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4 Things To Keep In Mind While Using a B2B Platform For Chemical Business. 4 Must-Follow Negotiation Tips When Buying Chemicals Online. eCommerce has completely revolutionized the way we conduct business today.

4 Must-Follow Negotiation Tips When Buying Chemicals Online

No longer are businesses restricted by time and space. Online platforms are helping business owners reach a broader customer pool in the fastest possible time, assisted by smart tools to make business easy and efficient. While in the past eCommerce benefits were primarily restricted to the retail sector, today more and more industries are gearing up for a digital future. On the same lines, online B2B platforms for chemicals are also a step towards a digital future for the chemical industry. But B2B transactions, unlike B2C transactions, involve a good degree of inquiry, engagement, and negotiation with multiple suppliers at the same time. For instance, a chemical trader in Mumbai has to connect, engage, and negotiate with multiple suppliers and vendors. Top 5 Agro Chemical Companies in India. 5 Reasons To Use B2B Platform for Chemicals. Selling products or services to businesses is not the same thing as selling products to consumers.

5 Reasons To Use B2B Platform for Chemicals

To succeed in the B2B landscape, a business needs to plan meticulously and ensure their message is powerful enough to convince decision-makers at the other end of the table. The challenges amplify further for chemical business owners where complex product specifications, changing regulations, fluctuating chemical prices, and tough competition are constantly shrinking profit margins. This makes a strong and well-trusted customer-client relationship essential for business growth and productivity. Online B2B platforms have been a real game-changer in this regard. They offer business value to chemical buyers and sellers alike. 1. Perhaps few industries are as information-driven as the chemical industry. B2B platforms play a key role in standardizing trade and industry information which offers business value to one and all. 2. 3. 5 Questions To Ask Suppliers When Buying Chemicals Online.

Online B2B platforms have no doubt made chemical business easy.

5 Questions To Ask Suppliers When Buying Chemicals Online

Yet it is of utmost importance that chemical buyers ask all the right questions when negotiating a deal online. To make the work easier for those buying chemicals online. Here are 5 questions that one must always ask to ensure high-quality chemical purchases at the best price: 1. What are the Benchmark Prices? Excess Chemical Stock? Join An Online Chemical Marketplace. 5 Must Do’s When Using B2B Platform for Chemicals.

Success in business is the byproduct of consistent effort and focus.

5 Must Do’s When Using B2B Platform for Chemicals

Whether you are selling chemicals online or offline, business growth is not possible in the absence of strategy. While there is no doubt that B2B platforms make selling and buying chemicals online easy, it is unwise to think that online business grows by itself. Rather, just like a traditional business, an online business also needs a plan that must be periodically evaluated and adjusted. If you are still new to the online chemical B2B marketplace, 1. 5 Ways B2B Platform Are Making Chemical Business Easy. 5 Considerations If You Are Starting A Chemical Export Business. Ways To Boost Online B2B Chemical Sales. Business today is lightning fast.

Ways To Boost Online B2B Chemical Sales

It is highly competitive and equally unforgiving. Traditional methods of buying and selling products can no longer sustain a business in the long run. What is Rate of Reaction and Why is It Important For The Chemical Industry? It would not be an exaggeration to say that the rate of reaction is the true lifeline of the chemical industry in India, and the whole world.

What is Rate of Reaction and Why is It Important For The Chemical Industry?

A lower rate of reaction would mean, chemical manufacturers can produce products at much faster rates which gives them a great competitive advantage over others. The chemical industry strives to create a faster rate of reactions as it impacts revenue goals. Factor Affecting the Rate of Reactions. 5 Best Small Scale Chemical Business Ideas 2020. All You Need To Know About Jewellery Wax. Jewellery wax is the most age-old material used for carving jewellery.

