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Scottish Independence

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There's a lot oot there bein written aboot the Scottish journey tae independent nation status, some guid, some no sae so. Ah make nae claims tae this bein an impartial record o aw that's oot there, this is jist a scrapbook o whit ah think's noteworthy an sometimes illuminatin...

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Sorry, Chris, much as it is a good cartoon, it is wrong. That is what Westminster and their Scottish Labour poodles thought happened on the 19th. Fact is, the anger of YES voters, and those who were mislead into voting NO on the promise of more powers, is rising. We now have an entire Scotland wide network capable of campaigning. They know the streets, they know the methods, and they outnumber anything in Scotland from Labour, Tories and Libdems combined. In order to win, the unionists from Labour lied to the Scottish people, and relied upon people from England to come up and campaign for them. Come the next Westminster election in 2015, those Labour MP troughers should be our target. They will NOT be able to bus up people from Manchester, Leeds, liverpool and Newcastle, to help them, because those people will be dedicated to their own area in England.

Most importantly, during the campaign we all learned how to talk to our fellow Scots one on one, so let’s not stop. Wipe your eyes. On your feet. By Robin McAlpine The rebellion: Phase Two There will be a time to put in words how I feel now. There will be a time for me to discuss what I think we should have done differently to win. There will most certainly be a time (when the pain subsides) in which I will celebrate who we became in these two years, to memorialise the countless heroes of our failed revolution who changed my life and who changed Scotland. This minute, this grey Friday, I just want to list what we need to do next.

One: we must precisely design our goal The comforting glory of a binary decision is that you don’t need to think about what you want to achieve. And in case this needs said, I am bound by no gentlemen’s agreement by two wealthy men on when the people of Scotland have a right to decide on their destiny again. Two: we need infrastructure We need to be able to connect the movement, keep it alive and help it to organise and be effective. We of course are creating a new, expanded policy function. Tap into us? Wings Over Scotland's Wee Blue Book (DesktopEdition.pdf) My Generation | Guid Reads... My Generation | Guid Reads... The Cheviot the Stag and the Black Black Oil (Rebalanced Audio) WeeBlueBookDesktopEdition.pdf.

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