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PiPhone – A Raspberry Pi based Smartphone. Here’s my latest DIY project, a smartphone based on a Raspberry Pi. It’s called – wait for it – the PiPhone. It makes use an Adafruit touchscreen interface and a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module to make phone calls. It’s more of a proof of concept to see what could be done with a relatively small form factor with off-the-shelf (cheap) components. I don’t expect everyone to be rushing out to build this one, but I had great fun in doing it, as it builds quite nicely on my previous projects, especially the Lapse Pi, a touchscreen time-lapse controller, and uses most of the same hardware.

Make a Portable Computer Using a Raspberry Pi. Have you ever wanted a portable computer you can take with you?

Make a Portable Computer Using a Raspberry Pi

This is the easiest way to build your own. For those of you who do not know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a complete computer about the size of deck of cards that can run many different kinds of Linux. This portable computer will be complete with a screen, keyboard, wifi, and a battery. How To Build A Raspberry Pi Laptop Using Upcycled Accessories. Advertisement I’ve had my Raspberry Pi now for a while, and I am completely mesmerized by how powerful this little thing is.

How To Build A Raspberry Pi Laptop Using Upcycled Accessories

The most impressive thing with this pocket computer is that it can literally power anything. You can basically create whatever you want by using the Raspberry Pi pocket computer as its brain. There have been plenty of projects showcased online, and today it’s time to let you in on the awesomeness. Multi-Function Solid State Drive Shield for the Raspberry Pi 2 From Pi 2 Design. Introducing a new Multi-Function Solid State Drive shield for the popular low-cost Raspberry Pi 2 computer.

Multi-Function Solid State Drive Shield for the Raspberry Pi 2 From Pi 2 Design

Key features are up to 1TB SSD, Wifi 802.11b/g/n, Dual USB with 5V @ 1A power, RTC with Battery Backup, Temperature Sensor, and on-board 20W Power Supply. Smithfield, RI, November 18, 2015 (Newswire) - Pi 2 Design is excited to introduce the first offering in a new line of Embedded and Media-based I/O shields for the popular Raspberry Pi 2. The CSB502SSD Multi-Function Solid State Drive shield allows users to create a low cost, high performance, embedded network storage device.

Simply Automationized: Raspberry Pi Din Rail Enclosures Compared. Raspberry Pi B/B+/2 +ModMyPi Ltd sales a few din rail enclosures ranging £8.50 - £29.99 Or if you plan on making your current enclosure din rail mountable you can get these: Din rail mount kit.

Simply Automationized: Raspberry Pi Din Rail Enclosures Compared

Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners. Merry Christmas, makers!

Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners

We’re guessing a lot of you found Raspberry Pis under the tree this morning and are eager to start hacking around with it. Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, which I co-authored with Shawn Wallace, will be shipping very soon and is available for pre-order now. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite quick tips that may come in handy as you explore the platform. Some of these might be old hat to experienced Linux users, but who knows, you might also learn something new. And if you have any favorite Raspberry Pi tips that you’d like to add, we want to hear them!

Command line completion You don’t have to laboriously type out long paths, filenames, and commands. PiNet, A system for setting up and managing a classroom set of Raspberry Pis. DIY Smart Television with RaspberryPi and Node.js. Hardware Components: The RaspberryPi (Tested on Raspberry Pi model I-B, I-B+ and II-B)A USB WiFi dongle or Ethernet cable (Tested on Edimax WiFi Dongle)SD/MicroSD card (8 GB+) (check out NOOBS) Software Stack: Raspbian – a fork of Debian designed for the Raspberry Pi Node.js – Web-sockets moduleExpress – Web-framework moduleOmxcontrol – OMX-player controller moduleChromium BrowserOMX-playerYoutube-dl – Youtube video downloaderQuo.js – Cross-platform swipe gestures libraryHTML5, CSS3 transitions, Javascript, and Moustache as a template engineYoutube API End-result: Outline.

DIY Smart Television with RaspberryPi and Node.js

How To Setup Windows 10 for Raspberry PI 2 - All. Firstly Head over to Windows IoT( and choose Raspberry Pi 2.

