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Mplusm — Residence in Voula. © Mplusm .

Mplusm — Residence in Voula

Published on December 16, 2013. In this new residence, an oblong site with a downward slope towards the road is divided lengthwise into two strips, emphasizing the oblong form. Basalt — Music Conservatory in Paris' 17th Arrondissement. © Sergio Grazia .

Basalt — Music Conservatory in Paris' 17th Arrondissement

Published on February 25, 2014. MoDus Architects — Artist’s House and Atelier. Photo: Niccolò Gandolfi.

MoDus Architects — Artist’s House and Atelier

Published on September 08, 2014. Gus wüstemann architects — Los limoneros. © Bruno Helbling .

gus wüstemann architects — Los limoneros

Published on September 03, 2014. Program The plot is situated in an suburban urbanisation of private villas next to a golf court near Marbella , Spain. Gh3 — Street House. Photo by Raymond Chow. © gh3.

gh3 — Street House

Published on September 30, 2014. Nico van der Meulen — House Serengeti. © Nico van der Meulen .

Nico van der Meulen — House Serengeti

Published on October 02, 2014. This North-facing villa is perfectly balanced with an application of earthy textures against high-gloss finishes, and raw material against refined elements. The home combines the use of rock, steel, wood and glass – classic modernist design elements re-mixed for new applications. The idea was to create a luxury family home with an ecologically sound design that maximizes indoor-outdoor living. The street front of the south entry home features a large rusted-steel-clad wall, cleverly mounted on tracks so that it slides back to reveal the double garage. Sean Godsell Architects — Peninsula House. © Earl Carter .

Sean Godsell Architects — Peninsula House

Published on July 19, 2013. A 30m x 7.2m oxidized steel portal structure has been embedded into the side of a sand dune. This structure forms the ‘exoskeleton’ of the house upon which the weather controlling outer skin – operable timber shutters, glass roof and walls are all mounted. The simple programme of the house – a living/eating room, library and sleeping room forms the ‘endoskeleton’ of the building. The sleeping room is an inner room accessed by a private stair. Studio MK27 adds mashrabiya-inspired screens to apartments. Perforated wooden shutters allow the residents of this São Paulo apartment building by Studio MK27 to control the levels of daylight in their living spaces (+ slideshow).

Studio MK27 adds mashrabiya-inspired screens to apartments

PIK Residence / Metropoliform. Architects: Metropoliform Location: Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia Architect In Charge: Johnson Hasanuddin Main Contractor: PT.

PIK Residence / Metropoliform

Kendiaroma Perdana Area: 830.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: David Yeow From the architect. PIK residence is a dwelling for a retired couple who are often visited by their families and grandchildren. Located in one of the emerging gated communities in Jakarta, this south / west facing corner site has good visibility to the street and access to natural lighting yet present the challenges to respond to the hot afternoon sun. 3×10 House / DD concept. Architects: DD concept Location: Ho Chi Minh City, District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Architect In Charge: Anh Dung To Area: 110.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki From the architect.

3×10 House / DD concept

The house is a well conceived small sized residence located in HCM city where the building is the highest in South Vietnam. The challenges of the design carefully considered the conflicts between the need for privacy and a desire for an internal / external communication, all within a compact footprint that addressed the local vernacular within a dense city fabric. The house questions the idea of being able to live within a 3×10 square metre footprint that provides a spatially dynamic environment.

The building consists of a layering strategy that releases the normally constraints of domestic living. House by Sergey Makno combines a staircase with a bookcase. A staircase runs up alongside a six-metre-high bookshelf inside this house in Ukraine, which also features walls that look like piles of logs (+ slideshow). Designed by local architect Sergey Makno, Buddy's House is a 235-square-metre family home set in the Kiev village of Gorenichi. The building's facade is a combination of concrete and black brickwork, but two walls are covered with oak discs, which were created by slicing up small wooden logs.

Arkitema Architects — Sluseholmen. Kontraframe. Published on May 01, 2014. Amsterdam, Venice, Christianshavn – it is not hard to see where the Sluseholmen development finds its inspiration. Water is the essential element in the new canal community now taking shape in the old industrial area in the South Habour in Copenhagen. Cité manifeste — Block Architectes. Le site : Le terrain acquis par la SOMCO - l'îlot Schoettlé (nom du dernier propriétaire des usines qui occupaient ce site précédemment) vient en bordure de la Cité Historique, à proximité d'un quartier plus composite. Jacobo Building / DURAN&HERMIDA arquitectos asociados. Architects: DURAN&HERMIDA arquitectos asociados – Javier Durán y María Augusta Hermida Location: Cuenca, Ecuador Area: 913 sqm Photographs: Sebastián Crespo Collaborators: Sonia Guzhñay, Edison Castillo, Cristian Sotomayor Construction: DURAN&HERMIDA arquitectos asociados Site Area: 360,00m2 This building is located in the city of Cuenca, so sunlight is almost perpendicular, with variations of 23 degrees at the equinoxes of June and December.

It contains one apartment per floor, except for the third top floor where the space is divided between a small apartment and an office. We intended for the apartments to have sunlight in the morning and evening, therefore, the east and west facades are very transparent, while those facing north and south are closed preventing views to the neighbors. The apartment on the ground floor is lit through a back courtyard. 300 Cornwall / Kennerly Architecture & Planning. Architects: Kennerly Architecture & Planning Location: Richmond District, California, United States Developer+ Builder: Agosta Builders, Gerry Agosta Structural Engineer: Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers Area: 14,000 sqft Year: 2013 Photographs: Bruce Damonte From the architect. Not every part of old San Francisco is perfect.

Carrieres Sous Poissy / Gaetan Le Penhuel Architectes. Architects: Gaetan Le Penhuel Architectes Location: Carrières-sous-Poissy, France Area: 4,500 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Sergio Grazia From the architect. The “Pasteur ” social residence, with a capacity of 165 studios, is part of a process of relocating migrant workers within two residences , as part of the treatment plan of Homes Migrant Workers , led by the national CILPI organism . 169 Amsterdam / JSa. Tres Picos 97 / D+S Arquitectos. Tres Picos 97 / D+S Arquitectos (553302) Karim Residence / ARCHFIELD. Pascal chombart de lauwe - tect�ne - architectes urbanistes. Ce projet est une réponse originale aux enjeux de densité urbaine, et propose un habitat individuel en brique rouge de hauteur d'étage qui lui donne une forte identité. Deux formes architecturales constituent cet ensemble : un bâtiment collectif (R+5 avec maisons sur le toit) de couleur blanche s'intègre au gabarit de la rue et s'accole en alignement à l'immeuble mitoyen ; à l'arrière, des venelles distribuent des maisons individuelles en bandes aux silhouettes variées.

La brique de hauteur d'étage structurelle permet une pérennité des matériaux et un confort thermique amélioré. La plupart des maisons disposent d'une cave et sont directement accessibles depuis leur box de parking. Elles profitent de terrasses aménagées ou végétalisées (permettant une gestion optimisée des eaux pluviales) et d'un jardin arrière et avant. Ofis Arhitekti — Tetris Apartments. Jean-Baptiste Pietri Architectes — Carre Seine. Photo: © Thierry Favatier. Published on July 14, 2014.