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Rife machine value versus hardware. This is by no means intended to be a technical manual on Rife technology.

Rife machine value versus hardware

The purpose of this page is to attempt to explain in simple terms, some of the questions lay persons rarely know to ask. For more common questions, please visit our Rife FAQ. value versus hardware Probably the main issue we should discuss has to do with value versus hardware. Rife machine hardware, meaning the components that go into it, needs to be adequate to do the job, but nothing should be added to the machine that is not actually required. An examination of the long evolution of applicator technology will reveal that the means of delivering current to the body has gone through many changes over the one hundred year history of the technology. Until medical quality electrode patches were invented, the means of application were crude and fairly limited. Even today, would be Rife manufacturers use the rods and plates, and although it is one of the authentic ways, this method has been obsolete for many years.

Digital Medicine - Heart Rate Variability - VedaPulse. Apple’s next move is software for improving people’s lives and health.

Digital Medicine - Heart Rate Variability - VedaPulse

Just like tablets, pocket computers, and digital music players are now part of the mainstream, a battery of new devices will transform healthcare and fitness management for the betterment of society in the future. That future is here now, and in terms of diagnostic capacity and depth, it just will not get better. Apple is ambitious yet their designs are more for tracking than real data gathering capacity. With the VedaPulse, Eastern and western medicine meet head on with this objective, fast measurement (5 minutes) device that makes results immediately available, to provide an overview of the homeostasis (internal environment and the main regulatory mechanisms of the human body) processes and responses in the human body. If you have ever dreamed of being a master diagnostician one can now stand on solid science with a computerized reading of a person’s pulse. Heart Rate Variability HF – high frequency, fast waves. Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound. Dr.

Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

Kelly Brogan, M.D., Green Med InfoWaking Times When it comes to pregnancy, this intervention has slipped stealthily into the experience of nearly every pregnant woman alive today. But is it safe for expectant mothers or their babies? We want to trust. We want, almost need, to believe that medical and pharmaceutical interventions have been vetted. Unfortunately, history has shown us that every recalled drug, every banned intervention, from Vioxx to shoe-store foot x-rays bore government-approved claims for safety and efficacy before they were pulled from the market. Ultrasound may be no different. Even the name seems gentle, doesn’t it? When it comes to pregnancy, this intervention has slipped stealthily into the experience of nearly every pregnant woman alive today. Who doesn’t want to see their baby? This is how insufficiently studied medical interventions grab hold of our consciousness: How Universal Frequencies Are Affecting YOU! By Sharry Edwards | Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth Editor’s Note: We have all read astrological predictions & some swear by them planning their lives with them in mind.

How Universal Frequencies Are Affecting YOU!

Well, not only are the “stars” affecting you; “universal frequencies” a/k/a “BioAcoustic Key Notes” are too. So, how do they work? Well, everything in your body, and what we put into it, has a numeric frequency (BioAcoustic Biologists call it a Frequency Equivalent (TM), or FE, for short). The body is incredibly system redundant, as shown by how 1 pressure point can address symptoms in different parts & systems of the body. Light is also expressed as frequency. BioAcoustic Key Note for February 8-15, 2015 Universal frequencies continue to plague those involved in sports as these frequencies are affecting the forearm and will continue to do so for the next few days. The Rosetta Stone. By Jill Mattson | | Graphic Copyright Attribution Credit: <a href=’ profile_graphicsdunia4you’>graphicsdunia4you / 123RF Stock Photo</a> Editor’s Note: While you probably learned in school that the body communicates through its nerves using electricity, it has been found recently that the body really communicates through frequency.

The Rosetta Stone

This gives some inkling as to how effective BioAcoustic Biology can be at supporting the individual’s self-healing ability, because this modality speaks the same language that the body does. The Rosetta Stone of the Body Studies are popping up all over – showing that the language of the body is sound. Invisible sound waves are the body’s secret communication system! Understanding the “Rosetta Stone of body language” will unlock untold breakthrough for health. Science maintains that nerves communicate information to the far reaches of the body through electrical impulses.

Heimburg proposes that the nerves communicate information, but through sound waves.