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Best university in Rajasthan. Your Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media - Reinvent Digital. Social media continues to gain the focus of most companies’ marketing budgets.

Your Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media - Reinvent Digital

But are you aware about the rise of video marketing on social media? We have a few interesting stats for you! Nearly 3.25 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube.59% of executives prefer watching videos over reading texts.More than 5 billion video views are received on YouTube each day.Nearly 500 million people watch Facebook videos each day82% of Twitter users watch video content The last 1.5 years have drastically changed the world of videos. Today Facebook is getting more daily minutes watched than YouTube and videos shared on social media are driving much higher engagement than ever before. In such a scenario, you definitely need to have a full fledged strategy for video marketing on social media. Social Media Video Specs YouTube Videos Undoubtedly, YouTube is a huge library of videos, the big giant. Facebook Videos and Video Ads Instagram Videos, Stories and Video Ads. Now Never Run Out of Content Ideas - Reinvent Digital.

Generating awesome content ideas consistently is the biggest challenge that inbound marketers, bloggers and writers face.

Now Never Run Out of Content Ideas - Reinvent Digital

It is not easy to meet the demands of producing content that is both great and plentiful on a regular basis. The next time you fall short of topics, know the best places to look for inspiration so that you never run out of content ideas again. See what’s trending When looking for content ideas, see what’s trending in your industry using free tools like Google Trends. Follow top blogs and websites that cover the latest news related to your industry and scan their posts for ideas. Home. Basic Gemstone Terminology Carat Carat is the measure of the weight of a gemstone.


A carat usually is about 200 milligrams, or 0.2 gram in weight of a gemstone, and is an important factor in determining the cost of a gemstone. Inclusions As the stone forms over time, there are chances that it may have formed with another trace mineral or material enclosed within it. Gemstones On The Mohs Hardness Scale: Where Do They Stand? - KGK Group. Gemstones On The Mohs Hardness Scale Where Do They Stand?

Gemstones On The Mohs Hardness Scale: Where Do They Stand? - KGK Group

Adorning beautiful pieces of jewellery with a sparkling gemstone in the centre is what brings value to the whole piece. But what if it got scratched because of something? That is why understanding the hardness of different gemstones is an essential knowledge that everyone, especially jewellers, should have. The system that rates every material or solid substance in the world is called the Mohs scale of hardness. Indeed, no one would want a harder gemstone to scratch a comparatively softer, yet equally precious gemstone in the collection. Mapping Mining Techniques: 3 Fascinating Gemstone Excavation Methods - KGK Group. Excavating gemstones has both an element of opportunity and risk- Anonymous The methods of excavating gemstones have always intrigued jewellery connoisseurs and jewellery retailers alike.

Mapping Mining Techniques: 3 Fascinating Gemstone Excavation Methods - KGK Group

What makes this rigorous process fascinating is the fact that it intakes a plethora of efforts, scientific research, and to some extent, luck. Regardless of how carefully excavation is planned, there is always a risk associated with it as it is a hit-and-miss process. When miners dig, either they get lucky, or they don’t. But, when a gem is found, there is nothing more gratifying than it. How to grow your brand with influencer marketing? - Reinvent Digital. Partnering with the top influencers of your industry is an important step towards growing your brand.

How to grow your brand with influencer marketing? - Reinvent Digital

It is much like using the power of word of mouth promotions through social media platforms. You must look for influencers with hundreds of followers and ask them to promote your products and services. How Google My Business Improves Your Local Keywords Ranks. When someone performs a google search relating to the product or service you provide, does your business show up?

How Google My Business Improves Your Local Keywords Ranks

If not, how long shot are you from top 3-4 searches? Studying the consumer search pattern, we can conclude that consumers are likely to click on the first few results only when performing a search. A recent survey by Net craft revealed that there are over 1.5 billion websites on the World Wide Web right now, further reducing the probability of attaining the first page Google ranking. However, with consistent google algorithm updates and Google focus on user-specific searches, Google My Business listing has become an efficient tool to improve the local keyword rank of your business.

