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Types of diamond cuts: Things to know. The four important factors used for grading the quality of diamonds are cut, carat, colour and clarity. These are also known as 4C’s of diamond that provides a universally accepted standard for judging any diamond jewellery. The cut of a diamond refers to the symmetry and proportions of facets that determine the beauty and brilliance of a diamond. The shape of a diamond tells you all about the looks of a stone while its cut provides the information as for how the shape has been achieved through cutting.

When it comes to buying a diamond ring Singapore or a diamond necklace, you should consider the shape or cut of the diamond, the clarity (presence/absence of flaws in the stone), colour (from colourless to light yellow) and the carat weight of the diamond that indicates its price and its rarity. Here is an overview of various types of diamond cuts; the knowledge of which is quite important to enable you to make the right choice and purchase diamond stone or ring in an assured way. 1. 2. 4. Online explore signature wedding ring in Singapore. How to Make the Most of Your Purchase of Bespoke Wedding Ring. Selecting the Right Online Jewellery Store: Factors to Consider. Wedding day is the most memorable day that marks a new turning point in one’s life or the beginning of a new relationship. Everyone wants to make this day extra special such that it remains a part of the unforgettable memories of his or her life.

Right from selecting the venue to planning and making all arrangements, the family of bride and bridegroom wants to leave nothing to chance for that d-day. Purchasing an engagement and a wedding ring for the bride is an integral and unavoidable part of the wedding day preparation. Hence, the ring should be selected as such that symbolises your in-depth love and passion and seals the bond, making the perfect expression. Buying a diamond wedding ring Singapore that reflects excellent design and meticulous artisanship from a renowned jeweller will not only win her heart but will enable her get a piece of jewellery that lasts for a lifetime.

Selecting a diamond wedding ring of bespoke design and buying it online involves considerable expenses. 1. Buy elegant diamond rings or jewellery with confidence from SooKee. Buying perfect diamond jewellery online: Factors to consider. Diamond is the most precious stone known for its rarity and exceptional brilliance. Nothing can be a perfect gift than giving diamond rings or diamond jewellery to your fiancé or loved ones. Be it an occasion of engagement or wedding, graduation or anniversary, diamond rings makes a woman feel so special and luxurious that can be hardly expressed in words. Whether you are looking to buy special engagement ring that would win her heart or you are planning to purchase your favourite diamond jewellery, you should rely on a reputed and trusted online jewellery store.

You should do your homework before finalizing the supplier to procure certified diamond online Singapore at a competitive price. Some of the essential factors to consider when purchasing diamond rings or classic diamond solitaires are as follows:- 1. Assess your requirements of diamond jewellery 2. 3. 4. 5. Tips to Buy Perfect Wedding Rings Online. Wedding is one of the most auspicious and once in a lifetime occasion for many people. Each person wants to make his or her wedding as the most memorable occasion. As this day announces the beginning of a new relationship and marks a turning point in one's life hence, many people prefer to seal this special occasion by the perfect wedding rings. Buying timeless and elegant diamond or golden wedding rings from a premier jeweller in Singapore can be quite difficult in case you have no idea of online shopping and factors to consider while buying jewellery from an e-store.

Here is a checklist of the factors to consider while buying wedding ring Singapore: 1. Check out premier online jewellers in Singapore and the wide variety of options available You will find a plethora of online jewellery stores that provide high quality wedding rings, engagement rings, certified diamond rings and classical designs of jewellery pieces made of other gemstones. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tips to Make the Most of Online Purchase of Your Choicest Jewellery. Buy diamond engagement and wedding ring Singapore.

1. Select a well renowned jewellery store The market is filled with many online jewellery stores. However not all can fulfill your jewellery requirements and provide you the desired exquisite jewellery pieces at a cost effective price. Hence it is very important to find out a well reputed online jewellery store that is well known for providing branded and hallmarked jewellery pieces as well as phenomenal diamond jewelries online. 2. Browse online catalogue and go through a wide array of designsWhen you find out a well reputed jewellery store online then you need to browse online catalogue of the store and visualize a wide variety of designs. You can select the design as per your needs and preferences or even get custom designed jewellery pieces. 3. 4.

