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This is England 90: A look at life in Newcastle back in the day as Channel 4 show debuts. TV viewers have been buzzing about This is England 90 since it made its debut on Sunday night and the Channel 4 show has got us thinking that we should take a step back in time to what Newcastle was like in the 1990s.

This is England 90: A look at life in Newcastle back in the day as Channel 4 show debuts

While the new Shane Meadows series concerns itself with rave culture and the 1990 World Cup, we decided to widen the net by looking at different areas of North East life throughout the decade that brought us the Spice Girls, Alan Shearer in a black and white shirt and Kappa tracksuits. Emily Blunt apologises for poking fun at her American citizenship. The actor Emily Blunt has apologised for saying that she regretted becoming an American citizen after watching a Republican party presidential candidacy debate.

Emily Blunt apologises for poking fun at her American citizenship

The British-born Devil Wears Prada and Sicario star said the remark was a joke, after being attacked by rightwing commentators. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto film festival, Blunt joked: “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘this was a terrible mistake. What have I done?’” She made the comments during a video interview alongside a host of other actors, including Bryan Cranston, Naomi Watts and Ellen Page.

During the mainly lighthearted discussion, they were asked to discuss America’s political landscape and to choose people from Hollywood they thought could run for president. Youth Culture. ​tate modern explores pop around the world. Andy Warhol's Marilyns?

​tate modern explores pop around the world

Roy Leichtenstein's comics? Richard Hamilton's collages? Pop Art is generally considered an Anglo-American response to the colourful, commercial brave new post-war world. The World Goes Pop, opening at Tate Modern on September 17th is aiming to show a whole new side to a style of work that still wields an immeasurable influence on art today. The Military Influence on Fashion. The military of the world have had an unmistakable impact on fashion.

The Military Influence on Fashion

Whether it be the varied terrain, weather encountered, or nature of living in one’s uniform, over the last several hundreds of years these factions have become responsible for pieces that don’t just merely take up real estate in the closet, they are cornerstones of menswear. Culture - Why the sexy '70s are back. Louche, exotic, free-flowing, bohemian, ‘gypset’ – these are words we’ll be hearing a lot in fashion this year.

Culture - Why the sexy '70s are back

Prada Profit Falls Less Than Expected as Cost Cuts Balance Asia. PARIS, France — Prada SpA reported first-half profit that beat analysts’ estimates as efforts to contain costs helped mitigate declining sales in Asia.

Prada Profit Falls Less Than Expected as Cost Cuts Balance Asia

Net income fell 23 percent to 188.6 million euros ($213 million) in the six months through July, Milan-based Prada said Tuesday in a statement. Analysts predicted 175.4 million euros, according to the median of six estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Too many new stores and not enough new products have hurt Prada as demand for luxury goods slows in greater China following a clampdown on extravagance. Anger as the traditional african dashiki is declared "the newest it-item of n... Albert Ruiz Villar Mixed Media Collages. Fashion companies have discovered their secret weapon: archives. The Coach headquarters sit on the crest of a hill on West 34th Street amid the dust and construction noise of New York City’s massive Hudson Yards red redevelopment.

Fashion companies have discovered their secret weapon: archives

The building is the same midtown address that housed the brand’s original workshop when it launched in 1941 – Coach will begin rolling out its 75th anniversary offerings during fashion week this September – although its offices now occupy the whole building. Around back, an unmarked door leads to a tidy, hushed space stocked with meticulously organized handbags and billfolds, which will be an invaluable resource for the label as it heads into its next quarter century.

Like many fashion companies trying to stand out in a luxury market increasingly fixated on authenticity, Coach has recognized that its rich history – and this in-house archive – is its secret weapon. Body Anxiety and a new wave of digifeminist art. Jennifer Chan and Leah Schrager are two names you need to get familiar with.

Body Anxiety and a new wave of digifeminist art

China's growing passion for all things fashion - BBC News. London Fashion Week 2015: From catwalk to High Street. 24 February 2015Last updated at 19:03 ET By Harriet Hall BBC News Inside London Fashion Week Twice a year, London's grand neoclassical Somerset House, welcomes a tumult of fashion designers and their models dressed in their finest gladrags.

London Fashion Week 2015: From catwalk to High Street

10 Influential Fashion Designers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. It’s curious to wonder why some designer’s legacies are preserved and others fall to the wayside.

10 Influential Fashion Designers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Is it the lack of PR, no heir to the design house or were they just bad designers? While certain designers of the past are remembered today for their ingenuity or are attributed with the "invention" of a particular garment, such as Mary Quant and the miniskirt, scores of designers--like Redfern, Lucile or Mainbocher--who were widely influential in their time have seemingly been forgotten.

The task of resurrecting these legacies thus falls upon the fashion historian, so sit back for a mini fashion history lesson of 10 fashion designers you've probably never heard of but should definitely know. For more fashion history by Part Nouveau, click here. John Redfern - The Tailor Designer English designer John Redfern, operating predominately under the name John Redfern and Sons, was a widely influential designer in the late 19th century.

Culture - Fashion victims: History’s most dangerous trends.