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Hi, I am Sophie from Adelaide, South Australia. My hobbies are reading, writing and you tubing about road trips and travel blogs. I am a 25-year-old from Adelaide city and MBA student. I am staying in this city since I was 6 years old; so I am very familiar with Adelaide city and suburban area. If you people want to know more updates about the city, then explore my profile.

Whatsonadelaide. Australia fires: Canberra escapes worst as fires rage on. Media playback is unsupported on your device A bushfire near the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) continues to rage, although the damage is not as serious as previously feared.

Australia fires: Canberra escapes worst as fires rage on

Residents in some areas around the capital, Canberra, had been warned that it was "too late to leave" and they should try to seek shelter. The fire south of Canberra is still out of control and has already burned more than 20% of the territory's landscape. However, the fires did not reach the capital's southern suburbs. Hot and windy conditions are expected to last through the weekend. Since September, bushfires in Australia have killed at least 33 people and destroyed thousands of homes. What is happening in Canberra? The ACT declared a state of emergency on Friday - the first in the area since deadly fires in 2003.

People living in affected areas are being urged to fill up their bathtubs, buckets and sinks, so that when the fire arrives, they have access to water - to extinguish flames and to drink. Scientists call on MPs to urgently reduce Australia's emissions amid bushfire crisis. A group of more than 200 scientists will on Monday urge returning parliamentarians to urgently reduce Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, and work diplomatically to achieve coordinated global climate action, after a catastrophic summer of fires.

Scientists call on MPs to urgently reduce Australia's emissions amid bushfire crisis

In an open letter timed to coincide with the resumption of the parliamentary year in Canberra, the group says scientific evidence unequivocally links human-caused climate change to the increasing risk of frequent and severe bushfires in the Australian landscape. It says that same science tells us “these extreme events will only grow worse in the future without genuine concerted action to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases”.

The letter says the science suggests a need for immediate action to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions, and manage a rapid transition to net zero emissions by 2050. Timeline: how Australia responded to the coronavirus outbreak. The understanding of the novel coronavirus has evolved, with authorities now conceding that person-to-person transmission has occurred outside Hubei – even in some circumstances where the sick person displayed few or no symptoms.

Timeline: how Australia responded to the coronavirus outbreak

Australia’s response to the coronavirus has escalated from suggesting only those in direct contact with the sick should be excluded from school, to warnings in some states that all students returning from China should stay away for a fortnight. The Australian government has fumbled the issue of whether evacuees from China will be charged for flights to Christmas Island – first insisting they would be, then conceding that was not standard practice. And now Australia has implemented even more extreme measures excluding travellers from mainland China, a measure then copied by New Zealand. So how did the improved understanding of the disease lead to starker warnings? 12 December 7 January Chinese authorities confirm they have identified the novel virus, named 2019-nCoV. Australia’s Volunteer Firefighters Are Heroes. But Are They Enough?

BATLOW, Australia — Most of the fires Michael Blenkins has put out since becoming a volunteer firefighter in the 1980s required little more than rushing to a nearby farm and hosing down ankle-high flames.

Australia’s Volunteer Firefighters Are Heroes. But Are They Enough?

In and out in maybe an hour, then back to work as a teacher. When he persuaded his eldest son, Edmund, to join the rural fire brigade at 16, he thought less about danger than camaraderie. But in Australia, climate change and the huge fires it fuels have obliterated the old normal. Instead of the usual three or four days a year, the Blenkinses have been fighting fires around their mountain town, Batlow, on and off for a month. They have repeatedly put in 12-hour days. “There were flames kicking up everywhere,” Mr. For more than a century, Australia has managed the landscape by drawing on the altruism and kinship of its people. That culture of shared responsibility across a sparsely populated continent still holds. Climate change has made an arid nation even more combustible and deadly. Australia coronavirus: Hundreds evacuated to Christmas Island. Image copyright ABC NEWS/WEIBO Australia has begun evacuating its citizens trapped by the coronavirus outbreak in China to an immigration detention centre on a remote island.

Australia coronavirus: Hundreds evacuated to Christmas Island

Evacuees from Wuhan are en route to Australia's Christmas Island, where they will be quarantined for two weeks. Canberra said 243 citizens and permanent residents, including 89 children, were on board. A second flight is also scheduled for this week. Pictures on social media showed queues of families waiting to board on Monday. "We have prioritised vulnerable and isolated Australians," Foreign Minister Marise Payne told reporters in Canberra.