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Dunbar. Coordinates: Dunbar (Scots [dʌnˈbaɾ] ( )) is a town in East Lothian on the southeast coast of Scotland, approximately 28 miles (45 km) east of Edinburgh and 28 miles (45 km) from the English Border at Berwick-upon-Tweed.


Dunbar is a former Royal Burgh and gave its name to an ecclesiastical and civil parish. The parish extends around 7½ miles east to west and is 3½ miles deep at greatest extent (12 x 5.5 kilometres) or 11¼ square miles (c. 3000 hectares) and contains the villages of West Barns, Belhaven, East Barns (abandoned) and several hamlets and farms. Its strategic position gave rise to a history full of incident and strife but Dunbar has become a quiet dormitory town popular with workers in nearby Edinburgh, who find it an affordable alternative to the capital itself.

Dunbar Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland. With a natural harbour protected by a large defensible outcrop of rock, Dunbar was an obvious place for early settlement along this north east facing coast.

Dunbar Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland

The rock on which the remains of Dunbar Castle now stand has been fortified for the better part of 2000 years: and there is every chance that Dunbar itself is just as old. But if Dunbar's origins owe much to its castle, so do its later fortunes and misfortunes. The castle was repeatedly besieged from the 1200s to the 1500s, and whether or not the attackers took the castle they usually burned down the town to make the trip worthwhile. Coupled with this, its position as a handy port on the English side of Edinburgh has made it well worth capturing in its own right.

This remained true as recently as September 1650, when Cromwell used it as his supply base prior to his defeat of the Scottish Royalists at the Battle of Dunbar. Dunbar. Browser Population. Discover Dunbar East Lothian - Community Website. Things to do in Dunbar for kids. Dunbar Leisure Pool (< 1 mile) Dunbar Dunbar Leisure Pool The pool has a beached area with water characters for younger children to play with, a wave machine, water jets and flume.

Things to do in Dunbar for kids

Quiet sessions too for serious swimmers. Belhaven Bay (< 1 mile) Dunbar. Population: 6,354 Dunbar is the easternmost of the burghs of East Lothian and lies on the coast at the mouth of the firth of Forth beside the fine arable lands of the Lothian plains.


Thirty miles east of Edinburgh on the A1, Dunbar is renowned for its high sunshine record, rugged coastline and attractive countryside. It is easy to reach by road, rail and air. Dunbar Traditional Music Festival. Dunbar Town House - Museums in East Lothian - East Lothian Council. Dunbar Town House Skip to pages in this document The historic Dunbar Town House, built towards the end of the 16th century, contains what is considered Scotland's oldest functioning Council Chamber.

Dunbar Town House - Museums in East Lothian - East Lothian Council

Spanning a history of more than 400 years, the building has recently been given a 21st century refurbishment and is now open to the public, complete with a brand new museum and gallery exhibition space managed by the Museums Service. Dunbar and District History Society are based within the building. they run an exhibition space as well as a local history search room. On the upper floors there is now a community room, available to council and community groups for meetings and events, in addition to the Council Chambers, which can be booked for meetings, civil marriages and other functions.

If you are looking for an attractive venue for your meeting the Town House might be the place you are looking for. Dunbar Harbour Trust. Dunbar Leisure Pool. Create a splash at Dunbar Leisure Pool, the ultimate centre for aquatic fun for all the family!

Dunbar Leisure Pool

The pool has a beached area with water characters for younger children to play on, as well as a wave machine, water jets and flume. Dunbar Leisure Pool also offers a variety of fitness classes, sports coaching sessions, a health suite with steam room and sauna, and has a state-of-the-art Bodyworks Gym with cardiovascular and resistance equipment. Disabled access Scottish Seabird Centre. The Scottish Seabird Centre is one of the world leaders in remote wildlife viewing.

Scottish Seabird Centre

The webcam images above refresh every 5 seconds and are transmitted live from our solar powered cameras. In spring and summer the camera at Dunbar Harbour brings wonderful live pictures of the famous kittiwake colony in the old Dunbar Castle ruins. This colony is the most accessible in Britain with more than 600 pairs of kittiwakes nesting, however these graceful seabirds have suffered in recent years with numbers decreasing by 50% around Scotland. Our Bass Landing trips leave from Dunbar Harbour - the fantastic Fisher Lassie, a working fishing trawler owned by Gordon Easingwood, takes small groups onto the Bass Rock between March and October. It’s a magical experience, perfect for photography and nature enthusiasts.

If like what you see, why not visit the Discovery Centre and control the cameras for yourself. Home. Dunbar Castle. Dunbar Castle is the remnants of one of the most mighty fortresses in Scotland, situated over the harbour of the town of Dunbar, in East Lothian.

