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Discover Kamnik and its surroundingsTIC Kamnik. It's another world. So close. Embraced by Kamnik-Savinja Alps, only 25km away from Ljubljana, an unforgettable experience of the mountains, the countryside and the medieval town awaits you. Discover rich cultural tradition or just boost your energy. Search for the hidden corners of Kamnik and its surroundings or just simply Taste Kamnik.

The oldest preserved herdsmen settlement Get to know the pristine alpine world, visit Kamniška Bistrica Valley, hike to the mountains and spend a few days among the herdsmen on Velika planina, in the oldest preserved herdsmen settlement. Pampering and relaxation beneath the peaks of Kamnik Savinja Alps Pamper yourself in the highest spa in Slovenia, Snovik Spa, in Tuhinj Valley, which boasts the first EU Eco-Label for tourist accommodation in Slovenia.

Not only beautiful, also tasty Kamnik and its surroundings offer a splendid selection of typical local dishes, united under Taste Kamnik Brand. Arboretum Golf Course: 18-hole golf course ( Kamfest - Festival z razgledom. Home. Sheep bal. טיול בלוגארסקה דולינה והאזור. לוגארסקה דולינה הוא עמק שנוצר בתקופת הקרח האחרונה על ידי קרחון ענק שהעניק לו את צורתו המיוחדת – צורת האות האנגלית U​​. ממזרח וממערב לעמק ישנם שני עמקים יפים נוספים שנוצרו על ידי קרחונים (Matkov Kot ​​ ו Robanov Kot​​) אך מראם (היפה לא פחות) מעט שונה. בכניסה ללוגארסקה דולינה יש בקתה ובה שומר אשר גובה 7 יורו לרכב. לאחר הכניסה לעמק לוגאר (מכאן השם לוגארסקה), חפשו את מלון פלסניק​​ ​​ ( Plesnik​​) – לידו נמצאת תחנת המידע שיכולה להעניק לכם מפה, הסבר על המסלולים השונים בעמק, על האטרקציות וכיו"ב.

זוהי לדעתי גם הנקודה היפה ביותר בעמק וזו כבר סיבה טובה להגיע לכאן. אם אתם כבר כאן אז בקרו במפל Palenk​​ הסמוך ואז צאו למסלול שעובר בעמק ומסתיים במפל הרינקה. מפל הרינקה (Slap Rinka​​) מרבית המבקרים בעמק מבקרים באטרקציה המרכזית שהיא משום מה מפל רינקה. Trail through the Loger Valley​​- זהו מסלול שעובר בנקודות יפות בעמק ומסתיים במפל רינקה (הנזכר כאן למעלה), שנחשב למפל הגבוה ביותר בסלובניה (90 מטרים). לא רחוק מתחנת המידע אתם יכולים להתחבר למסלול שמתחיל מעט לפני כן, קרוב יותר אל הכניסה לעמק. A Travel Guide to The Logar and Jezersko Valleys in Slovenia. When we travelled to Slovenia for the first time and were landing at the Ljubljana airport we actually thought there was some kind of emergency. From the airplane we could only see dense forests, lakes, and meadows; which was far from the view of a capital city we were used to.

We were still far from our planned destinations of the Logar and Jezersko valleys, but we were already amazed to see the landscape below us. Why Logar and Jezersko? Europe has been rapidly changing. Its capitals and big cities are converting into uniformed, globalized zones where everyone is looking for the comfort of something well known, yet still yearns to stand in awe of new discoveries.

Fortunately, there are countries that have kept their unique sparkle, and Slovenia is certainly one of them. While putting together our itinerary for Slovenia, we knew we wanted to visit Ljubljana and few other places, but at the same time we wished to shun well-known “postcard places,” like those of the famous lake and castle. The Logar Valley | Fairytale Forest. Idrija, Castle Gewerkenegg - Castles.

Castle Gewerkenegg dominates the old core of Idrija. It was erected at the beginning of the 16th century to serve as the administrative headquarters and warehouse of the Idrija mine, then the second largest mercury mine in the world. The now beautifully restored Renaissance complex experienced a Baroque renovation in the middle of the 18th century when the inner arcaded courtyard was created and painted with attractive decorative frescoes. The castle now houses the Idrija Museum, whose central exhibit-Five Centuries of Mercury Mining and the Town of Idrija-offers a survey of the half-millennium history of the oldest mining town in Slovenia.

