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Sonam Kaushik

I hail from New Delhi. I am working as Ad Manager in Gurgaon.

6 Reasons You Should choose Mobile Advertising for Your Start-Up. ICELAND TRAVEL GUIDE: THINGS TO DO, ATTRACTIONS, SHOPPING. Iceland Overview: Iceland, A land created for the extreme experience. Blessed with abundance of Mountains, Volcanoes, Rivers, Lakes, Caves and picturesque rough terrains that waits for you to be tackled. If you are an outdoor ninja, it’s your paradise! If you are an indoor-snuggly snail, get ready for a never fading warm and welcoming experience of your life. The Iconic Viking ship No matter which part of the world you are from, Iceland will amaze everyone with its spectacular views. You can picture yourself in the out of the world sceneries of Iceland at every step. Iceland is perfect for your inner adventure ninja. Most of us make a mistake by going to Iceland for nature. This article will give you an idea on how to complete a joyful circle of the country.

Top Attractions: Places To Visit in Iceland Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon: Oh, the most famous thing about Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. The Golden Circle: Drive around the world’s most beautiful and epic road trip, The Golden Circle. Food 1. Ad Networks – How Does It Work? - Apps Discover. Creating or having a personal website is all about sharing your knowledge, products and services to the world. For corporate websites, online storefront generates a different source of revenue for them – mostly targeting the global market. For private or services websites, there could be other sources of income but the most popular are “Ad Networks”. An advertising network serve advertising on your website and share advertiser revenue for qualified clicks each time your site visitors clicks on ads. Serve these companies as advertising agents wherein they will have online advertising directory.

They will ask companies to advertise online and until it’s defined by the advertiser where exactly they want their ads to be placed, advertising agents will be the ones to help advertisers place their ads online – websites that are most applicable to the advertiser’s campaign. There are two types of advertising networks– first-tier and second-tier networks. 3 Most Important Pre-Requisites for App Marketing - Apps Discover. We have got multiple reasons why even fantastic apps fails to deliver ROI, one major reason is poor marketing. Yes, in the extreme competitive era of mobile applications, you must be ready with an effective mobile app marketing strategy to enhance your mobile application development process. Even if you think that your app is all set to create wonders without a good marketing strategy, courtesy to its usefulness, but you are going get a rude shock.

Sorry to say, but, without a good marketing plan, your app is never going to succeed. 1. Plan in advance Even before you actually start to build your app, you have to be ready with your marketing plan.\ This is necessary because you need to grasp the prospective of your current assets (web presence, social media profiles) to market your app. You can also use your Twitter account to tweet the updates on the app development, so that the target users get to know it’s on the way. 2. Do not miss out on reaching influencers in the app industry. 3. 6 Benefits of Mobile App Advertising - Apps Discover. Mobility has changed the pattern of work and mobile applications have become the need of the day. There is a shooting hike in the usage of mobile phones, and the numbers are rising unbelievably with every passing day.

Because of this, it has become almost impossible for businesses to ignore the potential of Mobile App Advertising for great business opportunities and for detemining improved performance. Marketing has successfully fetched different colours with mobility and mobile app advertising has opened various other aspects for business. Advertising through the mobile app advertising is an eye-catchy option that is sure to pay off by giant strides. Today, mobile app advertising has flourishing to its full potential and businesses have made huge profits out of this platform. Mobile ads hit the specified target audience exactly when they need it. This, as a marketing strategy makes it more effective and derives the best results. The Major 6 Benefits of Mobile App Advertising. 6 Ways to Generate Lead from Native Advertising - Apps Discover. In an era where everyone is getting well-informed and well-versed with technology, where users don’t think twice before using ad blockers, advertisers are left with no option other than keep upgrading their creativity.

If you have a great service or product and you are availing the native advertising method, you might be in a confusion how to increase leads from there. In this article, we will discuss 6 points that will help you generate more leads through native advertising: 1. Choose the Right Native Advertising Channel Before you start off, make sure you do proper research on where you want to display your advertisement. Visit the websites where you want to place your advertisement and analyse what type of ads they are displaying, what are the cost involved, and if they have an option for Native Advertising etc. Targeting the right place for Advertisement is equivalent to target the right audience, failing to do so will get all your efforts wasted. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

5 Ways to Promote Your App Like A Pro - Apps Discover. Have an app?? Or thinking to launch one?? Well, make sure you know how to help people find it. Don’t worry we are here to help you with the same. Off course you can call for an advertiser to do the job, but I am afraid that in advertising cost of acquisition is never less than the cost of your app. So, I would suggest you to consider a few creative ways to promote your app. 1. App Store Listing and ASO The first and foremost thing that you need to do after your App gets ready is, upload it on Apps Store. Well, not only this you will also need to get an ASO (App Store Optimization) done. 2.

