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sophie smith is an avid technical blogger, a magazine, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst.. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

How to Unfollow Automated Text SMS on Your Smartphone – Info Source – Technology. These days, we all receive unwanted text messages rather than essential and personal messages on our smartphones.

How to Unfollow Automated Text SMS on Your Smartphone – Info Source – Technology

SMS from political parties, shopping apps, network providers, and others can annoy you sometimes. You may want to get rid of them forever and only want to receive important text messages. How to Transfer a Windows User Account to Another Windows 10 PC – Info Source – Technology. We don’t have access to the Easy Transfer feature in Microsoft Windows anymore.

How to Transfer a Windows User Account to Another Windows 10 PC – Info Source – Technology

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot move your Windows user profile to another computer. We still have some methods to get that done effortlessly. If you want to migrate your Windows user profile to a different Windows 10 PC, you have landed on the right webpage. You can either manually transfer files and crucial data of your computer or access a third-party utility to duplicate your user profile completely.

Easy Transfer: An Overview. How to Add New Shortcut Folders on Windows 10 Start Menu – Info Source – Technology. Have you noticed some shortcut folders on the left side of your PC’s start menu?

How to Add New Shortcut Folders on Windows 10 Start Menu – Info Source – Technology

These folders are shortcuts to open different files and programs. These shortcut folders present a shortcut directory of your computer’s basic programs. If you have installed third-party utilities on your device and want to access their shortcut folder from the Start menu, follow the steps given in this article.

We will show you how you can customize this shortcut folder list on Windows 10. Let’s get started. How to Add New Shortcut Folders on Windows 10 Start Menu – Info Source – Technology. How to Change Time in Watch Dogs Legion – Info Source – Technology. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion has finally arrived to meet the excitement and anticipation of the gamers.

How to Change Time in Watch Dogs Legion – Info Source – Technology

Although the game is now available for PlayStation users, it will be unleashed for more gaming consoles within a few days. The game seems quite fun and is primarily inspired by its prequel Watch Dogs 2. Besides, the gamers are busy exploring its aspect and have stuck on changing time features. There isn’t any description or engraving available in the game that states the time changing aspect in Watch Dogs Legion. Thanks to Twitch streamers who have teased this feature, now gamers are becoming overly eager to obtain it. Brave Browser won’t Open? Here are the Fixes - M3Activate. Brave browser is one of the fastest, most secure, and private browsers across the world.

Brave Browser won’t Open? Here are the Fixes - M3Activate

It is compatible with all major platforms like Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, and PC. It is an open-source browser. If Brave Browser won’t open on your computer, it can usually be fixed by using one of the common troubleshooting methods. Just follow the solutions mentioned in this post and the issue will get resolved in no time. Best Pokemon in Little Cup Meta in Pokemon Go – Info Source – Technology. It’s been almost four years since Pokemon Go was released; however, it is still persistently acquiring new success milestones.

Best Pokemon in Little Cup Meta in Pokemon Go – Info Source – Technology

The full credit for this immense success must go to its developer, Niantic, who frequently brings unique aspects, events, and updates. PvP mode is one of those aspects that has played the most vital role in taking Pokemon Go to a greater extent. Following this, Niantic has confirmed an upcoming PvP Cup in Pokemon Go. A Newly Designed Robot Can Perform Human-Like Behaviors – Info Source – Technology. In recent times, AI-Robotics researchers and engineers have made a lot of progress in designing robots that perform human-like activities.

A Newly Designed Robot Can Perform Human-Like Behaviors – Info Source – Technology

In the meantime, Disney’s research team is also making robots that can show agility and engage in a scary eye-contact. The scientific research team of Disney, commonly called Disney Research, wrote a paper in which the team has described how an advanced robot (technically called Audio-Animatronic humanoid) can perform a realistic human-like gaze. Previous iterations of the technology were more focused on technical uses of the human-like interaction. The authors of the paper, which Disney published, have written how their latest technological breakthrough creates a robot that can give a gaze that imitates human-human eye contact. Everything You Need to Know About “Lucifer” Season 6 – Info Source – Technology. The sixth installment in the “Lucifer” franchise will soon make its way to your Netflix screen as the production for season 6 is already underway.