All You Need To Know About Jewellery Wax

It is used for lost wax casting jewellery wherein a piece of jewellery is carved on wax and then covered in clay or plaster. This plaster is then heated in an oven at high temperature till the wax inside melts completely. Molten metal is then filled through a small hole in the plaster to form the jewellery. There are different types of wax used by fine jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers to cast the desired jewellery. Chemical Suppliers in India. Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA): Indian Textile Industry’s Growth Catalyst. Products that contain PTA SportswearSwimsuitsClothingCurtainsSofa coversCar seat covers andBed-sheets How Will Scrapping Anti-Dumping Duty Impact PTA Importers?

Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA): Indian Textile Industry’s Growth Catalyst

List of Chemical Industries. Takeaways From Union Budget 2020-21 for Indian Chemical Industry. In what was pitted as a ‘Do or Die’ budget, Nirmala Sitharaman, the Honorable Finance Minister of India, had her task cut out from the very beginning.

Takeaways From Union Budget 2020-21 for Indian Chemical Industry

While most sectors were hopeful of a budget that would accelerate demand in domestic consumption, the same was not the case with the chemical industry in India. This is because the Indian chemical industry unlike other sectors of the economy has performed well despite the economic slowdown. But yet industry leaders were hopeful of a budget that would further strengthen its stronghold in the domestic and international landscape. Understanding Chemical Grading Standards: Reagent, Laboratory and Technical. 5 Reasons To Use B2B Platform for Chemicals. 4 Things To Consider While Planning To Sell Organic Chemicals. A major share of India’s domestic chemical sale is owned by the organic chemical segment.

4 Things To Consider While Planning To Sell Organic Chemicals

Products like Acetic acid, Acetone, Phenol, Acetic Anhydride, Methanol, and derivatives like Formaldehyde are India’s primary organic chemicals. While the potential for organic chemicals in India is very promising, the industry players still have to suffer from major hurdles like poor infrastructure, fluctuations in global chemical price and under-utilization of current capacities by manufacturers. For most sellers, the entire product-to-customer journey is overwhelmingly challenging and needs meticulous planning on the part of the seller. For a new entrant, the challenges can be way more paralyzing. Here are few things to keep in mind when planning to sell organic chemicals: 1.

There is no point in trying to sell chemicals to clients who don’t even need it in the first place. Buying Chemicals Online Vs Offline, What’s The Big Difference? Top Performing Sectors Of India's Chemical Industry. Top Industries Driving Specialty Chemical Demand In India. The cosmetic industry in India is currently valued at USD 6.5 billion. Moreover, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% and more for the next couple of years. As per data, personal care products command 22% of India's consumer packaged goods. Without specialty chemicals, personal care products would not enjoy the current degree of effectiveness, shelf-life, and viability.

This means that growth in the cosmetic industry drives demand for specialty chemicals too. 5. Water is essential for living and clean water resources are depleting at rates faster than expected. 5 Facts About India's Chemical Capital Bharuch. With a 3.4% share in the global chemical industry, India’s chemical sector has been a catalyst for its economic growth over the last decade. It is the seventh-largest producer of chemicals in the world. It is expected to become one of the leading global suppliers of chemicals over the next decade.

And perhaps no other city would play a more important role in India’s leap towards global chemical dominance as Bharuch, the port city located on the banks of river Narmada in Gujarat. Chemical Companies in India. List of Chemical Suppliers in India. Top 5 Chemical Companies In India. Things To Consider When Buying Chemicals At Online B2B Markets. Chemical market data. CHECKLIST FOR STORING AND TRANSPORTING HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS. 5 Ways To Optimize Chemical Supply Chains. Organic chemicals exports. 5 Best Plastic Packaging Alternatives. Top Private University in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Poornima University. Where Is Plastic Resin Used Today? Ever since the invention of plastic material, innovators have found a viable replacement for a number of metals that were used before. Almost everything around us is now either made up of plastic or has some percentage of plastic in its component.

Key Growth Drivers for India’s Specialty Chemical Industry. How can digitisation reshape the Chemical Industry? Indeed, in the recent past, the chemical industry has shown continuous growth with increased shipping in international markets. The demand for chemicals is expected to grow further at 9% pa over the next five years. 5 Major Chemicals Used in Cosmetics. Chemical Manufacturers Database. Company Financial Information Database.