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Quantified Self Guide. Digifit The Digifit ecosystem is a full suite of Apple apps that records heart rate, pace, speed, cadence, and power of your running, cycling and other athletic endeavors.

Quantified Self Guide

Data can be uploaded to the well established training sites Training Peaks and New Leaf. Amelia Greenhall. ’Vores sundhedsmani er blevet livskvalitetens fjende’ Livsstil.tv2. 10 Commandments of Good Health. By Peeyush Bhargava MD, ABIHM In this article I describe 10 essential practices for good health.

10 Commandments of Good Health

These are recommendations based on my training and experience in Modern Medicine and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the oldest known system of healthcare, which evolved in India, and is based on holistic and natural methods. These recommendations are generic and do not apply to everybody. Please consult your healthcare provider before starting to follow them, especially if you have a chronic disease or take any medications.

Give us health. Healthcare to Homecare to Senior Living. Dr.

Healthcare to Homecare to Senior Living

Steven Angelo, MD VP for Medical Affairs, Masonicare As an internal medicine physician, I am often asked by patients to boil down the keys to healthy living to an easy-to-follow list. The “Ten Commandments” listed below are my attempt to do just that. Genetics and uncontrolled environmental factors certainly play a role in a person’s health but adhering to these Ten Commandment as best as possible will certainly go a long way towards putting the odds in your favor. 1. While everyone thinks of lung cancer or emphysema as the major health risks of smoking, smoking is also a major risk factor for stroke, heart attacks, heart failure and cancers of almost every other part of the body. 2.

The TEN HEALTH COMMANDMENTS by Dr. Shelton - presented by Dr. Stanley Bass. Preamble: The following of the Health Commandments make possible the fulfillment of God's plan for each of us, extending our years to the maximum in loving, charitable service, and permit the full enjoyment of the fruits of our labors.

The TEN HEALTH COMMANDMENTS by Dr. Shelton - presented by Dr. Stanley Bass

Thou shalt reverence thy body as the living temple of the soul and the holy workshop of God Thou shalt recognize and have faith in the Power within you that preserves health, (and when it is lost) brings about recovery. This is the healing and preservative power of Nature. 10 Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle. By Daniel Scocco A couple of days ago I was browsing the web when I came across a post with 10 commandments you must follow to have a healthy lifestyle.

10 Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle

Untitled. Death of humane medicine. Healthism. Healthism, sometimes called public-healthism, is a neologism to describe a variety of ideological constructs concerning health and medicine.


The term ‘healthism’ was most likely first used by the political economist Robert Crawford, whose article ‘Healthism and the medicalization of everyday life’[1] was published in 1980. In this article Crawford describes how the new political ideology, which emerged in the US during the 1970s, "[situated] the problem of health and disease at the level of the individual. " Healthism. Untitled. The HAES® files: Speculations on Healthism & Privilege.

Healthism. Healthism Enforced. Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History. Good Lord! It's the Jesus diet: How more people are turning to religion to help them lose weight. By Flic Everett for MailOnline Updated: 08:06 GMT, 23 November 2009.

Good Lord! It's the Jesus diet: How more people are turning to religion to help them lose weight

An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Orthorexia: the clean eating obsession that makes you dangerously ill. Cigarettes are Sublime - Richard Klein. I smoke, therefore I am. Parliament is about to vote again on banning smoking everywhere, for ever, and I take another step towards becoming the Last Smoker in Britain.

I smoke, therefore I am

Men's health: why it's time for a new approach. Another health campaign week is upon us.

Men's health: why it's time for a new approach

This time it's Men's Health Week. Unusually this is not a campaign about a condition, rather one targeted towards half the population. But there is a real need for it. We know that men die younger, smoke more, drink more alcohol and ignore symptoms more than women. Body Acceptance in the Age of the Selfie. Last week, gossip sites went nuts over the news that Lady Gaga had dared to appear in public with a few curves.

Body Acceptance in the Age of the Selfie

The pop star was no longer sporting the bone-thin frame that she had in her most popular videos. To hear the tabloids tell it, she had “packed on the pounds.” After calling her fat, the speculation began. #NoFilter: The Connection Between Taking Selfies And A Healthier Body Image For Women. Healthism is a vile habit: It is no longer enough simply to be well; we are exhorted to pursue an impossible and illiberal cult of perfection. Green is the new black: the unstoppable rise of the healthy-eating guru. Celebrity News Today: Healthies, Lady Gaga V Cover, and Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumors. If you're like us, you love hearing about what your favorite healthy celebs are up to—what they're eating, where they're working out, and who's been flaunting their famously fabulous bodies.

To help you stay in the know, we are launching a new weekly round-up of top celebrity news here on the Fit & Famous blog. Stella McCartney on Instagram: “Sexy lady in Stella swimwear! Summer never stop! x Stella” Move over, selfie! Celebs now posting the 'healthie' By Katy Winter Published: 15:46 GMT, 12 August 2013 | Updated: 16:48 GMT, 12 August 2013. Is My Eating Sinful? 12 Words to Help You Decide. Editor’s Note: broadcast, “Love to Eat, Hate to Eat”,During a FamilyLife Today guest Elyse Fitzpatrick addressed the bondage women face with destructive eating habits. Welcome to Calgary Avansino. Before You Ever Buy Bread Again...Read This! (And Find The Healthiest Bread On The Market) Yes, I eat bread. What is healthism? (part two) Welcome to 5:2 intermittent fasting » The Fast Diet. Food lover Fiona's 5:2 success - The 5-2 Diet Book.

"I eat out at least twice a week, sometimes more, but with 5:2 I can still lose weight. " 7 Health Gurus to Listen to if You Want a Healthy Life ... → Health. Being a health and nutrition major, there are many health gurus to listen to that I’ve learned to appreciate as mentors throughout the years. These individuals aren’t just healthy eaters, but also smart in their advice and outlook on health, wellness, life, and on the mind, body and spirit connection.