Everything You Need to Know About “Lucifer” Season 6 – Info Source – Technology

Did you like season 5 part 1, which aired on Netflix in August 2020? If you have, then please enlighten yourself with some reviews which are there on the internet. It will not only inform you about the conflicting opinions on the show, but the reviews will also apprise you of the entire timeline of the show and every little intricate detail you might have missed. Charles Bernstein Talks About His “Freddy Krueger” Soundtrack – Info Source – Technology. The horror characters are seldom remembered for a long time, and Freddy Krueger is one such character whose terrifying imagery, accentuated by a fascinating piece of music, etched itself in our memories.

Charles Bernstein Talks About His “Freddy Krueger” Soundtrack – Info Source – Technology

Talking about the soundtrack, its composer Charles Bernstein has recently shed some light on his experiences while composing music for Freddy Krueger. In his interview with WTOP, Bernstein revealed that before “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” he was not much of a horror buff and did not watch horror films, but his agent convinced him that he should meet the guy named Wes Craven, and he eventually did, and that changed everything. In the same interview, he revealed that he hadn’t even heard of the guy before talking with his agent. iPad Air 4 Release Date & Pricing Explained – Info Source – Technology. The newest iPad Air 4 is the latest upcoming tablet from Apple.

iPad Air 4 Release Date & Pricing Explained – Info Source – Technology

However, Apple has not confirmed the exact release date of the iPad Air 4 yet, but it will be very soon available for you to buy. Also, there will be multiple versions of the iPad Air available in the market so that the consumers may have different choices and options to decide which one is right for them. Apple iPad Air 4 has a tremendous processing power as compared to its previous models. The iPad Air 4 is coming with a better and bigger display, updated functionality, and upgraded specifications, which means it will be more expensive as compared to other high-end tablets from Apple.

Nowadays, tablets are becoming very necessary, so it is the highly-anticipated release of Apple’s lightest iPad. Want to Free up Hard Disk Space on Your Windows Computer? Here’s How to Do It – Info Source – Technology. Don’t have much space left to download any new app or game on your Windows computer? Want to free up hard disk space on your computer system? To keep your computer fast and in good working condition, you should always free up some storage space on your hard disk. These days, most of the Windows PC users use to have a hard drive of at least 1 TB.

Top 6 iPhone 12 Rumors That Are Circulating in the Market – Info Source – Technology. iPhone 12 is all set to launch this year. But the phone has been in news headlines even before its release thanks to all the rumors about it in the market. Here are some of the biggest rumors about the new iPhone 12 circulating in the market these days. Apple May Introduce iPhone 12 on October 13 For many months lots of rumors have been circulating in the market about the launch date of the iPhone 12.

Back in August, a Twitter user reported that Apple would be conducting a live stream event on September 10 in which they will launch iPhone 12. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Greet Jack on Halloween? – Info Source – Technology. October is a month of fun and frolic with Halloween around the corner in the fall season. There’s no better way to celebrate than meeting some interesting Halloween characters.

Are you a big Nintendo fan? Well, here’s something interesting for you. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the best Nintendo Switch online games for Halloween that enable you to perform plenty of activities. Do you want to meet Jack, the reigning Czar of Halloween? Hoping for the Next Season of ‘Stranger?’- Here’s What You Need to Know – Info Source – Technology. If you’re a big fan of the Korean shows, you must have watched the show ‘Stranger,’ which is a crime thriller series. The show is produced by IOK Media and Signal Entertainment and created by Lee Soo-Yeon, the Studio Dragon writer.

The show debuted in June 2017 and became a huge success not only in its home country but on all the international platforms as well. After a positive outcome from the first season, the show got renewed for its next season which premiered in August 2020. The two seasons have narrated solid stories along with character analysis and shocking revelations. Due to the show’s great performance, it not only got nominated but won the Grand Prize for Television. Recently, the show has wrapped up its last episode of season two and unlike any other Korean shows, ‘Stranger’ out of all is a multi-seasonal project.