It also offers an exhibit of Idrija lace, a replica of a room in an Idrija miner's home, peasant frescoes, memorial rooms of the writer France Bevk and the politician Aleš Bebler, and a collection of paintings donated by the gallery owner Valentina Orsini Mazza. The castle also provides rooms and a concert hall for the Idrija Music School. Odpiralni čas in vstopnina | Pravljični gozd. Pravljični gozd bo ponovno odprt od 14. maja 2016 dalje do pozne jeseni (ko zapade prvi sneg), vsak dan od 10. do 18. ure. Obratovalni čas: 10.00 - 18.00 ure Vstopnina v Pravljični gozd Za strokovne spremljevalce organiziranih pred/šolskih skupin je vstop prost. *v vstopnino je vključeno: vstop v Pravljični gozd, ogled Alpskega vrta, uporaba igral in travnika, namenjenega igram z žogo Projekt Pravljični gozd je bil leta 2009 podprt pri Ukrepu 312 (podpora ustanavljanju in razvoju mikro podjetij na podeželju) s strani Agencije RS za kmetijske trge in razvoj podeželja.

Nadgradnja projekta je bila izvedena v letu 2012, ko smo: prenovili obnove pravljic in pravljične postaje, k vsaki pravljični postaji dodali senzorično-motorične naloge, obogatili izobraževalno-ozaveščevalno komponento projekta z oblikovanjem učnih vsebin o gozdu in Logarski dolini (strokovni partner učnega dela projekta: Zavod za gozdove, OE Nazarje). GRAD GEWERKENEGG // Mestni muzej Idrija. Dominating over the old town, Idrija's castle has preserved its historical name, Gewerkenegg, which in German means mine castle. It was built in the period from 1522-1533 for the needs of the mercury mine. Initially used to store wheat and mercury, the castle was later occupied by the mine administration for more than 400 years.

Over the centuries, it has also housed various offices, schools and residents. In the mid 18th century, the Renaissance castle complex with its three round corner towers and single front tower was renovated in baroque style and painted with decorative frescoes. The Municipal Museum has its administrative offices at Gewerkenegg Castle, which also houses the Museum's main permanent exhibition, entitled Five Centuries of the Mercury Mine and the Town of Idrija presenting the five-hundred-year history of the mine beneath the surface and the parallel growth of the town above the surface. Natural sights: Logar Valley and Rinka Waterfall - Explore Slovenia. Summer pricelist | Velika planina. General terms: children's ticket is valid for children aged 6 to 15 years oldfamily ticket is valid for 2 adults and children up to 15 years oldseasonal ticket payment is possible in instalments Programs for groups (for more than 20 people) Guided tours around Velika planina for school groups: 14 EUR The price includes a return ticket for the cable car, guidance and organisation of the trip.

Organised daily trips: 17 EUR The price includes a return ticket for the cable car, guidance and organisation of the trip. Team building for companies. Vrtovi - Mozirski gaj - park cvetja. Словения. Камник. Велика Планина. Время отдыха: июнь 2014 Начало рассказа В один из дней пребывания на озере Блед мы, наконец, осуществили давнюю мечту - побывали в одном из очень интересных мест Словении, которое пока не столь популярно у российских туристов.

Речь о высокогорном плато Велика Планина. Заодно посетили старинный словенский городок Камник, недалеко от которого, собственно, и располагается Планина. Итак, немного туристической информации из Интернета с моими ремаркам. Плато Велика Планина (Velika planina) находится недалеко от Любляны (недалеко – это километров 20), в нескольких километрах от города Камник расположена станция канатной дороги. И вот, наша первая цель. Здесь прошлись по пустынной центральной улице, запечатлели памятник словенскому герою, родиной которого является Камник, и отправились к основной достопримечательности городка – Малому Граду со старинной церквушкой (если правильно помню, 12 или 13 века). В центре города расположен красивый храм с башней.

Словения,отдых и лечение. Любляна, Рогашка, Порторож, Блед. Велика планина (Velika planina). Приблизительно в 30 км от столицы Словении - Любляны и всего в нескольких километрах от старинного словенского городка Камник находится канатная дорога с гондолой, связывающая долину с Великой планиной. Это невероятно красивое, полное живописных альпийских трав и цветов, место находится среди высокогорных пастбищ горного плато в самом сердце Камникских Альп.

Всем любителям активного и семейного отдыха предоставляется прекрасная возможность для пешего и велосипедного туризма, индивидуальных и групповых экскурсий в горы. Велика планина – чрезвычайно популярное место для походов выходного дня, рассчитанных на выходные или один свободный день. Отсюда открывается великолепный вид на долину, город Камник и его окрестности. Пастушье поселение в Велика планина является одним из немногих сохранившихся поселений подобных размеров и колорита в Европе, круглый год привлекающее туристов со всего мира. Dates and prices - Tourist offer DonTravel. Maribor Slovenia. The Old Vine House - Museums and galleries. Address: Tourist destination Maribor - Pohorje 2000 Maribor What is the Old Vine House? 1) A temple of wine tradition and culture, on the frontage of which grows the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world.2) Exhibition room with guided tours:- rich wine heritage,- museum exhibits,- ampelographic collection of the Kreuzer pictures of sorts of vines in Štajerska,- Archduke Johann, esteemed for the development of viticulture in Štajerska…4) Sale of excellent Štajerska wines – let the price list convince you about the advantageous prices5) Excellent place for wine tasting.6) Tourist Information Centre.7) Attractive event room.

