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Runpepparuntw. Men’s Fashion Ads From The 70s. Anti-Chicken song - Mongrels - BBC. Wimbledon 2013: Scotsman Andy Murray wins, Britain celebrates!? The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator. The One Where The Weather Lady Freaks Out On Live TV. Cardinal stops using letters G, A and Y. Od will hve his revene come the d of judement Cardinal Keith O’Brien stressed he was embarking on the phonetic moratorium because he did not want to be ‘prt of the problem’.

Cardinal stops using letters G, A and Y

His spokesman said: “Luckily ‘safe words’ include Jesus, communion, crucifix and Keith O’Brien. “However he has had to change his job to title to ‘Crdinl’. “Also, half the word ‘Mary’ is off limits so from now on he will refer to the Holy Mother as ‘Ethel’. “It’s not blasphemous if it’s part of a bulwark against depravity.” The spokesman added: “Golgotha comes out as ‘Oloth’ and Calvary is just ‘Clvr’, so Easter is going to be tricky. Cardinal O’Brien said: “Mrrie between two men is bd nd wron. “I’ve hd it up to here with their K-Jell, their lether pnts nd their Lori Nor records. 45-year-old salesman apologises for closing ceremony. It's like something from a Nick Hornby book Hayes, who organisers deemed to be the most typical man in Britain, curated the ceremony via special electrodes attached to his head which fed details of everything he likes into a giant computer.

45-year-old salesman apologises for closing ceremony

This information was then transmitted into the Olympic Park in the form of incredibly lifelike holograms. Hayes said: “I thought that everyone loves a bit of Annie Lennox and Oasis to get themselves in the party mood but judging by the four hundred thousand death threats on my Twitter feed this morning, apparently not.

“All I wanted was to recreate the brilliant spectacle of an early 1990s Brit Awards show and I tried to do that by free associating acts with the first words that came into my head, hence Fatboy Slim/octopus, and Annie Lennox/Viking boat.” Hayes said: “This is just what music concerts look like in my mind, although admittedly the last one I actually went to was Travis at the Birmingham NEC in 1999. 30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names. In theory, choosing a domain name is a simple task.

30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names

It has to be short, clever, memorable, easily spelled and communicate your business message. Let’s say you’ve done an awesome job and now you are ready to register it. Wait! Look again. Are you sure there are no dirty words hiding in the letters of longer words and their combinations? So forget your company name and the words you’ve used in your domain name for a while. Still nothing? 1. IT Scrap 2. Who Represents? 3. Pen Island 4. Experts Exchange 5. Speed Of Art 6. North Of Boston Jewish Singles 7. Go Tahoe North 8. Les Bocages 9. American Scrap Metal 10. Master Bait Online 11. Jon Stewart loves Karl Rove’s meltdown on Fox when Obama wins. This is quite brilliant. What The Sun newspaper wrote about t. Tips for Single Women, 1938. Here are some vintage tips for women.

Tips for Single Women, 1938

Girls, what do you think about this? How many of these tips may still be applied today? Or, maybe a better question is, how many of you would follow these hilarious tips?

Hurricane Bawbag

Krankies+John+Barrowman+cause+mischief+aboard+tVmES8-RROyl.jpg (JPEG Image, 594x446 pixels) The Steamie: Jennifer O'Mahony: Scottish Independence - Taiwan animated version [WATCH] The CV « Curriculum Vitae. Personal Statement My name is BENEDICT LE GAUCHE and I was born on 02/05/83 which makes me 28 and ripe as a lemon.

I’m looking for a job I’ll like. As a man of integrity I’m not about to try and give you the impression that all the jobs I’ve had previously were brilliant learning experiences tailor-made to equip me for precisely the job I’m applying for (hello you) when in reality they have been, for the greater part, boring and drudgerous and disheartening. I should state I was not bad at them. The capacity to bear such trials whilst retaining an at-most-times sunny disposition might be called something like ‘the ability to work under pressure’. Work History Cleaner/Caretaker; The Women’s Organisation, Manchester ; 11/08/2010 – Present Duties include: Working out how dirty I can let the building get without Lisa complaining and then cleaning to this exact standard.

Host: Zion Arts Centre, Manchester; 02/02/2011 – 28/07/2011 Moving chairs from one place to another place. Pointless. Vintage underwear knitting patterns available from The Retro Knitting Company.