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Two Firsts: Pregnant and Floating. March 24, 2015 admin Leave a comment By: Annalisa Hefner Eight months pregnant is a beautiful but uncomfortable state.

Two Firsts: Pregnant and Floating

After multiple IVF treatments and miscarriages, I was finally nearing the end of my miraculous, easy pregnancy. Awesome… but there were also the swollen ankles, insomnia and sheer exhaustion of hauling my much larger self through the world. Rock n’ Roll Marathon LA: Benefits of Float Therapy for Runners - Just Float. October 20, 2015 admin Leave a comment The famous and fabulous Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon/5K will be gracing our fair city this Sunday, October 25.

Rock n’ Roll Marathon LA: Benefits of Float Therapy for Runners - Just Float

Live, local bands, raucous cheering sections and all manner of Halloween fun await. Sensory Deprivation Chambers. Lllustration by Robert Neubecker How did I end up naked in a stranger’s apartment—floating in a saltwater tub, surrounded by darkness and silence—realizing that for the first time in my life I had achieved total mindfulness?

Sensory Deprivation Chambers

Let’s begin our story in 1961, when Peter Suedfeld was a first-year psychology graduate student at Princeton. Another scholar in the department was running a “sensory deprivation” study that offered $20 to volunteer subjects. Suedfeld wanted the cash, so he agreed to be shut inside a pitch-black, soundproofed room for 24 hours, with only a bit of sustenance and a toilet to keep him company.

In the Tank. 10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked. Tired of struggling to crank out the endless streams of content needed to appease today’s consumers?

10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked

You’re in luck! There is an option for burned out business owners, and that’s user generated content. This technique, in conjunction with the growth of popular social media websites, allows modern businesses to delegate some of these brand-building responsibilities to an unlikely voice -- their customer. Having users contribute to your content creation efforts has another interesting advantage, as consumers are more interested in hearing the views of their peers than reading cleverly written sales messages. 5 top tips for writing an informative advertisement. Getting advertising wrong can be extremely detrimental to a business.

5 top tips for writing an informative advertisement

If the message you put out there is incorrect you run the risk of alienating potential customers but, when written well, an advertisement can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign. While writing a great advertisement is an art, the key principles of an advertising campaign are easy to understand — helping you to prepare your own advertisement or evaluate the work of an agency or copywriter working for you. Untitled. Content marketing is hard, fact.


There are billions of pieces of content created every day and distributed across tonnes of channels and social media platforms – so how can you gain a competitive advantage and get eyes on the content you lovingly craft? We have curated a list of tools to help give you a leg up on the competition and best position your content for success. This will save you time and give you the competitive insight you need to shape some really great stuff. You cannot simply pop open your laptop and dive straight in to creating an awe-inspiring piece of content – you need to put in the groundwork and create a solid foundation to build your content on top of.

The first place you need to start is the research and ideas stage, this can be a little bit daunting but the tools in this section will help you not only conquer this stage but knock it out of the park! Research & ideas. Getting started. Bootstrap (currently v3.3.6) has a few easy ways to quickly get started, each one appealing to a different skill level and use case.

Getting started

Read through to see what suits your particular needs. Online Courses from the World's Experts. “So freaking awesome.

Online Courses from the World's Experts

Amazing job man. This is better than codeacademy!” - Josh Hagler, Founder of So you want to learn how to build websites but you’re not quite sure how. Ten Tips to Rise Above Your Daily Challenges and Profile Your Brand in the Media. By Peter Ibbetson at JournoLink Amidst the various challenges of running a small business, the importance of PR and the opportunities it brings are often relegated down the priorities list.

Ten Tips to Rise Above Your Daily Challenges and Profile Your Brand in the Media

But it needn’t be an expensive exercise, although it should certainly form part of an overall business strategy. In terms of getting your brand noticed and commented upon by those trusted journalists and media commentators here are ten top tips on putting together a press release from Journolink. 1. Have something to say that would interest even your iPhone-obsessed teenager. 2. 3. 4. Floatation and adhd. Resources. What is a computer?


