotland - News page. Storyline Event - Glasgow, Scotland Thursday 3rd May 2012 New Danish Storyline Website Niels-Peter Jacobsen is a Lutheran Pastor in Denmark, who has created a website to show how he is using Storyline for teaching children in preparation for their confirmation. News from Finn Mosegaard Lem, Denmark, 28th March 2012 As most of us know, Finn is a prolific Storyline designer with many books to his name but over the last five months he has been working on a very special project which he explains here – Jens Væver was born in 1822. He and his family were mainly fishermen but from time to time he was also a cattle drover taking animals from Spøttrup Borg to Germany for the big cattle market south of the border. The Role-Playing Teacher. Playground Magazine. Playground Magazine is a quarterly magazine for and about the New Wave in roleplaying, covering live-action and tabletop roleplaying around the world.

Playground Magazine

Contact You can reach us via e-mail at these addresses: Editor-in-Chief – Kasper Friis Hansen: Art Director – Lars Andresen: Anything else – Claus Raasted: Sponsors Like this: Like Loading... Playground Magazine. A key element in the Danish larp has scene been the association The Roleplaying Factory (Rollespilsfabrikken).

Playground Magazine

Being one of the first organizers of easy access pay ´n play kids larps as well as creating games with higher standards and more adult themes, the Roleplaying factory still continues to play an important part in the thriving Danish larp community. The video gives you a guided tour inside The Roleplaying Factory located in Copenhagen with Nynne Søs Rasmussen. She explains both about the actual place and the different kinds of games that the Factory makes. Filmed during A Week in Denmark prior to the role-playing conference Knudepunkt 2011, Web: The Roleplaying Factory Music: Seeminglee – Yesteryear Motion (CC) Video report and article by Petter Karlsson. Education Larpers in Sweden. Darlene Quayle: European Schools Research and Explorations » LARP. KP2013 - Welcome to Knutepunkt 2013. Impressum. Edu Larp The School.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity. Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!