So it makes a great sense to purchase diamond rings, pendants, necklace or jewelries from a top notch online jewellery store with confidence after getting the most reliable guidance from an expert. Perfect matching wedding ring Singapore. Top notch gold jewellery in Singapore. Elegant and stylish gold jewellery Singapore. Selection of diamond engagement ring Singapore. Fascinating variety of diamonds online. Collection of wedding ring in Singapore. Best place to get engagement ring in Singapore.

An engagement ring signifies one of the most emotional and important moments in matrimony. When a person wears any such ring, it indicates that he or she is engaged to be married. It acts a token for agreement to future marriage. Women mostly wear engagement ring Singapore, but in some cultures, men also prefer adorning them. The engagements rings can have diamonds or other precious stones embedded in them and in some cases, people treat them as wedding rings. As per customers, women wear in their left hand ring finger. After marriage, some brides choose to have both their engagement and wedding ring permanently fused together.

Engagement ring material A huge choice in material and style is available in the market when it comes to buying an engagement ring in Singapore. Thus, it is necessary for the to-be bride to exert her own personnel choice in choosing a preferred ring. Setting After choosing the material and embedded gem, the crucial part the decision is the setting of the ring. Gift beautiful proposal ring to impress her. Rings are the most precious gift that a man can give to his beloved. If you are going to propose your love then the first thing you need to choose is a beautiful proposal ring. It is not enough to know about the four Cs of diamonds only. In addition, equally important is to know how you should choose from the different diamond styles rings, cuts and settings. Benefits of buying proposal rings online Some of the benefits of buying proposal rings online are as follows:• Options in terms of customization: It is one of the most noticeable characteristics that you should take care of while buying proposal rings.

The leading online stores offer numerous options allowing you to customize your search and get the best ring for your partner or loved ones. . • Wide range of gemstones choices: Another benefit of buying proposal ring through online stores is that they proffer an extensive range of gemstones studded in proposal rings. Visit: Sookee Diamond rings and bands in Singapore. World's best gold jewellery in Singapore.

Jewellery can change your closet from various perspectives. It adds magnificence and glamour to a boring wardrobe. Designed in an assortment of styles and colors, it complements to every kind of wear. Accessories are an impeccable method for turning out in vogue on a budget. One just needs to choose the best things to coordinate with the diverse clothes in their wardrobe. It is always best to but the jewellery made with gold, silver and platinum as it can go with simply any wear. How to match jewelry with your attire? There is no set principle of wearing jewellery. Variety of gold jewellery Singapore The gold jewellery made in Singapore is versatile, classy and rich looking.

Expand the horizons Online shopping paved its way for the sale of fashion as well as classic gold jewellery Singapore. Diamond Engagement Ring to make day Special. Articles >Fashion >Engagement Ring Perfect Expression of Love for That Forever Someone Brand Sookee is synonymous with brilliant craftsmanship, timeless quality and signature expressions. As one of the leading premier jewelers in Singapore, there is no better place to shop at for a piece of jewelry that you will cherish forever. Inspired by the world Sookee hires only the finest craftsmen in the trade.

However, even the finest need inspiration from time to time and these craftsmen draw their inspiration from cultures, nature and artifacts from all over the world. You could choose any piece of jewelry from their store including an engagement ring and you will find that every single piece is designed only to add some sparkle to you already existing brilliance. Pushing boundaries Every engagement ring or any other piece of jewellery that you see at Sookee’s in Singapore has a philosophy behind it – the Sookee’s philosophy – to push boundaries and challenge creativity.

Easy to buy. Sookee Excellence Wedding Bands Singapore. A prominent leader in providing elegant diamond jewellery across Singapore, is creating its far-fetched mark in offering world-class wedding bands Singapore. It occupies a significant recognition with its signature expressions, brilliant craftsmanship, and eternal quality.

