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The DesignBridge - One stop shop for your interior project. Infinity Endovascular Interventions Clinic Jaipur. How to Choose Right Microwave Oven? - askRitesh. In our series of blogs, we bring one another blog for you all.

How to Choose Right Microwave Oven? - askRitesh

Here we are going to tell you about microwave ovens and how to choose the right microwave oven. We are also sharing with you about their types and how do they work and which one suits you better according to the requirement. 1) Solo Oven: Solo oven comes first in this category and it is the basic and entry-level oven. It comes with a single magnetron to produce microwave which eventually helps reheat your food and cook some simple things like rice, Noodles and etc, 2) Grill Microwave Oven: As we have shared the detail above. 3) Convection Microwave Oven: Now this is most desirable in all 3 categories. In this Para, we are going to discuss the technology having inside the microwave oven.

Here we are going to give you an idea that how microwaves generate and heat food? Microwaves have a frequency of 2.4Ghz which eventually absorbs by water and other conductive foods like salty meats and sugars. Gemos Gems Rare Quality Tanzanite Stones. WaterScience Tap & Shower Filter, Solution to your Skin & Hair-fall issue. Read Time:3 Minute, 32 Second I have been associated with many brands and WaterScience Shower & Tap Filter is one of them.

WaterScience Tap & Shower Filter, Solution to your Skin & Hair-fall issue

Its main feature is that it can help you to reduce your hair-fall and skin issues by reducing the hardness of the water. It’s been a long time where I am dealing with customers at offline stores and they are having so many questions about the product and thanks to the customers, I have got the idea to put this blog so that many others will get the benefit out of it.

This is the one of the best solution to your skin & hair-fall issues. The Most Common question is that “How Waterscience filter is working?” So after all this explanation, most of the customer wants to know “whether it reduces the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)in water or not ?” And the answer to this question is No. Now the question which some people ask me is “What is KDF and how it works?” Now the big question is, from where you can buy. Best AC Repair and Service in Delhi NCR. PRO ADVISORS - Advice You Can Bank Upon. EVERHOME. Lokaso, your photo friend - Get shot by the best photographers in town, Goa India. Online BBA (Hons) in Entrepreneurship. THE YELLOW ENERGY: Solar Power Plant Company in Rajasthan. Tibro Tours Book Luxury Holiday Packages. Graduation in Entrepreneurship. Best College for Entrepreneurship and Commerce Students. Seaside Adventures in Goa - Speed boating, Scuba Diving & More in Goa… - Lokaso, your local friend.

So you’ve climbed the tallest mountains, and you’ve gone skydiving on adrenaline boosting down winds.

Seaside Adventures in Goa - Speed boating, Scuba Diving & More in Goa… - Lokaso, your local friend

But now you’re on the lookout for some seaside adventures in Goa. With so much water to go around in Goa, there must surely be a lot of crazy water sports in Goa to add to your bucket list. Here are some great choices for making the most out of your adventure time in Goa. Credits: Atlantis Water sports Meet the new water sport that’s sweeping the nation by storm – Flyboarding! Where at : Chopdem Jetty by the Chapora River Best Season: October to May Credits: Trodly This might not be the scariest or fastest thing on this list. Why not try it out yourself? Where at : Candolim Beach, Mobor Beach, Rajbaga Beach Credits: Curlies Parasailing (unlike paragliding) is an airborne adventure that absolute beginners can enjoy in Goa without having to be strapped to an instructor.

Where at : Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Colva, Candolim, Vagator. 5 Open Air Restaurants in Goa for a romantic meal - Eating out with your date can be a great experience.

5 Open Air Restaurants in Goa for a romantic meal -

Even better if there is some great food and music involved. But you know what really is the perfect place to eat out? Open air restaurants in Goa of course! Eating under the stars or out in the breeze has its own charm. A place to eat with a perfect outdoor seating not just sets the mood right, but also give a common topic to kickstart a conversation: the view! There are plenty of shacks in Candolim. Tony’s shack has an expansive view of the ocean and the beach. Image courtesy: TripAdvisor Surrounded by paddy fields and overlooking the pool at Alila Diwa, Vivo is reminiscent of old-world Goan charm. Image courtesy : KallaPallete Housed alongside the always hip Assolna waterways, this popular open air restaurant in Goa is filled with people soaking in the pristine bay views under the restaurant’s large canopy. Image courtesy : Gaurang Naik. Serene Beaches in Goa you want to explore right now - Lokaso, your local friend.

The smallest state of India is dotted with numerous beaches all along the coast.

Serene Beaches in Goa you want to explore right now - Lokaso, your local friend

Neatly tucked into the South-West coast of India, Goa is a house to pristine beaches and several other water bodies. Here we shall list some of the best beaches which aren’t frequently visited. 1.Keri Beach Situated along the northernmost belt of Goa, Keri Beach (Querim beach) is a less frequented beach.