How To Setup Windows 10 for Raspberry PI 2 - All

Follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi page to: Download the file and extract it. If you see an empty list of downloads on the download page, follow the instructions at the top of this page to sign up for the Microsoft Connect program.Use the dism.exe command shown on the setup page to deploy the image to the card. You cannot write the image to the card using dd or any other disk imager; it will not work because dism prepares the partitions on the card as well as copies files.Install the SD card, connect your peripherals, and plug your Pi into the same Ethernet network that your Windows 10 computer’s connected to.

How the Raspberry Pi-based Pi-Top Laptop Computer came to be, as told by its creators. First came the Raspberry Pi, the single board computer the size of a wallet.

How the Raspberry Pi-based Pi-Top Laptop Computer came to be, as told by its creators

Now, after a year of anticipation, the do-it-yourself community that sprang up around the Pi has resulted in Pi-Top, a modular laptop powered by the Pi. Jesse Lozano. Co-founder and CEO of Pi-Top Having shipped several thousand of its first laptops, Pi-Top is also in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign for its second product, the Pi-TopCEED, a low-end computer aimed at education and initially priced at $99. Recently, I talked with Jesse Lozano, Pi-Top’s CEO about the company’s progress and its reception among customers and people like Eben Upton, the founder of Raspbery Pi.

Lifehacker. Building a Raspberry Pi Robot and Controlling it with Scratch - Part 1. Last weekend we ran a workshop at the Digimakers event at @Bristol where we taught people how to program a Raspberry Pi robot with the Scratch programming language.

Building a Raspberry Pi Robot and Controlling it with Scratch - Part 1

It went really well, and it was amazing to see kids as young as 7 grasp the basics of robot control, and produce some really good control programs. Quite frankly, our careers are obviously in jeopardy once they reach the jobs market. This is the first in a series of posts where we describe the basics of how we built the robot, programmed it and put on the workshop.

All of the workshop code, and the workshop worksheet can be found here if people are interested in recreating our work. How to Build a Wireless Pi Camera Pan and Tilt Platform. With the release of the Raspberry Pi camera module, taking high quality pictures, or video, with the Pi has become very simple.

How to Build a Wireless Pi Camera Pan and Tilt Platform

In this tutorial, I will show you how to attach the Pi camera module to your Pi and wirelessly control a pan tilt platform. In the process, I will cover topics that include attaching the Pi camera module, connecting and controlling servos with your Pi, command line control of the camera, and some low level video streaming commands. Set up and assemble the basic Pi components with the following steps. Burn the latest Raspbian image to the SD card following instructions in the tutorial How to Flash an SD Card for Raspberry PiPlug in the USB mouse/keyboard into the bottom USB portPlug in the USB Wifi adapter into the to USB port.

Camera Module Setup. How to install / use the Raspberry Pi Camera. I hope this helps :) Building a Raspberry Pi Robot and Controlling it with Scratch. Happy New Year everyone! Things have been a bit quiet on this blog due to the Christmas rush, and the fact that we’ve been spending time on product development (more on that in a future post). But here at last is the 3rd and final post in our series on the Raspberry Pi robot we […] Welcome to the second part of our series of posts, describing the workshop we ran at the recent Digimakers event at @Bristol. Adding Sensors to the Raspberry Pi Camera Robot Kit. Sensors are a vital part of any robotic project, as they allow a robot to get information about the environment in which it’s operating. Without sensors, a robot has no information about the world around it, and it’s very tough to program intelligent behaviours for the robot.

With sensors your robot can find out about the world Now, you’ve always been able to attach sensors to our Raspberry Pi Camera Robot and the Arduino Mini Driver board we use for motor control, but previously you would have had to modify quite a bit of code in order to get your sensor data out. How to Build a Wireless Pi Camera Pan and Tilt Platform - Tuts+ Computer Skills Tutorial. Using the Dagu Mini Driver to Build a Raspberry Pi Camera Robot. A Raspberry Pi with a camera, gives you a small, low cost, embedded vision system, but it’s not very mobile.

