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Mind Game : du manga au film. Alors qu'Amer Béton (Tekkon Kinkreet), nouveau film du Studio 4°C, inspiré du manga du même nom de MATSUMOTO Taiyô sort le 2 mai 2007 en France, il est bon de se pencher à nouveau sur le film précédent du studio qui ne connut pas les honneurs du grand écran hors du Japon.

Mind Game : du manga au film

Avant de s'intéresser à l'adaptation pour le cinéma, une présentation du manga original s'impose, car la question est légitime : Quelles sont les œuvres qui peuvent bien interpeller de grands créatifs comme MORIMOTO Kôji et ses acolytes du Studio 4°C ? La réponse pourrait tenir en deux mots : Mind Game. Un auteur discret. ジュノ・リアクター. ジュノ・リアクター(JUNO REACTOR)は、イギリス・ロンドン出身のエレクトロニック・ミュージック・ユニット。


1993年、中心人物のベン・ワトキンス(Ben Watkins)を核に結成。 度重なるメンバー・チェンジを経た現在は実質的にベンの個人プロジェクトとして運営されている。 ダンス音楽の世界において、ゴアトランス~サイケデリックトランスの第一人者として認知される存在である。 また近年は単なるダンス・アクトとしてだけではなく、幅広い分野にまたがる音楽クリエイターとしても活躍している。 概要[編集] WEBアニメスタイル_特別企画. Un long-métrage Mutafukaz par le Studio 4°C ! Original Video Animation. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Original Video Animation

Original video animation (オリジナル・ビデオ・アニメーション, Orijinaru bideo animēshon?) , souvent abrégée en OVA (オーブイエー / オーヴィーエー / オヴァ, ōbuiē, ōvīē ou ova?) Download Junk Town (Garakuta No Machi) {Sweat Punch Deep Imagination} torrent. GameSpy: An Exclusive Q&A with Level-5! - Page 3. GameSpy: How do you transition from action-RPG design to turn-based?

GameSpy: An Exclusive Q&A with Level-5! - Page 3

In terms of team structure, in terms of designing and implementing the actual gameplay, what did Level-5 do to make Jeanne d'Arc happen? Level-5: First, we created a team that had worked on strategy games in the past, including programmers and game designers. For the art direction, we called on the animation studio STUDIO4° for help. Interview with Studio 4C from

Ne of the most striking aspects of Shining Force Neo's presentation is its high, high, high-quality animated sequences, produced by Studio 4C, the ex-Studio Ghibli geniuses behind such classic anime as Spriggan, Steamboy and the Animatrix.

Interview with Studio 4C from

We sit Studio 4C production manager Yukie Saeki down for an in-depth chat about bringing the Shining Force world to life. 1UP: Hello, please introduce yourself along with your title, if you would. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Yukie Saeki: I'm Yukie Saeki, and I was the Studio 4C production manager for Shining Force Neo's 2D animation. 1UP: You guys have created some of the most polished animated pieces in history, with contributions to Memories, Spriggan, Animatrix and the lavishly-animated Steamboy. Studio 4°C: anime that is dense with substance. , which they convey in their creative manifesto: "create only works that are dense with substance and extreme quality.

Studio 4°C: anime that is dense with substance

" The studio has produced a range of works, from commercials (]). More on their movies inside. The Studio 4°C animation studio was formed in 1986 by Eiko Tanaka. As the studio was only Tanaka for a while, the first two credits to Studio 4°C are My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, where Tanaka served as a line producer under the direction of Hayao Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli (prev). The first production from the little studio was in 1989, with a take on Jack and the Beanstalk, but it would be another 6 years until the studio really made a name for themselves as the producers of dense, visual stories.

Main/Deranged Animation. Animation, freed from the limitations of live-action films, allows you to show anything you could ever imagine.

Main/Deranged Animation

Here, that freedom is used to dispense with all semblance of reality, and sanity, taking the viewer into a crazy world where anything goes. Some people find this "anything goes" attitude delightful. Usually it wasn't made on drugs... but it almost seems like it'd be less creepy if you knew they did. Studio 4°C — WikiHalo. Au vu de la récente tragédie de Paris, nous rappelons à nos utilisateurs que le Wiki n'est pas un espace de discussion et n'accueillera pas de discussions sur le sujet.

Studio 4°C — WikiHalo

Studio 4°C est un studio d'animation japonais fondé en 1986 par Eiko Tanaka, Kōji Morimoto et Yoshiharu Satō. Le nom du studio vient de la température de quatre degré Celsius qui correspond à la température à laquelle l'eau est la plus dense. Site consacré à Koji Morimoto. 森本晃司 - Koji Morimoto.