Dunbar Castle

Early history[edit] Northumbria[edit] During the Early Middle Ages, Dunbar Castle was held by an Ealdorman owing homage to either the Kings at Bamburgh Castle, or latterly the Kings of York. In 678 Saint Wilfrid was imprisoned at Dunbar, following his expulsion from his see of York by Ecgfrith of Northumbria. Later, Dunbar was said to have been burnt by Kenneth MacAlpin, King of the Scots.

Dunbar Castle

John Muir Country Park. View from Dunbar cliff-top trail looking north-west towards John Muir Country Park.

John Muir Country Park

North BerwickLaw and the Bass Rock are visible. The John Muir Country Park is an area of woodland, grassland and coastline near Dunbar in East Lothian, Scotland. John Muir Country Park - Dunbar. Belhaven Bay, near Dunbar. The superb dune-backed beach at Belhaven Bay is perhaps the finest in East Lothian.

Belhaven Bay, near Dunbar

The Bay is part of the John Muir Country Park; this route heads out across the sands before returning via the salt flats at the mouth of the River Tyne and through the plantations. Terrain Sandy beach, salt marsh and woodland paths. The walk may not be possible at high tide. Public Transport None to start Start Car park for Belhaven Bay, John Muir Country Park. Users' reports There are no walk reports for this walk. User RatingLog in to vote Bog Factor (key) John Muir Country Park - Countryside Sites - East Lothian Council. Information The Park is named after John Muir, the explorer, naturalist and conservationist who was born in Dunbar in 1838. He lived here until the age of 11, when the Muir family immigrated to the United States, where they settled in Wisconsin.

As an adult, his pioneering conservation work and naturalist publications led to him being dubbed America's founder of National Parks. John Muir Country Park covers some of the most spectacular East Lothian coastline and is a haven for wildlife and people too. From the Castle Ruins in Dunbar, to the Peffer Burn six kilometres to the north, the Park includes the Cliff Top Trail, with fine views of the sea and the historic Bass Rock; the long sandy sweep of Belhaven Bay; the River Tyne estuary; and extensive areas of grassland, salt-marsh and woodland. How to Get There By bicycle / car Follow the A1. John Muir Country Park.

John Muir Country Park - - family things to do with kids in Dunbar. A range of great activities can be found throughout John Muir park including pony rides and wildlife trails. Located on a stretch of coastline too this is a beautiful and interesting place to visit with plenty to see and do. The Park is named after John Muir, the explorer, naturalist and conservationist who was born in Dunbar in 1838. John Muir Way. The John Muir Way is a 200-kilometre (120 mi) continuous long distance route in Scotland, UK. It is named in honour of the Scottish 19th-century conservationist John Muir, who was born at Dunbar, East Lothian, in 1838 and became a founder of America's national park system. The route runs between Helensburgh and Dunbar. It opened on April 21 2014.[2] Previously a shorter 'John Muir Way' existed only in East Lothian, but now the majority of this older route is now absorbed into the much longer new route.

A shorter section of older route from Dunbar to the Scottish Borders will be re-named. John Muir Way. John Muir. In his later life, Muir devoted most of his time to the preservation of the Western forests. He petitioned the U.S. Congress for the National Park bill that was passed in 1890, establishing Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. The spiritual quality and enthusiasm toward nature expressed in his writings inspired readers, including presidents and congressmen, to take action to help preserve large nature areas.[3] He is today referred to as the "Father of the National Parks"[4] and the National Park Service has produced a short documentary about his life.[5] Muir's biographer, Steven J.

Holmes, believes that Muir has become "one of the patron saints of twentieth-century American environmental activity," both political and recreational. Early life[edit] Muir was born in the small house at left. John Muir's birthplace was a four-story stone house in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland. At age 22, Muir enrolled at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, paying his own way for several years.

John Muir

Belhaven Brewery. Belhaven Brewery. Belhaven brewery is a brewery near Dunbar in Scotland owned by Greene King. History[edit] Belhaven. Belhaven Brewery - Greene King - Beers & breweries - Our breweries - Belhaven Brewery. It is one of the oldest regional breweries in Scotland, with a commercial brewing history documented back to 1719, although it is probable that a brewery has existed on site since at least the middle ages. Belhaven Brewery was family owned until 1984 and since then has been subject to continual investment, and more recently the addition of a new Brewhouse in 2011.

The portfolio of products brewed at Belhaven is diverse and includes cask ales such as Belhaven IPA and 80/- as well as keg products, including Belhaven’s flagship brand and Scotland’s number one ale brand, Belhaven Best. You’ll find Belhaven beers across the globe, exported as far away as Australia. The Belhaven Brewery tour offers an excellent opportunity to visit a working brewery steeped in history. Dunbar Science Festival: Part of National Science and Engineering Week.