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Khas khabar:Hindi News, Latest News in Hindi, न्यूज़ इन हिन्दी, News Portal, Hindi Samachar. Lucknow News in Hindi, Latest Lucknow News Headlines, लखनऊ समाचार - Khaskhabar. Traffic Advertisement Copyright © 2017 Group, All Rights Reserved.

Lucknow News in Hindi, Latest Lucknow News Headlines, लखनऊ समाचार - Khaskhabar

Kanpur News in Hindi, Latest Kanpur News Headlines, कानपुर समाचार - Khaskhabar. बाइक सवार बदमाशों ने छात्रा का मोबाइल लूटा शुक्रवार, 24 मार्च 2017 10:13 PM गोविन्द नगर थानाक्षेत्र में बीएससी की परीक्षा देकर लौट रही छात्रा बाइक सवार लुटेरों ने झपट्टा मारकर मोबाइल लूट लिया।

Kanpur News in Hindi, Latest Kanpur News Headlines, कानपुर समाचार - Khaskhabar

...पढ़े राष्ट्रीय शर्करा संस्थान इंग्लैण्ड के साथ खोई से बनाएगा पशु आहार शुक्रवार, 24 मार्च 2017 10:10 PM राष्ट्रीय शर्करा संस्थान में जल्द गन्ने से निकलने वाली बैगास (खोई) से‘प्रोटीन युक्त पशु आहार एवं बॉयो फर्टिलाइजर‘बनाने पर तकनीक...पढ़े नौबस्ता में दो पक्षों में जमकर चले लाठी डंडे, दर्जनभर घायल शुक्रवार, 24 मार्च 2017 10:06 PM नौबस्ता थानाक्षेत्र में पानी के विवाद में दो पक्षो में आमने-सामने आ गये। दोनों पक्षों की ओर से जुटे दर्जनों...पढ़े लम्बित शिकायतों पर डीएम के तेवर हुए सख्त, 24 घंटे में निस्तारण के आदेश शुक्रवार, 24 मार्च 2017 10:03 PM डीएम कौशल राज शर्मा ने कलेक्ट्रेट में आईजीआरएस व आयोग सन्दर्भ पर शिकायत लंबित होने पर अधिकारियों को चेताया।

Udaipur News in Hindi, Latest Udaipur News Headlines, उदयपुर समाचार - Khaskhabar. Bikaner News in Hindi, Latest Bikaner News Headlines, बीकानेर समाचार - Khaskhabar.

Hindi News, Latest News in Hindi, न्यूज़ इन हिन्दी, News Portal,

Hindi Samachar:(हिन्दी समाचार), Taja Samachar in Hindi, Aaj Ka Samachar at Khaskhabar. Advertisement Copyright © 2017 Group, All Rights Reserved.

Hindi Samachar:(हिन्दी समाचार), Taja Samachar in Hindi, Aaj Ka Samachar at Khaskhabar

Indian Board Results 2017 : Exam Results All Major Indian Education Boards: Rajasthan latest News in Hindi, राजस्थान न्यूज़ Headlines at Khaskhabar. Mynewsdesk. In the fast running world, no one wants to lag behind.


People make efforts everyday to win in their respective area of work through their knowledge and skills. The people look for the ways that can help them to be best. The desire of becoming better everyday led the people to develop new ways for staying updated.During such conquest, the newspapers have come in a new and updated form, better known as Online newspapers. Digital newspaper or online newspaper is one of the easiest and cheapest medium to stay knowledgeable. Online Newspapers: Evolution or Revolution. These days, more and more sectors have adopted e-commerce techniques for their working.

Online Newspapers: Evolution or Revolution

Digitalization has brought immense changes in society. Literally, digitalization means to employ digital technologies to change a business model and provide value-creating opportunities. Online Newspapers: Best Way to stay updated with Local news. Online Newspapers: Best Way to stay updated with Local news No matter where you live you are required to be stay updated with the city properly.

Online Newspapers: Best Way to stay updated with Local news

To stay updated is need of the times as you will be able to deal the challenges and problems and find the solutions accordingly. When you don’t have knowledge about the place you stay you face many difficulties. There are many people who are not aware of what’s going in their neighborhood. These people complain as they don’t have time to read newspaper so they face such a trouble. To solve such issue, online newspapers have come as rescue. Latest Entertainment News: Read online in Hindi.

Latest Entertainment News: Read online in Hindi. In our lives, entertainment is needed every day to remove the monotony.

Latest Entertainment News: Read online in Hindi

The present times are so stressful that people seek entertainment in their daily life. We always look for the medium to entertain ourselves and to get rid of boredom. Digital Newspapers: Get latest updates faster. Journalism is continuously adopting changes in its working methodology.

Digital Newspapers: Get latest updates faster

As the media industry experiments with new tactics so they have made change in one tactic over the last few years. They have started focusing more on online ways to deliver news. The launch of online newspaper is result of such change. The advent of digital newspapers has brought the world closer. Know your future with Online Hindi Newspapers - Future is such an interesting mystery that everyone wants to unlock.

Know your future with Online Hindi Newspapers -

Everybody wants to know about his or her future and there is a simple reason behind it. As if people get to know about the problems they will encounter in future then they can take precautions for the same. UP Assembly Election 2017: Read all the updates in Hindi by Khas Khabar. In India, government is decided by votes of Indian citizens at both centre and state level.

