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Soniya Sehgal

Is Your Mobile App Missing a Solid Marketing Strategy? - AppsDiscover. Developing an app requires time & effort to integrate bug-free native app features that work for the Publisher Ad Network and Advertisers in the long term.

Is Your Mobile App Missing a Solid Marketing Strategy? - AppsDiscover

A mobile application is one of the legs of the entire business chair. It doesn’t have to create the whole supporting process, but it is a very important marketing tool. Many applications appear on the play store but they are hardly noticed or worse, they don’t perform as expected. What’s the reason? There can be many reasons, but the most important reason could be a missing link – a solid marketing strategy that outlines all the criteria involved in the development. In this competitive market, are these enough to drive more revenue back to the original developer? It has been surveyed that people open only one-third of total apps downloaded in their smartphones over a monthly period. Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Important? - AppsDiscover. You must be one of the Affiliate Ad networks, as you are reading through this blog.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Important? - AppsDiscover

But, for beginners and experts, let us clarify what Affiliate Marketing is. Affiliate Marketing, is a very friendly and stress-free pair of words for small-biz owners, bloggers & app marketers. Why? Earning money becomes easy by running a campaign. Social media networks are improving their adverts management platforms to generate more money earning capabilities of anyone looking for a quick sale & credibility. Once you run an ad on one of the popular social media networks, they will send you emails regarding your ad campaign performance and encourage you to try some other ways to monetize your ads and get more traffic. For affiliates, it is a hassle-free experience to sit back and get commissions as advertisers are mostly the ones who are involved in handling logistics i.e selling products & services, processing orders and taking care of the shipping arrangements.

Boost In-App Sales to Mobile Advertising Trends - AppsDiscover. Mobile marketing techniques are 18% more effective and provide faster reach than any other forms of advertising, according to a survey conducted by Forbes Magazine recently.

Boost In-App Sales to Mobile Advertising Trends - AppsDiscover

Publishers know that mobile advertising platforms are cheaper and connect users instantly. Hence, they keep on updating their inventories from time to time. Now, let us look at how mobile marketing is affecting a larger mass of people in terms of revenue. How do they make millions using simple techniques, what are the 2 most powerful techniques? 1. Smartphones operating on different systems like Ios and Android play store offer a plethora of powerful applications per category of Top free to Paid ones that can channelize all communications from desktop to a mobile responsive one, thus offering an enhanced virtual experience on mobile. 2. Everybody knows about CTRs in ad network business, but few know about focusing on the right option within a mobile app to reap profits. Go Mobile! Be a Part of Smart Advertising - AppsDiscover.

Mobile advertising lets you create a personalized communication platform for your users as they can view your products and services through instant notifications and comment about the goods they just bought with you.

Go Mobile! Be a Part of Smart Advertising - AppsDiscover

If your mobile site is about informative content or news, then the best way to connect with your users is to provide them something more than your website can. This extra something is the ability to present ads in such a manner that you will be able to keep them waiting for the next ad and act. We urge you to look at how programmatic ad experts believe, the whole mobile ad experience can change in few minutes if marketed in the right manner. One of the best tips to run successful ad campaigns in your mobile app is to make it accessible 24/7, that way you would be able to do all time mobile ad targeting and find useful user behavior insights. This form of advertising is also known as predictive advertising. Publisher Ad Network – AppDiscover. A Best Mobile Advertising Network – AppsDiscover Technologies.