This Digital Unite guide explains what computers do and how they evolved into the machines we know today. What is a PC? A great guide from Digital Unite that explains what a personal computer is, the different models available and the features on offer What is an Apple Mac? This Digital Unite guide explains what an Apple Macintosh computer is and the various models that are available. Dutch Article on Sports and Floating. 10 Reasons Why You Should Float In An Isolation Tank. The Isolation Tank [sometimes known as a flotation tank] is a unique form of therapy in which you’re floating nude for about an hour in a large container or pool filled with salt water.

Most tanks use Epsom salt, which is what allows the subject to float. Think of it like the Dead Sea sans the religious mumbo jumbo. Sure it might be a bit strange at first; walking into a spa, stripping down to nothing and just being in your own head for an hour, but we assure you the experience is quite an interesting one. We should warn you, some of these establishments operate out of the owner’s own apartment.

Regardless, let’s see why you SHOULD check it out. 1. You bet it is. 2. 6 Reasons You Should Try a Sensory Deprivation Tank to Reduce Stress. You may have heard of the Sensory Deprivation Tank before – some call it an Isolation Tank, others call it a Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy Tank, and many just call it floating. The premise is the same no matter the name: You lay in a giant tank filled with water (heated to your skin’s natural temperature) and 800 pounds of salt – which makes you automatically float. The tank closes and you are laying in pitch black darkness, earplugs in, floating on the water.

Pixabay - Free Images. Floating and Pregnancy — Floatation = Preventative Healthcare. Published in 2014, a BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine article looked at research from Anette Kjellgren and Jessica Westman investigating the ‘Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention’. Their study looked at the common backgrounds related to ill health such as; stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, burnout and insomnia and how they are commonly linked to sick-leave absence from the workplace. An element of the study focused on the potential benefits of floatation as part of a healthcare program to maintain mental and physical fitness and reduce the aforementioned issues, therefore reducing the need for absence from the workplace.

The research program was a scientific study of the effect of Flotation REST on the participants and a extensively documented. What is Floatation. Imagine being able to escape for a whole hour and transport yourself to a warm, impenetrable, silent sanctuary – an oasis of divine calm where stresses simply drift away. Replenish your soul, revitalise your senses and experience the benefits of the deepest relaxation available, where all you need to do is lie back, relax and let the warm, buoyant Epsom Salt solution support you.

Float: The Technology of Nothingness - Remarkably Human. Floating can be quicker and more reliable than meditation for many people. On today’s episode, we talk float tanks with veteran flotation expert and researcher Richard Bonk. Sometimes called sensory deprivation, isolation, flotation or REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) tanks, we chat about their beginnings in 1950s neuropsychiatry research and their resurgence today as a therapeutic tool for modern man. The thought of paying for the privilege to step into a small, enclosed box filled with water and spending ninety minutes alone in the dark with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company, seems terrifying to some. But those that try it rapidly discover, contrary to how it may appear at first blush, that it is one of the most relaxing, rejuvinating and transcendent experiences they’ve ever taken part in.

Blood Lactate, High Performance And Floating – A Winning Combination — Float Level - Floatation Centre in Manchester City Centre. Floatation History and Research — Float Level - Floatation Centre in Manchester City Centre. The Float Level Top 10 Blog: Top 10 Concerns About Floating – Answered! Food As Medicine: Time to Eat Your Stress Away. Recently Dai wrote a blog post about adrenal fatigue that explained the perspectives of conventional and alternative medicine towards the diagnosis. Can Floating in a Tank of Water Help Your Mind and Body? Pain Relief. Better Being Float Center, Indiana's only Float Spa! That sinking feeling? Not here . . . These adult-sized wombs are taking over the meditation world. Feeling stressed? Have back pain?

Are Floatation Tanks AKA 'Adult-Sized Wombs' The Key To Perfect Meditation And Stress Relief? Even the most dedicated meditators can find it difficult to find a spot that's calm, quiet and distraction free.

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Joe Rogan Talks about the Isolation Tank Experience. Kate Bush spent THREE days underwater in a flotation tank to create special effects for live shows. Kate Bush spent three days submerged in a flotation tank for a daring film stunt to be shown during her sensational stage comeback after 35 years. The 55-year-old singer drafted in six diving instructors to help make the wacky footage which will be shown during her 22 night residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in August. Reclusive Kate - who last toured in 1979 and previously admitted that walking on stage made her “incredibly nervous” - has employed more than 100 people to work on the upcoming sold-out shows.