The fans of the show are expecting renewal for the next season from its makers. SOURCE:Hoping for the Next Season of ‘Stranger?’ How to Create a Child Account for Family Sharing – Info Source – Technology. Family sharing allows family members to share books, games, app purchases, and movies. It also enables the members to use the iCloud services as a shared storage platform for multiple things, be it a family calendar, photo album, and one of the most preferred: location of all family members and their respective devices. Here is how to create & add a child’s account to Family Sharing: How to Add a Child’s Account with Family Sharing on Mac? Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android – Info Source – Technology.

Finding a digital audio workstation for Mac and Windows is easy enough, but when it comes to the Android digital audio workstation, you are less likely to get the right one. Google Play Store is known to be an ocean of Android apps. It has tons of music-making apps. You can find beat making apps also on Google Play Store. The list here has been prepared to help you find the best alternatives to GarageBand for Android. GarageBand is widely used by Mac users in order to compose music. Music Maker JAM Music maker JAM is one of the best alternatives to GarageBand on the list. N-track Studio Music DAW. Polaroid OneStep+ or Fujifilm Instax Mini 9: Which One to Buy? – Info Source – Technology. The year 2020 has seen rapid growth in the Polaroid market globally. If you’re unaware of the term ‘Polaroid,’ it is an instant camera that consists of a self-developing film that prints the picture shortly after capturing one. Polaroids are the user-friendly cameras that need no advanced or professional settings to handle.

Just one click, and there you have a picture that you can glue to your album. There are a lot of Polaroids in the market that you can choose from; however, it is important to research and get yourself one of good quality. We’ve come down to the two best Polaroid cameras that are Polaroid OneStep+ and Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. If you have the slightest of an idea about the OneStep cameras in the past, Polaroid OneStep+ has every bit of it, except its digital functioning.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner who has just fallen in love with the idea of Polaroids, there is no better option than getting yourself a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Save Your Budget with These Cable TV Alternatives – Info Source – Technology. Think about all the dollar bills you have to give away every month on a cable TV connection to watch your favorite shows.

At an affordable price, it is hard to get all your favorite channels fit into one plan. It was recently found that an American household pays more than $200 a month for cable TV on average. For that amount, you can get a new smartphone, purchase an AirPod, or subscribe to multiple online streaming services and more and still have some cash left in your account. These days, a cable TV connection is not a good platform to be on, and there are various other modes to adopt. To save you some time and efforts, we have mentioned a few amazing alternatives to cable TV below: Watch Live TV As you cut the cord, you can either choose to purchase live TV services or get Video on Demand (VOD) services. Paid Live TV People from the United States can choose from either of the six affordable TV services, i.e., Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, AT&T TV NOW, and Philo. Save Your Budget with These Cable TV Alternatives – Info Source – Technology.

Best Accessories for Ring Video Doorbell 2020 – 2021Directory. Ring’s different video doorbells give an incredible method to make your home somewhat more intelligent. However, you can make them considerably more impressive with the most elite Ring doorbell adornments. 2021directory. 2021directory. 3 Google Home Tips That Will Save You From Voice Match Anguish – Info Source – Technology. 3 Google Home Tips That Will Save You From Voice Match Anguish – Info Source – Technology. New Abilities Added to Madden 21 Gameplay in its Update – Directory2021. Steps to get watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch – Info Source – Technology. Canadian Comedy Series “Schitt’s Creek” Completes Historic Sweep at 72nd Emmy Awards – Info Source – Technology.

2020 Directory. What is Triller and How to Use It? – Info Source – Technology. Best Ways to Spend Your Marketing Budget – Info Source – Technology. Shaman King Has the Most Ruthless Tournament Arc – Info Source – Technology. How to Improve Your Streaming Experience on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Other Platforms. – Info Source – Technology. Shows You Can Watch If You Loved ‘Big Little Lies’ – Info Source – Technology. Top Seven Google Drive Features You have Probably Never Heard Before – Info Source – Technology. Some Best Reddit Apps for Android – YP Local Biz. - Enter Webroot Key Code - Everything You Need to Know About Realme 7 – Info Source – Technology.