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Richard Henry Brunton

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Richard Henry Brunton. Richard Henry Brunton FRGS MICE (26 December 1841 – 24 April 1901) was the so-called "Father of Japanese lighthouses".

Richard Henry Brunton

Brunton was born in Muchalls, Kincardineshire, Scotland.[1] He was employed by the Japanese Government as a foreign advisor (o-yatoi gaikokujin) to build lighthouses in Japan. Early life[edit] Career[edit] Life in Japan[edit] Under pressure from British minister Sir Harry Parkes to fulfil its obligations to make the waters and harbors of Japan safe for shipping, the Japanese government hired the Edinburgh-based firm of D. and T. Overview of Richard Henry Brunton. Richard Henry Brunton. Under pressure from British ambassador Sir Harry Parkes to fulfil its obligations to make the waters and harbors of Japan safe for shipping, the Japanese government hired the Edinburgh-based firm of D. and T.

Richard Henry Brunton

Stevenson to chart coastal waters and to build lighthouses where appropriate. The project had already begun under French foreign advisor Léonce Verny, but was not proceeding fast enough for the British. Brunton was sent from Edinburgh in August 1868 to head the project after being recommended to the Japanese government by the Stevensons, and over seven and a half years designed and supervised the building of 26 Japanese lighthouses in the Western style, along with two lightvessels. Some KELLY MONK CAVAYE BRUEN EVANS HAMILTON TORRANCE FRIEDLANDER ancestry, and the kinsfolk of Alexander COWAN.

Richardbrunton:BLOG: Richard Henry Brunton - A very famous Brunton. My Dad wrote this article for a local website that had recently updated and removed all information regarding Richard Henry Brunton.

richardbrunton:BLOG: Richard Henry Brunton - A very famous Brunton

Richard (great name!) Was primarily famous for installing lighthouses in Japan, amongst other acts, he was quite renowned in those parts and a bust still remains in the town centre in Japan. So, over to my father for the life and achievements of Richard. Richard was born in the Coastguard House at Muchalls (now 11 Marine Terrace) on the 26th December 1841. His father, Richard Brunton, was the Chief Coastguard Officer at Muchalls, a retired Naval Officer, and a writer of sea stories.

In 1856 he became an apprentice engineering assistant with John Willet of Aberdeen. 1865 was an important year in his life, in that he married Elizabeth Charlotte Wauchope in St. In 1868 he was elected an Associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers, who recommended him to the Board of Trade as a suitable person for the Japanese project. Richard Henry Brunton. Father of lighthouses in .

Richard Henry Brunton

Richard Henry Brunton was born on , the son of Richard Brunton, a retired 40-year old Royal Naval Officer, a writer of sea stories and Chief Coastguard Officer at Muchalls south of . His mother was Margaret Telford, aged 25, an English lady from the Parish of Crimond. ICE Virtual Library: <img class="access-icon" src="/images/jp/icon_f.gif" alt="You or your institution have access to this content" title="You or your institution have access to this content" /> OBITUARY. RICHARD HENRY BRUNTON, 1841-1901.

Japan - Pharology. Once begun, the rapid growth in industrialisation of Japan had a very big effect on the number of lighthouses.

Japan - Pharology

In 1875 it was reported [25] that: "Among various improvements which are now being carried out by the Japanese Government may be mentioned the studding of the Japanese coast with lighthouses for the benefit of navigation. " The fact that this was due to the remarkable efforts of one man goes largely unreported in Britain. The story of Japanese lighthouses is very much dominated by a Scot named Richard Henry Brunton, born on 26th December 1841.

He began his career (as did many engineers of his time) working on the rapidly developing British railway network. It was at this time that the Japanese government, after much foreign lobbying, finally decided to promote foreign trade and open its routes to the West. Sailing in June 1868, with his new wife, and assistants, C. There were many difficulties to overcome and Brunton was noted for his doggedness and desire to succeed. Richard Henry Bruntonの意味. Public Art Around the World - Richard Henry Brunton Memorial. Haiku Topics, Theory and Keywords .. (WKD - TOPICS ): November 2013. [ .

Haiku Topics, Theory and Keywords .. (WKD - TOPICS ): November 2013

BACK to WORLDKIGO TOP . ] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: lighthouse (toodai 灯台 / 燈台) ***** Location: Japan ***** Season: Non-seasonal Topic ***** Category: Humanity ***************************** Explanation Japan has a long shoreline with many capes and many lighthouses. - quote A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and used as an aid to navigation for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways. Lighthouses mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, safe entries to harbors, and can also assist in aerial navigation.

. - quoteOmaezaki Lighthouse (御前埼灯台, Omaezaki tōdai) is a lighthouse located on a hill at the outermost extremity of Cape Omaezaki south of Omaezaki port, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

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