In this tutorial we show you how to fix that by attaching it to a robot to give you a Raspberry Pi camera robot! The robot is WiFi enabled which means you can drive it around using a tablet, phone or computer, using the camera to explore remote areas. We’ve tried to keep the components for this tutorial as affordable as possible, and as such we’re using the Dagu Arduino Mini Driver to control the motors and servos of the robot.

This board also contains a 1A voltage regulator which we can use to power the Pi. Now a limit of 1A is a bit tight for the Pi, but we’ve found that with the right WiFi dongle, the Mini Driver voltage regulator can happily power itself, the Pi, a camera, and WiFi. Raspberry Pi Spy — Unofficial Raspberry Pi tutorials, guides, scripts, help and news. Raspberry Pi Point & Shoot Camera. When I first saw that the Raspberry Pi had an on-board connection for a camera, I knew what I wanted to build. It would be a battery powered traditional “point and shoot” camera complete with shutter button and a screen.

It would run as a PyGame app and be able to act as a server so that I could access the photos over Wifi once they are taken. STEP 1: Setup the Raspberry Pi To do this project I am going to assume you have already installed the latest version of the Raspbian OS, and know to update and upgrade the OS in LXTerminal using these commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade. Using a camera with Scratch on the Raspberry Pi.

GrovePi - Dexter Industries. Scratch Examples for the Raspberry Pi - GoPiGo. GoPiGo Assembly. Raspberry Pi vs Banana Pro vs CHIP. Banana Pi. Top view of Banana Pi. PiTFT 2.8" Touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi. Arduberry - Unite the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. GoPiGo Assembly. Scratch Robot with the Raspberry Pi.

Write your First Robot Program in Scratch. Scratch Robot with the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Robots - Line Following - Episode 3. Raspberry Pi Robots - Basic Motor Control - Episode 1. Raspberry Pi Robots - Obstacle Avoidance - Episode 2. GoPiGo Assembly. GoPiGo Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi: Computers & Accessories. DiddyBorg - The most powerful Raspberry Pi robot available. View topic - Enchanting 2 - fun robot programming for kids. Greetings. I've started an open-source project called Enchanting 2. It is designed to help kids understand how to better program robots, and have a good time doing it. It is written in python, and controlled through a Snap! -based (Snap is a variant of Scratch) HTML5 user interface. Here's a video to give you a sense of the project, and here are some of the goals.

The project does work. I can't wait to see this enable kids to more easily and effectively program robots. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. I got my Raspberry Pi this week, and I have to say that despite the wait (or maybe because of it), the whole user experience of getting this running was exciting. I was reminded of when my Dad brought home our first “Fat Mac” in 1985 (Fat because it had 512k of RAM).

Actually, this was a better experience; when we got the Mac home from Computerland we found it had a bad mouse controller and we had to wait until Monday to bring it back. Updated Scratch Raspberry Pi Robot with the BrickPi. Raspberry Pi Annual on sale today. Our friends over in the Bookazine department have made something really special – the first edition of Raspberry Pi Annual – and just in time for Christmas, too! Jam-packed with Raspberry Pi upgrades and swag, Python tutorials, creative projects and more, it’s the ideal gift for any budding Raspberry Pi enthusiast and an absolute steal at £12.99 – there are over 170 pages in this beast of a bookazine! Raspberry Pi Annual is available right now from all good newsagents, from our online store, and also as a digital edition inside your Linux User & Developer app.

Raspberry Pi Scratch Robot. Adding Sensors to the Raspberry Pi Camera Robot Kit. Tutorials Archives. Sensors are a vital part of any robotic project, as they allow a robot to get information about the environment in which it’s operating. Here to help Primary School teaching of Computing. Building a Raspberry Pi Robot and Controlling it with Scratch - Part 1. Getting Started With Mathematica. Resources - Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi. Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit for Raspberry Pi from Ryanteck on Tindie. Raspberry Pi Learning Resources.