Well nobody these days is untouched by the Social Media fever. 3. You must have seen most of the apps in App Store is for free, that is not because the developer does not want to charge for it, it is because App Store makes it very easy to promote free apps. 4. Another important aspect in App Promotion happens to be email marketing. 5.

This is tricky one, but equally effective. How to Launch a Successful CPI Campaign - Apps Discover. There is no debate that making customers install an app is not an easy task. Not only this, even if customer installs an app only 10% chance is the he/she will use that app, at least once a week. On an average, every smart phone user is got 25 Apps on their phone, but he opens only 0-5 apps at least one a week!! So, it has become a challenge for every media planner who focuses only on installs. Installs have become a seal deal for the entire Mobile Application industry and today, this is also a strategy of the leading players of the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have jotted down three things that leads to the most successful CPI Campaign.

Here we go: 1. App Store and Play Store is flooded with more than 4 million Apps! For starters, you can always reach the audience who are already using the similar app. Today, many platforms like Facebook and privately created tools by the Ad vendors let you target you audience based on Apps they are using. 2. 3. My First Skiing Experience in Beautiful Auli - TRAVELLER. I was planning a trip to Auli (a popular ski and winter sports destination in Chamoli, Uttrakhand) since quite some time, but was never able to finalize my travel plans.

Every time one or the other reason played showstopper but finally everything got materialized last weekend. So, I booked my train tickets, packed my bags and left Delhi on 21st January. Next day I reached Haridwar and from there I took a private cab which further took me till Joshimath. From Joshimath, the only way is using a ropeway! I took the ropeway for Auli. The ticket costed Rs. 500 per person (return journey included). The cable car runs only at fixed times during the day, and the last one runs at 4:30 PM. I got down from tower no. 8, people who were not staying in Auli went till tower no. 10, but those who were staying here, had to get down at no.8. Auli: Final Destination After I reached the base of the tower, I was greeted with fresh white snow. Hotels in Auli There are two main hotels in Auli: Skiing in Auli.

Barcelona: A Place that Steals a Part of Your Heart - TRAVELLER. Barcelona is a huge-huge city of Spain. This city of street performers, laid back lifestyle, history, warm people and food!! It is a place which has an aura of Paris, New York and Tokyo, where you can never ever get bored, they have so much to do that you need a lifetime to do everything on the list. As a tourist, we never get a lifetime to be spent at a place.

We simply get a few days or a week (if lucky) before we move on. Barcelona for me, was one such wonderful thing that happened to me. Places to Visit in Barcelona: Well, luckily, I met some amazing people en-route, who not only enhanced the beauty of my trip but also made it an unforgettable one. This bus will take you through three different routes to 44 different spots in the city for another 5 hours. I covered the most of the architectural and historical bliss of this city including, The Gothic Quarter which is a wonderful location to leisurely stroll through the beautiful masterpieces. What to Eat in Barcelona: Madrid: Unveil the Beauty of Spanish Capital - TRAVELLER.

If you are looking for a perfect Spanish city break, Madrid is the perfect getaway. It holds a bit of every city in Spain. I discovered that this vibrant and energetic city has more than just one side to it. I consider myself very lucky to fill myself with yummy Spanish Tapas, soak up the Spanish culture in the local Museum, and feasted on the mesmerising beauty of Spanish architecture. Madrid has so many free sights and a walk around the city’s plazas and streets will show you what is often left unseen. Things to Do in Madrid: I started my Madrid sightseeing with admiring the beautiful architecture of Grand Plaza Mayor.

Once, you are in Madrid, visiting the royal palace-Palacio Real becomes must. Madrid’s parks are a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of city. Who doesn’t know the strong football connection of this city, which is always on the higher side of the energy meter. Madrid is also a home to many museums and galleries, most of these offer a free entry for everyone. Valencia: The Undeniably Picturesque City of Spain - TRAVELLER. Valencia, the beautiful city that bakes during the day and smells of oranges during the night. The city witnesses the most beautiful orange orchards, beautiful cafes that keeps bustling till 3:00 AM, La Fellas Festival-City’s most important holiday that experiences the biggest firework of the world. The city unfolds the mystic aura of both Arabian and Roman culture. When I was getting my itinerary ready, I decided to spend some time here, unlike the other invading crowds who prefer visiting Madrid and Barcelona only.

