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Fae the post-Ice settlers an ages o warrin Caledonian tribes, the kingdom o Alba/Scotland formed in the 9th century, fought tae keep its Independence in the 14th century, gave up that Independence in the 17th century, an fought tae regain that Independence in the 21st century.

We're a complicated nation, an a fightable yin, wi a history fu o noise, colour, an drama...


Antonine Wall. Hill O Many Stanes. Dunadd. Ruthwell Cross. The Bruce murders the Red Comyn. St Andrews Cathedral & St Rule's Tower. Dunfermline Abbey & Palace. Declaration of Arbroath. The Massacre of Glencoe. Act of Union. Battle of Prestonpans. Glenfinnan. Fort George.

The Enlightenment

Scottish Diaspora. The home of golf. Tay Bridge Disaster. Eyemouth Disaster. New Lanark. John Brown Shipyard. Red Clydeside. Clydebank Blitz.