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DeveloperWorks : An introduction to XML. Build a dynamic organization tree using GWT and RESTful Web services. Introduction The trend of Web application development over the last few years has been to create rich Internet applications, most of which are implemented using Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax).

Build a dynamic organization tree using GWT and RESTful Web services

But, it hasn't been easy because of the nature of JavaScript coding. It is especially difficult to build large-scale Web applications.


JavaScript. Tip: The zen of XSLT. Ten years ago, when XSLT was relatively new, I struggled to understand it.

Tip: The zen of XSLT

It was too difficult to use and too challenging to debug. After I came to understand the strengths and weaknesses of XSLT and—more importantly—its paradigm and how and when to use it, however, XSLT is now a favorite tool that's a pleasure to use. XSLT is elegant and extremely powerful when applied well to a task for which it is suited. Have you ever used a hammer and screwdriver to loosen a nut from a bolt? You place the screwdriver blade on one side of the hex nut and tap the screwdriver's handle with the hammer.


Python. Regexp.