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Violet- Blender render. Great use of blender render. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Faked Gi with Blender internal. Getting uniform studio lighting with the blender internal renderer Preamble[edit] This tutorial will teach you how to use blender to create faked Global Illumination (here forth called "GI"). The reason it is faked is that blender currently doesn't support true Global Illumination but it's not a difficult task to fake. To fake global illumination, we will surround our subject with a lot of suns. The easiest way to do this is to create a very large sphere around our subject and place a sun at each vertex of this sphere, pointing inwards. This tutorial assumes you know the basics of the blender interface and how to add objects, toggle editmode, and scale objects. Now lets start blendering! Blender Faked GI Tutorial[edit] Add an ICO-sphere. Scale the ICO-sphere by 15 times Flip the normals of the icosphere so that they point inwards. Add a sun light source (SPACE → Lights → Sun) Set the energy value of the light.

Noob Note: I found I had to set the energy of the sun lamp extremely low, at .044. Blender Lighting Tutorial for Beginners. Quick links: Introduction | Interface | Properties | Navigation | Modeling | Shading | Texturing | Lighting | Sculpting | Animation | Particles | Physics | Rendering | Compositing Using Blender Cycles, you can create some awesome looking lighting for your scenes. Especially with Cycles, you can light up your scenes quite professionally with a simple setup in minutes. A few years ago, back in the days of Blender Internal, you would have to spend some times to build a complicated looking lighting setup to light up something as simple as a room.

Nowadays, it’s a lot simpler and if you’re a beginner, you will find lighting your scenes in Blender to be quite intuitive. In this beginner, Blender lighting tutorial, you will learn about using Blender’s lights in no time! Kinds of Lights in Blender But first, we must know about the different types of lights you have at your disposal. All of the lights Point: This light shines from the point source in all directions. Basic Lighting Setups That’s all!

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