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Men’s Fashion Ads From The 70s. Anti-Chicken song - Mongrels - BBC. Wimbledon 2013: Scotsman Andy Murray wins, Britain celebrates!? The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator. Cardinal stops using letters G, A and Y. Od will hve his revene come the d of judement Cardinal Keith O’Brien stressed he was embarking on the phonetic moratorium because he did not want to be ‘prt of the problem’.

Cardinal stops using letters G, A and Y

His spokesman said: “Luckily ‘safe words’ include Jesus, communion, crucifix and Keith O’Brien. 30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names. In theory, choosing a domain name is a simple task.

30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names

It has to be short, clever, memorable, easily spelled and communicate your business message. Let’s say you’ve done an awesome job and now you are ready to register it. Wait! Look again. This is quite brilliant. What The Sun newspaper wrote about t. Tips for Single Women, 1938. Here are some vintage tips for women.

Tips for Single Women, 1938

Girls, what do you think about this? How many of these tips may still be applied today?

Hurricane Bawbag

The Steamie: Jennifer O'Mahony: Scottish Independence - Taiwan animated version [WATCH] Choobs.