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Logit(LA) Next Sessions: June 13 and September 19th Our immersive program runs in-class for 12 weeks, Monday through Friday, 9:30 am – 6:30 pm.


Class time includes lectures, labs, and guest speakers from a variety of industries. Learn more about our instructors here. Class Structure: Mornings will generally cover theory, while afternoon labs will give students hands on experience with real datasets. Students will have the opportunity to work together as well as receive individualized attention from our experienced instructors. To apply or get more information, fill out our contact form. Job Placement: To ensure our students find job placements, we have partnered up with a recruiting firm specializing in data science and analytics. Students are expected to have basic programming experience.Understanding of basic probability and statistics.A degree in a quantitative field is preferred. $5,000 FOR 12 WEEKS (June Cohort) Our partner, Skills Fund, offers financing options for students accepted to Logit.

Make School(SF) Learn to build and ship real world products Computer Science Theory Learn the fundamentals of CS theory starting with algorithms and data structures.

Make School(SF)

Explore advanced concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Work on projects to implement the theory you learn. Develop an understanding of how computers are built from the ground up, starting from logic gates. LearnTech Labs(SF) Please read the following Terms of Use Agreement (“TOU” or “Agreement”) carefully before viewing or using any services, features, content or applications offered by LearnTech Labs (“LtL,” “we,” “us” or “our”) via or their training programs, (“Site” and together as “Services”). 1.

LearnTech Labs(SF)

Davinci Coders(CO) Tues, Thurs 6:00-9:30PM & Sat 12:00PM-3:40PM • 500 study HOURS If you're interested in learning to program using C# and working in the video game development and design industry, this is your first step.

Davinci Coders(CO)

Taught by Julien Lynge, one of the nation’s leading experts in the game industry, this course will take you on your own gaming adventure. Your game development journey is designed to help you battle every learning obstacle, wielding the power of your wits, C# language, JAVA, and Unity game engine to leverage your best storytelling, gamification, and programming abilities and build your own game. As a student developer, you will learn to write, design, develop and debug code and games while developing a working portfolio.

Code Smith(LA) Learn the fundamentals of computer science including algorithms, time complexity, data structures and memory management - areas often glossed over by other coding bootcamps - which form the backbone of modern programming.

Code Smith(LA)

Learn front-end web development to rapidly build production applications. We teach ReactJS - the frontend framework created by Facebook - why ReactJS? Build out the back-end in JavaScript using NodeJS & Express. Learn how to handle large-scale real-world code - an invaluable skill in the job market. With the power of ReactJS Native - Facebook's groundbreaking framework - you'll be the first students to learn true mobile development in JavaScript.

Most of our teaching is done through projects. Or how to be loved by all engineers. Our first priority is making you the best engineer possible but you'll also be surrounded by an entrepreneurial energy that we support with intimate fireside chats from some of the most successful founders and engineers in the industry. Maker Square(LA, SF) Hack Reactor(SF) Live Coding - We’ll introduce the exercises or project you’ll work on next, and start doing it live on our giant projector.

Hack Reactor(SF)

In addition to explaining the concepts you’ll need to know to do the work, we’ll explain how to figure out the things you don’t know. Fullstack Academy(NY) Recurse(NY) There are three phases of our admissions process: an application and two rounds of interviews.


We make admissions decisions at the end of each phase. The first step is to submit a brief written application. Viking Code School. The Tech Academy. C# is a very powerful, mature programming language that can be used to create the most complex and robust of software programs, capable of satisfying the needs of large businesses.

The Tech Academy

It is one of the most in-demand languages in the software development field. You will learn the fundamental elements of this popular language, enabling you to create your own software programs, and getting you well-prepared for your career as a developer. ASP.NET enables a developer to create powerful web applications when working alongside C#. This course includes: The .Net Framework All basic syntax of the C# language and how to use it to implement programming fundamentals Principles of Object-Oriented Programming using C# The ASP.NET Web Application Framework and its model for delivering interactive web sites ASP.NET MVC And more... Apply Now » Here is a student success story from the C# Course: "C# was far and away the most intensive course thus far in the program. The Software Guild. What it is Discover a part-time option for a full-time job, with The Software Guild’s online program.

The Software Guild

This program is ideal for those who want to learn the skills necessary for entry-level software development jobs, but who cannot commit to the immersive, full-time on-ground program. Benefits of the online bootcamp include: The same relevant curriculum as the on-ground locationsA completion time of ten monthsA time requirement of only 20 hours per week, so you can keep your job or other commitmentsAccess to the employer networkSoft skills training How it Works Online students will learn the same skills as those in the on-ground program.

Thinkful - Data Science.