Would you like to use it for your event? Stroll along the banks of the river Drava to the queen of all vines and her house! Link your visit to events honouring the Old Vine: • Summer opening hours (1. Monday – Sunday and hollidays: 10 am – 8 pm. • Winter opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm; Monday: closed. Repertoire SPP 2014 ~ Puppet Theatre Maribor. Legal basis The legal basis for the cookie policy notice is the EU E-Privacy Directive (Directive 2009/136) and the amended Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 109/2012) that entered into force in the beginning of 2013 and brought about new regulations governing the use of cookies and similar technologies for the storage of information and access to information, stored on users’ computers or mobile devices.

About cookies Cookies are short text files that are sent from a website and stored on user’s computer, smartphone or any other device accessing websites through the Internet. They can be used to collect information on how users browse a website, and can thus adapt the contents of the website to users’ interests when they browse the same website in the future, ensuring the best user experience. A cookie usually contains a string of letters and numbers that is stored on user’s computer when they visit a certain website. Types of cookies. Slovenia-Maribor: Indian village Eagle’s Nest (Orlovo gnezdo) Visit Ljubljana. Our List of What to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Welcome home | Budnarjeva domačija, muzejska hiša. The Budnar’s house is a unique living museum depicting the lives of our ancestors. The renovated house, which was declared a historic monument, is owned by the municipality of Kamnik, and was named after its last owner, Cveto Budnar.

The small partly stone partly wooden house leans against the hillside so that the »gank« (porch) with its southern side is always in the sunshine. The house represents a stretched home of a middle peasant in those days. At first, the house had only two rooms; a room called »hiša« (house) and a doorway with a smoke kitchen, later a small room called »kamra« was added, so that the living quarters and the farm are under the same roof. Today the house is a living museum which preserves a more than one hundred year old tradition of old farm houses and the simple peasant life. Allow us to show you around the house and experience a moment from the lives of our grandparents.

Family experiences » Visit Ljubljana. Ljubljana for families and children. Ljubljana with Kids on a Rainy Day - CoolkidzCooltrips. Let’s face it, when we make plans for our next holiday, there is not much we can do weather wise. Except keep our fingers crossed, hope for the best. While at some places you can count on your good fortunes, others, well, are bound to dampen your spirits, literally. And where does Ljubljana come in? The often wrong, but not in this case, Wikipedia, says that yearly precipitation in Ljubljana is about 1,400 mm (55 in), making Ljubljana one of the wettest European capitals.

House of Experiments Slovenia’s first hand’s on science center. Relax at the pool Yes, fight water with more water. Playgrounds – Family Center Mala ulica There are a few indoor playgrounds in the shopping malls, but I have a thing about kids and shopping malls, which is, I try to avoid them. More about our time at the Family Center. Ljubljana Castle Kids love castles. We love visiting this great place. Museums and galleries And here are some of our tips on spicing up any visit to a museum or a gallery with kids. Like this: Union-experience. Railway Museum (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Address, Phone Number, Attraction Reviews - TripAdvisor.

Railway Museum of Slovenian railways - Museums and galleries. Children and Families - National Gallery of Slovenia. This website uses cookies. We use cookies to allow you an unimpeded and user-friendly experience. By further use of this website, you agree with our cookies policy. Cookies What are cookies? Cookies are small text files containing information from your visit to the website.

Cookies facilitate and simplify the interaction between the user and the website. First among the many reasons to use cookies is their ability to store information on the individual website (language selection, number of hits, font size, etc.). None of the cookies used on our websites collect information that would reveal your personal identity.

For transparency’s sake, we have made a list of all of the cookies that we use and their purposes. What cookies are used by this website? Strictly necessary cookies Cookies help us display the content, contact forms, shopping carts and other essential elements of website. Google Google Analytics How to enable or disable cookies? Domov - Lutkovni muzej. Events » The Ljubljana Castle. Date: Time: Ticket: Admission free Location: Staircase to the Viewing Tower Date: Time: Ticket: 3,00 € (holders of Castle Tickets are entitled to free admission) Location: Casemates Date: Time: Ticket: 3,00€ (free admission for visitors with a Castle Ticket) Location: Gallery "S" Date: Time: Ticket: Admission free Location: Pentagonal Tower Date: Time: Ticket: Entrance free Location: Palatium and Estates Hall Date: Time: Ticket: Admission Free Location: Castle Courtyard Date: Time: Ticket: Admission Free Location: Castle Courtyard Date: Time: Ticket: Admission free Location: Castle Park Date: Time: Ticket: Admission Free Location: Castle Courtyard Date: Time: Ticket: Admission free Location: Castle Park.

Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije. Home. TMS Tехнический Mузей Cловении. TMS home page. Lumpipark | Otroški zabaviščni park. Home page - Minicity Ljubljana. Hiša eksperimentov. Odprta kuhna. Central Market » Visit Ljubljana.