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Why it Makes Sense to Have Customer-Centric Logistics Management. How to Implement Elastic Logistics without Losing Your Workforce. What’s Going on in the Field? Be on Top of Ground-Level Realities. Someone wise once said, “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. It’s true the quote, when it was said, had nothing to do with ground-level movement of field workforce for top CPG, maintenance service, cash management, distribution management companies.

But the reality is that the distance between plans and execution mean that the companies are left wanting more and not able to figure out which bottleneck or efficiency drain to plug. This is where we bring in machine learning-backed route planning scheduling in the picture. Let’s look at the issue as it stands right now. The Field Workforce Planning-Execution Gap Companies must perform tasks such as sales calls, client relationship building, maintenance services, supervising high-worth asset movement, etc. Suppose the plans are for a top CPG company which moves a high volume of consumer goods in the market. Recommended Read: Are You Still Using Static Route Planning For Field Agent Management? Or would it? How to Pass a Roadside ELD Inspection Without Violations. We are now well past the 1st April enforcement date for electronic logging device (ELD) implementation.

There has been debate around the hours of service and its impact on the current driver shortage. But its best to move further from that and focus on the task at hand. ELD is here. Now if your trucks are stopped for a roadside inspection, how do you prepare to get through that without any violations? Recommended Read: ELD Mandate For Trucking Industry By FMCSA – What Should You Know? Here’s what you need to know to be violation free. Keep the Manuals Ready Drivers should have all the instructions manuals in place. Now, this isn’t a violation right away, but it sets off red flags and can me mean up to potential violations. Another reason to keep the manuals handy is that there are many devices floating in the market.

Be Ready to Transfer Eight Days Duty Logs This extends from device knowledge. Alternatively, the driver can carry printed records of the past duty status records (8 days). Same Day Deliveries from Retail and E-commerce? ‘Tech is the way’, says Top Delivery Service Operations Director. Delivery service companies are again at the forefront of innovation. There was a time when long distance package delivery was a wonder, now companies do it in a day. Customer requirements and expectations have evolved, and the industry has truly stepped up using technology as a powerful driver. Today we speak to an industry veteran with close to two decades of raw delivery management experience. Liam O’Sullivan has earned matchless following and adulation in his career. He is the Director of Operations at International Post Corporation (IPC), Brussels, Belgium. In his own words, Liam has ‘hands-on understanding of how to plan, manage and deliver change through people, processes, systems, and automation’.

In this exclusive interview, we get to learn, directly from his rich expertise, about the primary challenge facing the industry, the role technology would play in delivery services, and about the current customer sensation, ‘same-day deliveries’. LT: Same day deliveries. Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management | Delivery Route Planning & Optimization Software | LOGINEXT MILE™

Optimize your last mile logistics. Plan routes better and automate resource allocation. Optimize your field workforce tasks and plan their movements and schedules. Optimize your Real-Time Deliveries with real time assignments, tracking, and alerts. A Highly Configurable Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software, LogiNext Mile™ is The Most Ideal Solution Which Offers Automated Delivery Route Planning & Route Optimization, Automated Real Time Resource Allocation, Cash and Proof of Delivery, Delivery Associate Management, and Real Time Tracking, All This in One Power Packed Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software Solution Delivery medium current location The fact that about 30% of logistics costs are spent on last mile delivery is now known to the world. DELIVERY ROUTE PLANNING WITH PREDICTIVE DELAY ALERTS AND REAL-TIME Updates. How Tech-Enabled Logistics Would be at Center of E-Commerce Growth. In a warehouse on the outskirts of Indonesia’s capital, supervisors at e-commerce company Lazada use bikes or electric scooters to zip around a floor the size of four soccer fields, where up to 3,000 staff pack and dispatch goods around the clock.