Shining Together: How KGK Group Allianced With The Governments of The World - KGK Group. Credibility remains a hallmark of KGK Group’s business ethos.

Shining Together: How KGK Group Allianced With The Governments of The World - KGK Group

At every stage of our century-long journey towards being one of the world’s most revered jewellery manufacturers, we have strived to achieve superior quality and transparency at every vertical of our global supply chain. Achieving this feat would not have been possible without the support and strategic alliance that KGK Group has formed with Governments across precious-stone capitals of the world. Joining Hands With South America In Search Of Perfection KGK Group is committed to bringing to its customers the rarest and the most exquisite of gemstones from the deepest chambers of earth. But unearthing these secrets, guarded exclusively by nature itself, would not have been possible without the ardent support of the various governments on the continent of South America. Agriculture Science and Technology: A Path Worth Paving - Latest Event and Updates- Sangam University.

In India, growing crops and raising livestock is considered as worship.

Agriculture Science and Technology: A Path Worth Paving - Latest Event and Updates- Sangam University

Many festivals celebrate crop harvesting and the birth of animals. It is for this reason; agriculture in India has always been regarded as a service for mankind. Back in the ’90s, farmers were deployed on farms through-out the day, still ending up with a very less income to bring back at home. While many reasons were responsible for this condition of farmers of India, the major reason was the primitive tools and methods of farming that led to less output for the efforts. However, now in 2020, our farmers use modern solutions to meet the requirements of modern India.

These modern solutions are designed by experts with a specific set of knowledge and skills acquired via formal education provided by many institutions in India. 3 Ways Mobile Apps Boost Enterprise Employee Productivity. Self-improvement is a characteristic that is natural to every employee.

3 Ways Mobile Apps Boost Enterprise Employee Productivity

However, considering the hectic work schedule, most employees in an organization do not have the time to improve on their skill sets by learning a new trade. For instance, a business analyst may want to learn in-depth about the new data mining or business analysis tool. An enterprise can easily create an open learning environment through its app. They can create a special section where employees can learn new skills and upgrade their profiles. At the end of the day, an enterprise can create a very skilled workforce that brings limitless value to the work. Mobile App Development Services. Benefits and Risks of Cloud Migration. Cloud is an enterprise buzzword these days. Enterprise across diverse industry segments and domains are aiming at leveraging this new age internet-based computing power for business efficiency and agility.

But creating a cloud environment requires IT expertise that most organizations do not have at their behest. OK, Fine You Have Implemented BYOD? But What's Next. ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD is one of the best things to have happened to the enterprise work culture. Its features have been mutually beneficial to employees and employers alike.While BYOD enables employees, especially remote workers, to work on the go, it has also proved to be a very cost-effective solution for employers.

On average, BYOD helps enterprises save approximately $350 per year, per employee. But cost-effectiveness is only a secondary benefit of the BYOD culture. Its primary benefits for employers and employees include improved mobility, flexibility, and productivity. However, implementing a BYOD culture is only half the work done. Multi-Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud Vs Fog Vs Edge! Where is Cloud headed?

The advent of cloud computing has been transformational for enterprise business computing. No longer do enterprises need to invest time, money and resource on computing hardware, software experts, etc., for delivering products and services to end-users. They can do all these things over the internet by subscribing to any popular cloud computing services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.

If SpaceX Can Do It Than You Can Too. Do you know the first SpaceX launch failed in just 33 seconds? Yes, it takes as less as 33 seconds for one of the most ambitious projects by a private entity to fail. But did this create a dent in SpaceX plans for the future? Not at All! Because SpaceX had faith in agile and you should too! Einstein Voice Bots: The Voice Of Business in 2020. What if you could navigate cloud services handsfree with maximum efficiency?