So, with the beautiful picture of City of Arts and Sciences in my heart, I headed to put a tick mark against this to-do thing in my bucket-list. Luckily, I met some amazing people en-route, who not only enhanced the beauty of my trip but also made it an unforgettable one. Where to Stay: Unless you’re searching for a devoted shoreline break, the best place to base yourself is in the Casco Antiguo. Places to Visit: Revel in La Tomatina: welcome to La Tomatinaaaa.” Food Food: A Little Guidance for Your Spain Trip - TRAVELLER. Imagine a sandy beach with blue umbrellas, the sun slowly setting on the horizon, spreading its warm orange glow, you lying on a hammock, feeling the gentle warmth of the breeze.

This in my heart is what it feels like to be in Spain. The land of afternoon siestas, limited store hours, and a happy laid back life. Come here for some soul music, to find your lost taste in art, or just for lessons on taking life a little easy. A four-five days backpacking tour is ideal to experience the joy that Spain is. Major costs Flights and Transportation: The flight from India to Spain is one of the major expenses. When travelling locally in Spain, rates across different cities vary. Money Saving Tip: While travelling by trains is faster, take the bus if you do have some extra time on your hands. Accommodation: Staying in Spain is cheaper than other European countries. Money Saving Tip: If you are visiting in the peak tourist season of July- September, hotels and accommodations will be expensive.

Mobile App Advertising – Everything You Want to Know - Apps Discover. You must have used a free mobile app at some point of your life, or most likely-daily. Sometimes you must be wondering how do the developers of free mobile apps earn money? How can they give their product for free? Well, for most of them the answer is Advertisement! Yes, just like the broadcasting industry, the mobile apps also depend on ads for their earnings. With keeping that in mind we’d help you how to choose the best Mobile Ad Network and how to make money from Mobile App Advertising. Mobile App Advertising is where you place an ad on your mobile app, once a user buys the product via that ad, you get a commission for the same. Which Ad Network to go for? There is nothing called Best Mobile Ad Network, because no ad network is perfect. You can consider Apps Discover Technologies for good results, as they have many different modules, one of them might suit your requirement.

How to use the Ads? How Do I Get Paid? Well, this depends on the Mobile Ad Network you are dealing with. Apps Discover—A proud Participant of GMIC 2017 - Apps Discover. For Apps Discover, September has been a month of opportunities. One of the major steps that we took this month is, was taking part as a proud participant of GMIC 2017, in Jakarta, Indonesia. For beginners, who are unaware of this event, let me throw some light on it for you. GMIC stands for Global Mobile Internet Conference. The event is a gathering of Tech Luminaries from across the World in South-East Asia, they come together with an agenda of making trusted relationships, share knowledge, and learn the valuable knowledge from the industry experts.

Apps Discover being one of the fastest growing Global Ad Network, showcased its business and strength to the world leaders with a motto to find new business opportunities in South East Asia and beyond and foster continuous growth and development. It was indeed a proud moment for us as a team that we got this golden opportunity to exhibit our state-of-art business in the most prestigious event in South East Asian tech industry. Singapore: A Guide to a Perfect Vacation in the Economic Powerhouse - TRAVELLER. This charming, island state, located at the southern-most tip of Continental Asia and the Malay Peninsula, holds the appeal and legend of Koh Samui but without the sleaze and smut of Bangkok. Home to two of the world’s three most expensive buildings, a concert hall shaped like a durian and a museum shaped like a robotic hand, Singapore is neither light on the senses nor the pocket. Simply put; Singapore is currently the most expensive city on earth.

But is it justifiably so? Though physically small, Singapore is an economic powerhouse. It has been South East Asia’s most modern city for over a century, replete with a level of sophistication and automation that would make most first world countries look like the Flintstones. The country includes the island of Singapore and 58 or so smaller islands. Etymology Social & Cultural Lifestyle It seems odd to talk about the culture of a country of only 5 million people. Whether the Weather is a Deal Breaker Must Visit Hot Stops Transport in Singapore. To the Land of Canals and Cycles: A Tour Guide to Amsterdam - TRAVELLER. Mauritius: Beaches, Reefs, Lagoons and Adventure - TRAVELLER. Exploring Jakarta: A Guide to the Chaotically Vibrant City - TRAVELLER. Wandering Through the Medieval Beauty of Pisa - TRAVELLER.

SonamKaushik is Straddling the river Arno in the Tuscany region of Central Italy is a city beautifully studded with - #mcag4u. ICELAND: Dive in The Heavenly Beauty of Land of Sharp Contrasts - TRAVELLER. Hong Kong: The Shopper's Paradise - TRAVELLER.