The warehouse is one of five that Lazada has opened across Indonesia to cut costs and expand its reach in an archipelago whose 17,000 islands are sprinkled across an area bigger than the European Union. Chinese tech firms, including Lazada’s top investor, Alibaba Group Holding, have poured at least $6 billion into nearly every aspect of Indonesian e-commerce. Lazada uses Alibaba’s inventory management systems and has tied up with ride-hailing companies, often using their motorbikes to deliver goods in a country with creaking infrastructure and traffic-clogged cities. The payoff could be huge. It is a market forecast to grow from about $7 billion last year to $63 billion by 2027, according to Morgan Stanley. Competitive pressure is growing. What’s Going on in the Field? Be on Top of Ground-Level Realities. Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management | Delivery Route Planning & Optimization Software | LOGINEXT MILE™

Case Study: How to Increase Sales Effectiveness by 25% in FMCG. This is a story about effective field agent performance optimization and its resultant benefits. According to one of our major clients in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, field sales effectiveness was something that they wanted to increase as soon as possible. We said, sure, we will increase it by 20% by the end of the quarter. We managed to increase it by 25%. This is how we did it. Some summary of the client.

The client was in the refreshment and beverages business.They wanted to increase the number of retail visits done by their field agents.They wanted to increase their unit case volume (total volume sold/crates of product sold) in large and medium population cities.They wanted to bring transparency to the order generation and invoicing process.They wanted to streamline the time spent by the field agent while maximizing their effectiveness. Their primary pain-point was beat planning.

This is how LogiNext solved the FMCG giant’s field agent performance issues. Largest Sporting Goods Retailer in the World, Decathlon, Boosts On-Time Deliveries with LogiNext. And Now, in World News: The Hindu Business Line Yahoo Finance Here’s the gist of what happened: Decathlon, with a million daily shipments moving through its 1100 stores across the world, picks the best global route and resource optimization solution provider, LogiNext, to streamline their merchandise movement with accurate on-time deliveries and complete end-to-end distribution visibility.

Decathlon plans to leverage LogiNext’s superior analytics backed logistics optimization to boost their market across major developing nations and replicate its ‘French’ across the world! Detailed Report: Decathlon and LogiNext Partnership The largest sporting goods retailer worldwide ties up with the fastest growing SaaS company in logistics and field workforce optimization. Along with movement visibility, hub-load analytics around fleet movement can be automated using LogiNext’s planning engine. Decathlon Partners With LogiNext. Logistics Management Software Turning Companies Like Accenture into Mavericks. What do you say when the top management consulting companies such as Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, KPMG, and IBM Global Business Services cite operational streamlining as a key element in arresting margin erosion? You sit up and find out which company offers the best logistics management software. Logistics management has now become the singular platform for cost leadership and profit generation.

Most of the Fortune 500 companies partner with management consultants to streamline their strategies and processes. Accenture has time and again reinstated the importance of profitable and agile processes. They have adapted their strengths to incorporate logistics management as a core competency. For this, they collaborate with the top logistics management companies in the world. They initiate and felicitate such collaborations to improve their client’s business metrics through location based services, delivery routing software, and fleet tracking.

Cash on Delivery Management – The Immovable Feature for Complete Customer Service. All the major courier and logistics companies across the world serving direct end-customers via e-commerce or retail home deliveries consider cash on delivery management as a key area in dire need of solutioning. Cash on delivery, or collect on delivery, is a key business process has sustained its popularity despite multiple payment options gaining ground. A study business insider shows that cash on delivery still happens to hold the highest percentage of the total payment types in developing markets. With the popularity of e-commerce and direct-to-home deliveries increasing rapidly, the package size and invoice amount go on decreasing. As most of the major marketplace providers such as Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc. are leveraging volume to bring down overall logistics management costs. To infuse volume around festive and peak merchandise movement periods, these companies often bundle free-shipping for their priority customers.

Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management | Delivery Route Planning & Optimization Software | LOGINEXT MILE™ “Why Millennials prefer QSR to FSR?”: The Future of Food On-Demand Delivery! Millennials, a generation coming of age with the new millennium, inheriting the anxieties and problems of the previous generation and adding a unique nonchalance to it all. Millennials are perhaps the clearest target market across history. They know what they want.They aren’t easily manipulated. And when they are, they are aware of it.They adapt and evolve with technology at a much faster rate than ever seen before.They consume products and services with equal demand and consistency.They approach luxuries as fleeting moments of joy and not as a pre-conditioned need.They are much more independent in mind as compared to being independent in finances.They sometimes spend judiciously while other times it’s frivolous.

Their appetite for instant gratification is higher than previous generations. All these factors work towards their preference for quick service restaurants and on-demand food delivery over the traditional full service restaurant dining experience. FMCG Competitiveness is up on a New High! Field Service Management is the New Industry Favorite. Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies across the world are building markets as they grow towards their ambitious targets. Some of these companies have high brand loyalty such as Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Mondelēz, P&G, Unilever, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and even Philip Morris. How do these big companies expand their business? They broaden their product portfolio to better connect with the end consumer.They better their promotional and communication strategies to boost product awareness.They extend their distribution network to penetrate deep into existent territories and spread to new territories.

The above pointers provide a threefold approach to success in the FMCG sector. Now, how do the first two points compare in terms of measurable metrics and key performance areas? Recommended Read: What’s Hot And What’s Not For Winning Distribution Management In Asia The third point here covers expansion of the distribution network. FMCG Distribution Expansion Through Field Service Management. Your Sales Numbers are Shouting Out Loud That Your Sales Workforce Needs Optimization.

Three words to make your field workforce perform to the best of their abilities. Innovate. Resonate. Motivate. What would you do when your plans for effective field service management don’t execute as you wish them? If you followed the iPhone X launch, you would have followed a wave of new age pricing and audience profiling with the subdued iPhone 8 vs the grand iPhone X. How to Boost Sales Using Field Sales Management Software?

Your ‘pitch’ should be well set before your field sales workforce goes on their routes. This can be put into process effectively using a proper field sales management software. Reach on Time: Use the Field Agent Performance Optimization Tech Now! Many sales meetings start off on a sour note if the sales agent doesn’t reach the event on time. Companies could utilize their field service management tool to perfection by allocating tasks to ask per best suitability. Effective Feedback Capturing and Invoicing with Mobile Field Service Software! Are Your Vehicles Safe on the Road? Ensure Your Last Mile Delivery Safety! What happens when you get a call that your clients never received your delivery and their processes or events are then held-up for it?

You check with your vehicle and your delivery personnel tells you that the vehicle broke down mid-way. Now you must salvage the situation to the best of your abilities by arranging for another vehicle to complete the delivery or send-in immediate maintenance services for the affected vehicle. You call the client and convey your regret and offer some consolation service to tide over the breakdown. This might happen to anyone and, by now, even the clients have compromised with the possibility of such instances.

What can we do? This has become a rhetorical question for everyone involved. Wouldn’t you want to know if there is something that you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Step 1: Analyze Your Last Mile Delivery Management System! How you perceive your logistics management solutions affect how you allocate and direct your last mile deliveries. LogiNext-Blog | What I Learned from The Brilliant People Who Attended the Forbes Summit in Manila. – Dhruvil Sanghvi (Previously Posted on TechinAsia) Back to Manila! It seems like a second home now. I love the people and culture here, which is not far from what I have experienced back in the US, Middle East, or South Asia.

The first thing I realized when I met the 2017 batch of the Forbes 30 Under 30 top achievers, is that they are all rock stars. Here are the top learnings from my ‘Manila Files’! Always Introspect: “What do you do? As I left the airport, I was welcomed in the pulsating and growing startup infrastructure of Philippines. I asked some of the wonder kids (and some veterans of the industry) who had initiated their startup in the past year, ‘What is a startup?’. “A startup is a vision. I reminisced over my own early days, when LogiNext was a nascent startup in the US.