What if you could update your customer records using commands? And what if you could get personalized daily briefings on important tasks and events via a voice assistant? Enter Einstein Voice and Einstein Bots, the AI-powered personal assistants for every member on your sales team. So what exactly are Einstein Voice and Einstein Bot and what more can they do? Keep scrolling to find the answers. Top E-commerce Technology Trends For 2020. What Makes Cloud Such A Powerful Asset For Enterprise? Be it big data, IoT, Machine Learning, AI and other Data Engineering Services; new-age digital solutions cannot deliver peak outputs without cloud networks. Why 2020 Will Be The Year Of The Cloud. The great enterprise migration has already begun, and by 2025 it is expected that over 80% of enterprises will shift to the public cloud. 7 Must-Use AppExchange Apps in 2020.

With growing businesses and work complexities, we always seek tools that remove blockers and create new efficiencies. Top BI Trends That Will Dominate 2020. Enterprise Web Application. Java Development Company. Data Analytics Company. Tips To Change Work Culture To Support Digital Transformation. In today’s world, companies race to deliver their products and services to the market faster than their competitors. Gone are the days where companies used to deliver their products in five years time-frame. In this fast-paced business world, everyone is under constant pressure to change the way they operate. Benefits of Continuous Development Approach For Enterprises. 5 Things That Make .Net Important For Business.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Enterprise-Grade Mobile App? Benefits of Creating A Data-Based Culture. 3 Business Benefits of Adopting DevOps. Which JavaScript Framework is Best For Web Development? A common challenge for web developers is selecting the right Java framework. There are several popular frameworks, and each framework has its pros and cons. Top 3 Benefits of Investing in Cyber Insurance. Offshore Software Product Development Services. Outsource Product Development. The Secret To Agile Development in Distributed Teams. How Salesforce AppExchanage Is Your Gateway To BlueBirds. Workforce Management Application. Django or Flask: Which one is Better for Building RESTful APIs. How Has Cloud Computing Changed The Enterprise Business Landscape? Why it's Now or Never for Enterprise Mobility Adopters? What Makes Data A True Business Asset? Top Enterprise Data Breaches of 2019.

What Are The Different Types of Data Pipelines? How Data Analytics is Not Changing But Transforming Business? 5 Industries Being Transformed By Cloud Computing. Top 5 Must-Have Enterprise App Features – Pratham Software. Customer-Facing to Employee-Touching: The Rise Of Enterprise Mobility. Data Engineering Services. 5 Unbeatable Advantages of Software-As-A-Service or SaaS. Java Software Development Services. Top 5 Business Industries Using Salesforce CRM. 4 Smart Tips to Keep Mobile App Development Relevant Every time. How To Avoid Common Offshoring Product Engineering Risks? Top 5 Expert Tips To Plan M-Commerce App Development. Product Engineering Services. Why Technology Modernization Is The Only Way Ahead For ISVs. 5 Ways To Manage Offshore Development Better. 5 Reasons Master Data Management is Key To Digital Transformation Success. Custom web application development services. The Importance Of Clean Data For Business Intelligence And Analytics.

How To Choose The Best Remote Infrastructure Management Service. 3 Ways To Maintain Data Quality in Salesforce CRM. 4 Ways Business Can Benefit From Employees GPS Tracking. Top 3 Revolutionizing Trends in Business Process Management. Top 5 Mobile Application Trends That Will Bloom In 2020. Top 5 Effective Ways to Address Mobile App Development Challenges. 5 Technology Trends That Are Driving Workplace Innovation. Salesforce Implementation Service. Merging Cloud and Healthcare: Still a Long Way to Go. Predictive Analytics For Mobility Success. Product Development Vs. Project Development: What’s The Difference? 5 Ways Mobile Apps are Transforming Healthcare. 5 Must-Know Custom Application KPIs for Business. 5 Tips for Successful Salesforce Adoption Training.

The Future of Java in Mobile App Development. 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind For Salesforce Data Recovery. Mobile Application for IoT Enabled Devices. 5 Must-Have AI Techniques for Enterprise Applications. Java Software Development Services. Predictive Analytics For Mobility Success. Can Agile Principles Help to Improve Big Data Efficacy? Salesforce Implementation Service. Importance of Risk Mitigation Planning in Project Development. AI Trends to Ease Test Automation. Best Practices to Fill Workforce IT Skill Gap.