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Top Secret, War and Peace

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Zionists, NAZIs, related

Israeli Mossad Crimes of Deception. Subliminal Messages. Bush Crime Family. Russia-US Conspiracies. Regime Change Events. Weapons Side Effects - DU, mines, etc. Clinton Crimes. Zika Virus Scam. Corporate Conspiracy Possibilities. Chemtrails 1. Chemtrails 2. Bio-Terrorism. Nuclear Weapons. Population Reduction Conspiracies. Mark of the Beast. 911 and related wars. Accusations of Depravity by World Leaders. Aircraft and Ship Disasters. CDC, FDA, USDA Corruption.

Conspiracy Theory

Cryptic Communications. Declassified. Drones. Economics and War. Information War, Disinformation to Support War. International Organized Crime. International Legal Opinions Relating to War Criminals. Laws Related to Secrecy and Spying. Media Propaganda.


New World Order and False Terrorism. Old Wars. Peace, Anti-War. Possible False Flags. Secret Societies or Groups with an Agenda. Situations and Wars 2000-2025. Soldiers. Sorcha Faal 1. Sorcha Faal 2. Space War Preparations, Moon and Mars.

Spy Technology. Suspicious Activities. Suspicious Deaths. Terrorism in the USA. The Company and Friends. Traitors to Truth. Truth Organizations.

Unconstitutional Government Secrecy

Underground Tunnels and Bases, DUMB. War Crimes. War Technology. Whistleblowers Snowden Manning etc. Work with Aliens on Earth by Government. Book Douglas Dietrich to speak on many topics, including . . . The Internet is Abuzz About September 28, 2015. Why? By Karma Singh |* Harmony Energy Consultants Editor’s Note: The internet is great for, among other things, being a place to share knowledge, but it can be guilty of fear-mongering, too.

The Internet is Abuzz About September 28, 2015. Why?

So, sometimes it is good to step back and analyze certain allegations that seem to take flight on the virtual plane of the internet – so that we don’t give into fear. How else can we collectively “elevate” ourselves to higher levels of human existence and coexistence if weighed down all the time by fear? Karma Singh takes a look at one such popular internet story.