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What To Look Out For While Tiling Your Kitchen. Tips To Pick The Right Tiles For Hotels. Every hotel seeks to communicate a particular image to the client, based on its distinctive identity. A hotel lobby serves as the face of an establishment as it is the very first interior space a guest walks into. Therefore, it becomes essential that the first impression of the visitors is a positive one. The flooring of the lobby plays an important role in contributing to this image. Most upscale hotels opt for designer tiles. In most cases, the flooring generally leans towards natural textures. As these textures are irregular, the human eye is unable to spot imperfections in such unpredictable patterns.

Below are a few tiles options for the entryway, that most hotel lobbies use- Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified floor tiles are a great option for hotel lobbies as they can withstand high pressure. Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles offer numerous advantages over other tiles and hence are favoured by most hotels. Marble Tiles: Ceramic Tiles: Here’s How You Can Revamp Your Home Office | Wall, Floor Tiles and Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. In today’s day and age, the spirit of entrepreneurship runs its course in the young generation. It is, therefore, no surprise that many professionals choose to work out of their homes. Your home office could either take form as a huge space for co-working with your team, or simply be a private cabin where you spend most of your day time.

In such a scenario, it is quite evident how important your home office’s design and architecture is. Your work environment impacts everything you do professionally. Hence, aesthetically and functionally, it should be extremely sound. Whether it is wall tiles designs, ambient lighting set up, or the furniture arrangement, your home office can be revamped in order to boost your work productivity while simultaneously complementing the entire home. Harmonize the interiors When revamping your home office, remember that your home interiors and the design of the office aren’t poles apart. Experiment with tiles Colours are critical Lighting can be the game-changer.

Your Guide to Bathroom Washbasins by Arun Kohli. Washbasins bear the pragmatic and functional features of bathrooms. Their geometrical designs bring a touch of distinction to the room. Apart from that they service various uses throughout the day. When choosing a wash basin, sit back and think – which room is the particular bathroom attached to, who inhabits the room and the potential of use? Physical factors like space availability also play a pivotal role in deciding the basin.

An informed choice will ensure comfort and convenience for years to come. Counter Basin Placed inside with the rim on the counter or on top, this is the most familiar type found in bathrooms. Countertop basins are versatile and can be adapted for most counters. Semi-recessed Basin Limited space? It is positioned partially into the surface, while a portion hangs out. Pedestal Basin After decorating bathrooms with utility and practicality, pedestal sinks have found a way back after falling out of the scene.

Wall hung Vanity. Duragres Tesoro Unveiled: Luxury Has a New Definition! Add to favorites Cast a look at the ancient wonders of the world, and you’ll witness how great craftsmen from the past created such masterpieces with materials derived from nature. Inspired from the grandeur of history, we recently launched the Duragres Tesoro collection of premium colour body tiles available in Full Polished, Stone, Wood and Metallic finishes. They are versatile, durable, and are styled as a ‘treasure trove’ of tiles which draw inspiration from natural substances.

However, there’s a lot more to the Tesoro collection than what meets the eye. Originating from an amalgamation of clay, feldspar and quartz, Duragres range of glazed vitrified tiles are exceptionally scratch and stain resistant. Behind the stunning metal finish tiles, and other impressive tile finishes that borrow from the elements of nature, is our groundbreaking R&D.

With Tesoro, Duragres aims to expand its portfolio with a strong presence in the niche market of architects, influencers and end consumers. 4 Tips to Feng Shui Your Bedroom. Add to favorites Feng Shui is a common practice amongst many households around the world. But that’s not the same as knowing about it. So what exactly is Feng Shui? And why is it relevant in our lives? It is a Chinese knowledge system that dates back to 6,000 years ago. It supports the idea that our physical environment not only has a bearing on our material existence but also on our physical and mental wellbeing. Feng Shui doesn’t entail a complete overhaul of your interiors. This blog focuses on optimizing your bedroom. Bed Placement Given that one spends a good 7-9 hours sleeping, it becomes crucial to get the placement of the bed right. Area around the bed For the space above the bed, anything other than a headboard is a bad idea. Placing large furniture like a bookshelf next to the bed also doesn’t make sense.

Colour Palette Choosing colours thoughtfully promotes a healthy energy that nurtures you both personally and professionally. Use of Electronic equipment. Somany Ceramics — Reasons to choose ceramic tiles for bathrooms. 6 Tips to Revamp Your Patio Décor – Arun Kohli – Medium. Before the festive season reaches its peak in India, usually in the months of October and November, most families follow the tradition of renovating their homes.

If revamping the patio is on your list this time around, then you have stumbled upon an excellent idea. After all, the décor of the exterior is equally important as that of the interior. A patio serves as the ideal spot at your home to relax and rejuvenate every day, or host guests and friends for dinner. Naturally, it is the first impression of your house to someone arriving for the first time, and therefore, needs to be spot on. You can play around with a lot of elements to revamp your patio décor, such as outdoor floor tiles, the furniture, curtaining, and patio zoning. Here are 6 tips you need to know right now: 1. Remember, the outdoors is all about keeping it natural. 2.