With a distinctive aim of delivering excellence, all its jewellery depicts a masterpiece that you can cherish throughout your life. Being a multi-faceted and progressive brand for wedding ring Singapore, Sookee is akin to eternal luxury. Inspired from the artifacts, nature, and cultures prevailing across the world, experts at Sookee carve out these bejeweled pieces to perfection. When it comes to celebrating your special moments as well as emotions during your wedding, Sookee continues to offer fine wedding bands Singapore for you. With an extensive experience of more than 20 years and its commitment towards excellence and finest quality, Sookee always tries to extend its limit and become the best.

Follow tips to find best diamond online in Singapore. Getting the best Diamonds has always been the norm for men desiring to pop the question of marriage to their loved ones. After all, men are always craving to give their best if they desire to express their sincerity in marriage. However, with the enormous collection of rings on the market, attempting to get the best Diamond Singapore can prove to be a challenge. Still, you can save yourself from the involved buying hassles if you consider the below tips: Diamond accreditation - While there are numerous diamond affirmation bodies that claim to be autonomous, frequently they affiliate to a specific organization and are obliged to these organizations.

Diamond Shape - Choose a shape, which is the most alluring to your life partner. Diamond Cut - The cut evaluation of the Diamond alludes to how well the diamond sliced to reflect the greatest flame, splendor, and glitter. Color - The color grade of the diamond reflects the lack of color in a non-extravagant hued precious diamond. Find Special Wedding Bands and Rings in Singapore. PRFree.Org (Press Release) Jan 15, 2016 -- Think incredible jewelry pieces and the only name that strikes in mind is Sookee Jewelry. It is the one stop destination from where you can get the exclusive wedding ring Singapore that brings about the star in you. For over 20 years, it stands first on the podium of creating pieces that are the perfect blend of excellence and quality. Its dedication and uncompromising demand have facilitated to challenge the region’s jewelry landscape and make outstanding masterpieces that are perfect for a lifetime.

Sookee has been synonymous with unmatched craftsmanship, exclusive designs and assured quality of the products. It has built for itself the spiteful status of being the only jewelry brand in the country that strive hard to comprehend the desire of Singaporeans and offer with the same that meets all the contemporary and traditional desires and aspirations. Its specialty is in innovation and design. The Most Preferable Diamond Shop Online. Exclusive and Latest Designer Engagement Rings.

Perfect Engagement Ring Collection at SOOKEE. With search of finding perfect mate, the search for perfect engagement rings begins. To find an engagement ring that is ideal for your lifetime companion gives a feeling of starting a new bond. One searches for the ring that captures your heart, reflects your personality, and symbolizes the growing love between the two. To start the beginning of the bonds from mere a proposal to a lifetime journey perfect proposal rings are necessary.

Before agreeing to marry, a couple choose to buy and wear promise rings. Multiple varieties and styles With potentially million of engagement rings to choose from one can start searching for it based on individual choice and preference. There is a wide variety of rings collection that can make one mesmerize of the delicacy and beautification of the rings. The rings stone colors can be black, blue, white, yellow and more.

Customer service The company provides lifetime diamond and color gemstone guarantee to provide customers a happy shopping experience. Wedding Bands Collection at Sookee Jewelry Singapore. One of the prominent leading online jewelry stores, the Sookee provides a wide range of wedding rings to choose for your perfect life partner. Wedding ring Singapore plays a crucial role in starting the lifetime journey of a proposed relationship for sure. The store just heightens your craze for the event with an enriched variety of customized rings. It commits to provide you these dazzling collections at affordable cost with due quality assurance. With a team of brilliant craftsmanship, an enticing collection of wedding bands Singapore of high quality and value.

The store provides various distinctive styles with many options to choose from classic styles to modern styles designed for grooms who want to flaunt their personal style. For women as well, the store offers many styles, shapes, and sizes of the diamonds in wedding bands Singapore so that they can make best possible choice. Quality Pearl Engagement Ring in Singapore.