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Signs you are in a fake relationship - souls beaute - Medium. Many time such relationships joined in your life, that make your life so beautiful, but at times, such relationships are also joined to your life, that makes your life sad and painful.

Signs you are in a fake relationship - souls beaute - Medium

Before forming a deep relationship with anyone, you should know the following points. Are you all in a true relationship or in a wrong relationship? Also, read more about FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN A GIRL AND A BOY 1) You are always confused they love you or not, and what is your place and feeling in their life, When you don’t understand it that where do you stand in that person’s life. So you shouldn’t stand there. 2) You are not their priority: Till you become that person’s priority, till then you cannot become his/her love. 3) They disrespect you, don’t respect your feelings, don’t respect your love, don’t respect your time, and where you feel that your love is not respected, then you should not be there. Quarantine-Quality Time - Souls Beaute. I wish “I could get extra 24 hours to live my life”, I wish “I could rest”, I wish “I spend more time with my family”, I wish “I can enjoy my time by my way “, I wish “I could contribute my NATION”.

Quarantine-Quality Time - Souls Beaute

“Sometimes small things gives a lot of happiness” And These 15 days are giving you a chance to fulfill your wish into reality. I know limitations are there. But we can make it happy because in our cycle like running life we forgot our “Small Happiness”, I hope you will like these points which I am sharing with you. 1.Terrace “Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.” I am very sure that you understand my point, Right? Just go there see the sky, listen to the chirping of birds, observe trees and many more. Saree…..No Sorry, It’s My Pride…. Saree…..

Saree…..No Sorry, It’s My Pride….

A beautiful elegant drape that turns you beauteous mesmerizing dreamy diva. A six yards apparel that fits every female and will make her graceful. Every Indian woman loves saree. Not only Indian women have a special wardrobe collection but also International ladies have special attachment towards saree. Earlier days, Saree was a mandatory option after marriage and there was monotonous style but now there are enormous adorable styles and anyone can wear at any time. 1. She is not a designer but when it comes to saree draping, the designer seeks help from Dolly. Her name is in “Limca Book of Records” for draping a saree in 125 different ways. 2.Tia Bhuva(Fusion Of Comfort And Fashion) Whether you buy saree from “Fashion Street” or “Fashion Mall”.

Cucumber raita a veg recipes of India. Raita is one of the things without which Indian meal seems incomplete.

Cucumber raita a veg recipes of India

And this cucumber raita is prepared using curd, which is high in protein and low in unhealthy fat. It is good at digestion and weight loss. This recipe contains zero fat and low calories. The following are the steps to prepare cucumber raita. Ingredients 2 green cucumbersSalt and black pepper to taste500gm curd1/2 teaspoon roasted and powdered cumin seeds Garnish: 1 tablespoon chopped fresh coriander or mint leaves Method: Peel the cucumberHalves them lengthways and remove the seeds.Check the bitterness.Cut the cucumber into small dices.Sprinkle with salt and leave for 15 minutesThen drain away liquid and rinse the cucumbers quickly in cold water.Drain wellCombine with beaten curd, lemon and taste to see if more salt is required.Roast the cumin seeds in a dry pan, shaking the pan or stirring constantly, until brown.Bruise or crush seeds and sprinkle over curd.Served chilled, garnished with mint or coriander leaves.

10 components of strong relationship by nipanebhushanwd. Friendship: Being like a friend with your partner in the relationship.

10 components of strong relationship by nipanebhushanwd

Do not fear to share anything. Be free for sharing your thoughts openly with them. This helps in bonding strong relationships between each other. Who are you really? ideal or real? Are you ideal?

Who are you really? ideal or real?

Not in terms of physics or personality just in general. The answer to the above question is very simple. Let’s take the example of Matrimony Websites. They as for characteristics in a person in such a manner as if they are looking for a smartphone. Like a person should be 5.5ft. From our childhood, we have been looking at these matrimonial advertisements but this adolescent stage my vibes tell me to prove it wrong ( all credit goes to our T.V. serials ). Once, I was just browsing what weight for an ideal girl should be.

How to overcome fear and expectations from others. What is the fear?

how to overcome fear and expectations from others

The most disturbing and cribbed question by common mind is like “What our elders will say?” Or “What our society will say?”. The most generally dread topic amongst the youth is “OMG, you are still single, you don’t have an ideal carrier”, you don’t earn enough. L for it should be Love not Lust. Love and Lust???????

L for it should be Love not Lust

Oh!!! Damn sensitive topic to be discussed or talked about but some times is good. No offense though. Let’s take the First scenario. A girl and boy fall in love. Let’s take the second scenario a girl and a boy are in the relationship for more than a year having good understanding and also care for each others feeling and are also comfortable in physical relationships. As for the second scenario, there’s a lot of love affection, respect, honesty, and care towards each other and in the first scenario, its Lust lying deceiving manipulation and hurting other’s feelings.

Some heads might be thinking its 21st century having sex after the age of 18 is fine. वो कहते हैं की तुमने कोशिश नहीं की रिझाने की इसलिए बहक गए!