Always Know Your Strengths: “What are you capable of?” The next day bought in excitement and wonder as I joined the batch in vivid discussions. This couldn’t be closer to the truth if he had been a sorcerer. LogiNext-Blog | How Basic Mathematics Can Transform Your Retail Distribution Network. Distribution is retail has taken a new life post the rise in consumer demand across developing markets. Territorial mapping and analytics has infused the waning sector with vigor and ambition.

What seemed liked the peak, turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. With these transformations, retail can finally automate its distribution in terms of planning, execution, and optimization. But did you know, even with basic mathematics, you can boost your retail sales by more than 30%? It’s simple! Distribution is a means to reach your end-customer in the most optimal way possible.

Numerical Distribution Numerical Distribution is the unilateral distribution showing the total retail stores occupying the company’s products. Weighted Distribution Suppose, out of these 10 stores, top three 3 stores sell 80 % of the total merchandise. Logistics Distribution Network for Fresh Foods Multi-Modal Distribution Probabilistic Distribution Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution.

LogiNext-Blog | From Hyperloop to Robots! The Biggest Breakthroughs in Logistics and Field Service Management! LogiNext-Blog | Compounded Iteration: How Machine Learning Saved Millions for Transport Companies. LogiNext-Blog | Your Sales Numbers are Shouting Out Loud That Your Sales Workforce Needs Optimization. LogiNext-Blog | Are Your Vehicles Safe on the Road? Ensure Your Last Mile Delivery Safety! LogiNext-Blog | Do You Think Heavy Traffic Blocks are the Only Reason for Delayed ETA’s? Think Again!

Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management | Delivery Route Planning & Optimization Software | LOGINEXT MILE™ Mobile Field Service and Field Workforce Management Software | Plan, Schedule, Track, Analyse, Optimize | LogiNext Force. Mobile Field Service and Field Workforce Management Software | Plan, Schedule, Track, Analyse, Optimize | LogiNext Force. Top 5 Most Cost Effective Logistics and Field Service Management Software. Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management | Delivery Route Planning & Optimization Software | LOGINEXT MILE™

LogiNext-Blog | How Does the Biggest CPG Company in the World Handle Last Mile Delivery? LogiNext-Blog | 5 Ways Data Analytics is Changing the World: A Logistics Management Overview! LogiNext-Blog | Logistics Management Software | Delivery Management & Tracking | Loginext. LogiNext-Blog | Logistics Management Software | Delivery Management & Tracking | Loginext. LogiNext-Blog | What I Learned from The Brilliant People Who Attended the Forbes Summit in Manila. LogiNext-Blog | How Basic Mathematics Can Transform Your Retail Distribution Network. LogiNext-Blog | 5 Things You Need to Know About On-Demand Delivery Management. LogiNext-Blog | What’s Hot and What’s Not for Winning Distribution Management in Asia. Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management Case Study Consumer Packaged Goods. White Paper on the Future of Last Mile Solutions in Retail and E-commerce.

Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management Case Study Consumer Packaged Goods. Mobile Field Service and Field Workforce Management Software | Plan, Schedule, Track, Analyse, Optimize | LogiNext Force. LogiNext-Blog | How Field Agent Management Can Change Smart Grids and Advanced Metering Infrastructures. LogiNext-Blog | Top Do’s & Don’ts of Field Agent Management: Get the Best Out of Your Medical Representatives. LogiNext-Blog | SaaS vs On-Premise! Here’s Why On-Premise Deployment is Not the Safest Option Anymore. LogiNext-Blog | 7 Strategies That Boosted my Company’s Growth. LogiNext-Blog | Game of Thrones Revisited! Field Workforce Optimization Wins it this Winter! LogiNext-Blog | How Machine Learning and IoT Transforms Field Workforce Management.