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10 non-douchey rooftop bars. We all love a good rooftop bar with the breeze and the booze and the pretty sites for our eyes. But nothing ruins a night out or a nice bit of day drinking like an obnoxious crowd. You know the kind. The Beckys and Chads of the world. Lucky for us, non-douchey rooftop bars do exist. Here are 10 of the best ones for you to check out, asshole-free™. 1. Photograph: Evelyn Derico The Aussie owner couldn't take all those kangaroo attacks (we kid) so they brought a little bit of Down Under to Brooklyn. 2. Photograph: Filip Wolak A cocktail bar without the cocky tude. 3.

You can pretend you're a successful business tycoon as you stare from the top of the Empire Hotel at all the little people below before marveling at the amazing sunset. 4. Expect over-stuffed burritos and margaritas at this extra friendly bar. 5. Photograph: Jessica Lin This is the least pretentious rooftop bar in all of Brooklyn, in that there's a small bar and a patio, and that's about it. 6.The Delancey on the Lower East Side. Hi-Collar, Serving Highbrow Japanese Coffee by Day and Sake by Night in the East Village. You can drink a $7 siphon coffee out of a $800 Christofle gold-faced tea cup at Hi-Collar, a high-tech Japanese coffee bar by day and sake den by night on 10th Street in the East Village.

But the usual trophy of third wave coffee bars, a fancy La Marzocco espresso machine colored to match its environs, is noticeably absent. That's because espresso drinks are not pulled here. Instead the bar is dressed like a chemistry lab, with rows of coffee siphons, AeroPresses, and Hario V60 ceramic coffee drippers at the ready to make liquid magic. Hi-Collar is, by Japanese standards, what's called a kissaten, a traditional Japanese coffee and tea house that also sells Japanese-American breakfast, sweets, and light lunch fare, usually including some sandwiches and even a pasta dish or two. The first kissaten opened in Japan in the late 19th century, but it wasn't until the 1960s that these serious coffee houses reached their heyday. It's not an entirely traditional show here. Map Data. Welcome to Il Buco. The Press Lounge | Located 653 11th Ave in Hell's Kitchen. Meatpacking District Restaurants & Bars in NYC | The Standard, High Line – The Top of The Standard.

Home - Take Me Out's Nightlife Tours in NYC. Home - Take Me Out's Nightlife Tours in NYC. Photo Gallery | Top of the Strand. The Press Lounge | Located 653 11th Ave in Hell's Kitchen. Meatpacking District Restaurants & Bars in NYC | The Standard, High Line – The Top of The Standard. Cocktail Bars in Lower West Manhattan | World's Best Bars.

New York City Bars | The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel - Bemelmans Bar | Bars in New York City. Named in honor of Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the classic Madeline children’s books, Bemelmans Bar is a timeless location that continues to attract socialites, politicians, movie stars and moguls with its extensive drink menu and nightly live entertainment. The bar maintains its Art Deco legacy with chocolate-brown leather banquettes, nickel-trimmed black glass tabletops, a dramatic black granite bar and a 24-karat gold leaf-covered ceiling. Guests are charmed by its distinct New York style and the large-scale murals in the hotel bar, the only surviving Bemelmans' commission open to the public. History of Bemelmans Bar The Carlyle is an integral part of New York history. As the city’s premier luxury residential hotel, it was a famous gathering place for socialites, world leaders and celebrities when Ludwig Bemelmans began to create his masterpiece murals at the hotel bar.

GrandLife Hotels - Neighborhood Guide – Bars + Nightlife. M.sd26ny. Bars et restaurants en rooftop. Bar Buzz -- Rooftop Bars -- Summer 2011 - Barstalk | find the best bars in NYC to meet a date. At NYC's haunted bars, the after-party never ends. Star Lounge 'I'm a rational person," says Ernest Lekaj, general manager of W. 23rd St.'s Star Lounge. "I'm a law student. But sometimes there are things that can't be explained. " The lounge - an offshoot of the Hamptons hot spot Star Room - winds through three rooms in the basement of the Chelsea Hotel. The building has played host to many a famous resident and a handful of famous deaths. And it appears that some of those who have passed to the other side seem to want to stick around for a cocktail. "A month ago, we came in and none of the lights worked," says the bar's owner, Charles Ferri.

A call to the hotel's front desk failed to explain the problem, and an electrician was summoned. "We had to cut the drywall to get to these wires, and they were switched," says Ferri. The incident prompted Ferri, a skeptic, to reexamine a string of odd happenings. White Horse Tavern A visiting self-proclaimed psychic told Ferri that she sensed the presence of an older woman in the bar. Manhattan Bistro. Where to Drink 2013. The simple question “Where should we go for a drink?” Has never been more fraught. Once you’ve decided on a neighborhood, there’s the inevitable rush of follow-up queries: Cocktail den or beer mecca? Cozy dive or glossy behemoth? A quiet spot to catch up with an old friend or a bumpin’ millennial meat market? Once you’ve settled on a place, then you have to figure out when to go, what to order; if you’re single, how to chat up the cute stranger next to you; and, when you’ve had your fill of a scene, where to take the party next.

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Bar websites. New York, NY Bar and Night Club Reviews and Recommendations by Citysearch. Speakeasies. Going out in New York can be exhausting. Sometimes, you just want a quiet, yet interesting place to grab a drink and have a night out with your best buds. Maybe you’re seeking refuge from same, tired old thing, but aren’t quite sure where to turn. Or perhaps you want to spend part of the night in a place that feels undiscovered and little-known. In any case, make your way to the nearest speakeasy .

A great thing about these sort of places in New York is that you get the feeling you’re part of some exclusive, in-crowd without the snobbery (in some cases, though, popular ensues and the snob-factor does kick in). Step right up to the door (if you can find it) and go forth – no one will ask you if your name is on the list or who you know before you can get in. Once inside, be prepared to have one of the best drinking experiences of your life. As you sip your drink, sit back and enjoy the decor. This all surely sounds wonderful, but do be prepared to pay for the experience.

Blue Note Jazz Club New York. Hidden Hot Spots in New York on Citysearch® NYC Bar Specials, Manhattan Drink Specials, New York City Happy Hour. All-You-Can-Drink Boozy Brunches in NYC. What are some really cool/secret spots in New York City. Jello Shot Girl. Leaving college behind tends to evolve one's tastes -- packets of ramen are replaced by fresh noodles with poached eggs and pork belly, and 10ft beer bongs turn into...100ft beer bongs! Rivergate 4 Life son!!! Upping another college staple: The Jello Shot Girl.

Started by a RISD grad looking for a creative break from the design industry, JSG'll hook your holiday shindig up with inventive shooters that eschew traditional green & red vodka offerings, using fresh, artisanal ingredients to craft the equivalent of gelatinous cocktails, fitting, as cocktails have long been turning you into Jello, too. Constantly working up crafty combos, choice categories include Fruit (rum-based Blueberry Mojito, Strawberry Basil w/ vodka), Coffee joints like an espresso/creme de cacao/whiskey number, and Seasonal offerings such as the vanilla pudding/vodka Heaven In Your Mouth Pudding Shot, which is usually delivered by a big, throbbing Cosby.