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A Nation that can laugh

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FRACKING. IT'S FUCKING BRILLIANT. Scotland commission unveils hideously deformed camel. Dateline Scotland: Referendum Special. Dateline Scotland: Episode 8. Empire strikes back. Down in the tuba station at midnight. Dateline Scotland: Episode 4. Dateline Scotland: Episode 4. Watch?v=TWzfDfYCSCY&feature=youtu. Scots welcome smug English twat letter. SCOTLAND has welcomed a letter urging the country to reject independence, signed by a collection of fancy English celebrities. The letter was signed by Dame Judy Dench, Helena Bonham Carter, Simon Callow and 200 other absolutely spiffing famous people who probably have really nice old houses, covered in ivy.

Bill McKay, from Bathgate, said: “I imagine Judy, Helena and Simon all got round a big farmhouse-style kitchen table in Hampstead. “And Judy said ‘I’ll get Tracey Emin, Melvyn Bragg and Richard Dawkins’, and Helena was like, ‘I’ll get Emma Freud, Richard Curtis and Ben Fogle’ and Simon was like ‘I’ll get Cilla Black, Ray Winstone and Gloria Hunniford – you know, for the Glaswegians’. “And then they wrote a lovely letter about how lovely everybody is and that we must come for tea, just like that poor bloke in Howard’s End who gets killed by the bookcase.

“Fuck off.” Dateline Scotland: Episode 1. Better Together Song. Bird & Fortune - Admiral Sir George Parr. Just keep smiling. Lego asks government to remove Scottish independence images | Politics. A Lego image from the government website on 12 things the £1,400 UK dividend could buy Scottish voters. Photograph: It was supposed to be a brick-by brick demolition of the economic case for Scottish independence, but the UK government's attempts hit an unexpected brick wall of their own – toy manufacturer Lego. The company asked the government to remove images of Lego figures used in a press release telling Scottish voters all the ways they could spend the money they would apparently save by voting against independence. The list of "12 things that the £1,400 UK dividend could buy" is illustrated by a colourful assortment of Lego characters. It attracted criticism on Thursday for patronising Scots with suggestions including: "Scoff 280 hot dogs at the Edinburgh Festival".

Lego UK said it had not granted permission for the images to be used and that they were used without the company's knowledge. "We have requested that the images are removed due to our neutral political stance. Lady Alba - Bad Romance (Gaga for Indy) MibbesScotland: Launching soon - the #Mibb... Nationalist Press. The Alex Salmond dictator game. Danieldwilliam :: Twenty Five Questions My Mother Asks Me About Indepedence Every Time She Phones. My mother lives in Cornwall.

She used to live in Aberdeen (where my sister and daughter were born). After that she lived in Australia. In recent months whenever she phones she asks about the up-coming independence referendum. These are my favourite 25 Questions my mum keeps asking me about Indepedence and the answers I don’t give her but think quietly to myself. Q: Will I (my mum) need a passport to visit you (me) in Edinburgh? A: No, you won’t need a passport because as you’re English you’ll never ever be allowed to visit Scotland every again unless you can produce your Mebyon Kernow membership card.

Q: Will Bluebird (my daughter) be allowed to become Scottish? A: She was born in Aberdeen. Q: Will Scotland even be allowed to be in the EU? A: Given a choice between Scotland and England who do you think the EU would rather have? Q: Will we (England) be allowed to keep our nuclear submarines at Faslane? A: Your submarines? Q: Do you like Alex Salmond?

Q: Will you get to keep the panda? Independence for Scotland. Vote Britain. Scottish independence: Salmond, Cameron loch horns over referendum.