UP Assembly Election 2017: Read all the updates in Hindi by Khas Khabar

As term of legislative assembly will expire in year 2017 so, fresh assembly polls are needed to be taken. Hence all the political parties have prepared themselves for the fresh assembly elections. For legislative assembly elections, announcements were made by Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi on 4 January 2017. For the state of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa, dates and no. of phases of elections were announced. Out of 5 states, in the states of Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand, voting will take place in a single phase. The term of Sixteenth Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh is about to over on 27 March 2017 with Samajwadi Party in the rule. Check the results of Board exams 2017 conducted by UP board of education. Exams are important in every student’s life. It is a way to test the knowledge and skills of student. This is also a great medium to assess whether a student should be promoted to next class or not.

In India, state boards as well as central board conduct board exams of 10th and 12th class every year. Talking about the education state boards, UP board or Uttar Pradesh board is one of the biggest and popular state boards of education. It is known as Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh. To improve the quality of education in whole UP, this board was established. The exam results have huge impact on future of students. Role of Digital media in Transforming the world « Hindi News. Benefits of choosing Online hindi newspaper over Traditional newspapers.

Impact of online newspaper on new-age readers. There has always been this prediction that online media will one day replace traditional media in the news market. From the last half-a-decade, journalism has entered a stage in which news organizations are fondly opting for a shift from the traditional media to new media. The world is about the news it makes. For a major section of the people, the first question that comes to mind each morning is: ‘Did anything breaking happened last night?’ Or ‘What are the latest news headlines today?’

Whether particular news is exciting, tragic, scary or sensationalistic (like the recent ‘blow-to-the-face’ demonetization) it is likely to be discussed at some point during the day. Printed newspaper has and will always remain the most time-honored medium through which news is delivered to people. Online newspapers are easily accessible. Another advantage of e-papers is that it is very much opinion building. Experience the world at your doorstep with Online Hindi newspapers. Nowadays, the life is running at a fast pace. People are so engaged in running towards success that they don’t have time to relax a bit. In the fast moving life, everyone looks for the means that are not only fast but also easy too. The continuous demand of faster services created a wave of change in many aspects of life. लखनऊ मेट्रो Uttar Pradesh political News in hindi. Flashback 2016 News in Hindi.

Laugh more every day with jokes. Life is full of challenges and problems. Be it money, relations, career and health etc, people face issues in every sphere of life. Amidst these difficulties, sometimes it is not very easy to even smile. Although people cannot instantly resolve all the issues but they can do one thing to stay happy even in tough times and i.e. they can laugh. Every now and then people look for the ways to stay cheerful and happy. There are several ways to relax mood such as listening to good music, shopping or listening to some good jokes. Online News Reporting in India. When it comes to news reporting, digital journalism or online journalism is on the verge of dominating the broadcasting medium. An online news paper can be a stand-alone publication or can act as the online version of a printed periodical.

News and features on current affairs are being presented as a combination of text, audio, video or any other form of interactive media and disseminated through digital platforms today. The online news platform has the advantage of releasing very accurate and detailed information about what is going on in the country which otherwise remains sidelined in traditional media coverage. Today it is more likely that there will be camera at the scene of a major incident and with internet growing by leaps and bounds, it naturally gets shared on social media.

This has made the move from traditional journalists to bloggers even more efficient. Online Hindi portal in India - khaskhabar. A major section of the India population belongs to Hindi language and only read and speaks Hindi language.Language is the influential factor on the basis of which readers read the news.With the language barrier, you cannot feel ease to interact with those who do not know your language. People in India like to listen or read the news in Hindi. People who have better grip on the English also tend to read the news in Hindi itself. In our country everyone goes through the national news in Hindi. This can be the window to the world for many folks whose lives essentially revolve around involving their work and family. It keeps you up to date with current affair. is a Hindi news online web portal, it covers the latest news in a great manner. also provide the regional form seven states such as, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh news in hindi, Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi NCR and Himachal Pradesh. Online Hindi portal in India - khaskhabar. हिन्दी समाचार. Up board results 2017. Khas khabar haryana and punjab webpage launching. 1 of 1 चंडीगढ़। खास खबर डॉट कॉम के हरियाणा-पंजाब वेब पेज का लोकार्पण सोमवार को दोपहर 1 बजे होगा। यहां चंडीगढ़ प्रेस क्लब में आयोजित एक कार्यक्रम में हरियाणा की स्थानीय निकाय एवं सूचना जनसम्पर्क मंत्री श्रीमती कविता जैन तथा राष्ट्रीय अनुसूचित जाति आयोग के उपाध्यक्ष डॉ. राजकुमार वेरका वेब पेज का लोकार्पण करेंगे। UP Elections 2017. CBSE Result 2017. UP Elections 2017. Delhi NCR News in Hindi, Breaking News of Delhi NCR, Latest Delhi NCR Hindi News Headlines: Khaskhabar. Punjab latest News in Hindi, पंजाब न्यूज़ Headlines at Khaskhabar.

Rajasthan latest News in Hindi, राजस्थान न्यूज़ Headlines at Khaskhabar. Haryana latest News in Hindi, हरियाणा न्यूज़ Headlines at Khaskhabar. Uttar Pradesh latest News in Hindi, उत्तर प्रदेश न्यूज़ Headlines at Khaskhabar. Khas khabar: Hindi News, Latest News in Hindi, Hindi News Website, News Portal.