If you are blessed with a large backyard or patio space, then segregating it into different sections might be a great idea. 3. 4. 5. 6. 5 Tips to Liven Up Your Interiors This Diwali - Home of Service. Blog Post With Diwali just around the corner, it's time to perform the annual home cleaning ritual. It's that time of the year again, when the markets are brimming with candles, lights, lanterns and other festive decor accents. With Diwali just around the corner, it's time to perform the annual home cleaning ritual. As it can be an arduous task, to make it simpler, here are five tips that demonstrate the how you can revamp the key areas in your home- On the auspicious night of Diwali, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi arrives at the door and bestows wealth and prosperity upon her devotees.

For most people in India, the advent of Diwali is the opportunity to perform the annual spring cleaning ritual. This area of the home is usually brushed aside when the rest of the house is being put in order. Spruce up your home this festive season by adding decor elements around the house, focus especially on the living room. 7 Tips for Installing Tiles in Your Home | It is therefore highly advisable to approach only those ceramic manufacturers that provides pecialized tile solutions such as adhesives and grouting, and also have a team of skilled experts to carry out the tile installation process. Once you’ve chosen the tiles for your home or office space, and are ready to begin with the laying operation, you need to be keep in a mind these 6 useful tricks and tips that will aid not only you, but the tilers in their work as well.

Take a look: 1. Always stress upon a visual reference and a site map before installing tiles. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Follow these tips to enhance the tile installation operation, and rest assured of durable and dirt-free flooring and walls that will maintain spatial aesthetics for years to come. Inube Verification. 4 Ways To Clean Your Tile Floors - Somany Ceramics. Tiles have become the most popular flooring option these days. Their durability, less maintenance and availability in variety of designs and colours has made them the top choice among all those looking for durable tiles for home.

But to maintain their beauty and versatility for years, it is important that we do regular cleaning. Here are some smart ways to clean tile floors and make them look new for years. Vinegar: Vinegar is a non-toxic product and very effective in cleaning and disinfecting most of the hard surfaces. If your ceramic tiles have become dull over a period of time or have hard water stains on them, using vinegar would be the best way to bring back their brightness. Borax: This all-purpose cleaner has been found to be very effective in disinfecting tiled floors. Hydrogen peroxide: When everything else fails to remove stubborn stains and dirt, hydrogen peroxide comes to rescue.

Top reasons to choose vitrified tiles - Somany Ceramics - Quora. Vitrified tiles are the most commonly used flooring options these days. In fact, they have become an alternative to the natural flooring products like marble and granite. The reasons for their immense popularity are many. Their excellent quality, durability and availability in variety of designs and colours have made them the most preferred choice among home-owners and builders who look for quality flooring options for their property.

If you are looking for the best floor tiles for your home, here are few reasons why you should consider vitrified tiles: Durability These tiles are formed by hydraulic pressing of a mixture of clay, quartz, silica and feldspar. Vitrified tiles are thinner (approx. 10-12 mm) when compared to natural flooring materials and hence assist easy installation. These tiles are available in so many designs, textures and finishes that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one! Decorating Tips to Improve the Look of Any Room | Wall, Floor Tiles and Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics.

Considering most of us aren’t interior designers by trade, designing or refurbishing the interiors of a house can prove to be quite a task. Be it making the most of a small bathroom or selecting the best floor tiles for the kitchen – it can get a little mind-boggling trying to understand the industry lingo. After all, terms ‘bevel’ and ‘balustrade’ don’t really strike a chord with industry outsiders. So, if you too are in the process of giving your home a makeover but have been left flustered by an overflow of jargons, here is a design guide, simplified.

We have included some tried and tested tricks that do not need years to master Use Three Colours or Shades Colors are personal and have a great impact on the overall ambience of a space. Add Texture Whatever your style, try to add plenty of texture by adding numerous textiles to your home. Create a Focal Point To avoid visual clutter, add one statement element to the room and let everything else take a back seat. Layered Lighting Like this: Decorating Tips to Improve the Look of Any Room | Wall, Floor Tiles and Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Top 5 Must Try Tile Patterns – Arun Kohli – Medium. Redoing your home floors? Consider experimenting with different tile patterns this season! With striking designs, you can really liven up your space and, most of all, be unique. The best part — they aren’t that complicated to install! Given below are few floor tile designs that you can incorporate in your home or office: Straight lay: The straight lay is one of the simplest tile patterns to install.

Running bond: Also known as the brick or offset pattern, the running bond is a common pattern found in a number of homes. Herringbone: The herringbone pattern is a staggered zig-zag pattern. Basket Weave: The basket weave pattern creates a woven effect found in fibre baskets, and hence the name. Cobblestone: The cobblestone pattern is amongst the uncommon patterns for home tiles. Pattern play is not extremely challenging, with a little assistance from your contractor, you can consider a DIY approach to add that personal touch to your home.

Somanyceramics - Bathroom Tiles. Allnewbuzz - Blog View - 5 Tips to Enhance Walls In Your Home. The latest trend of using tiles on walls is making waves in the tiling industry. Innovations in manufacturing technologies have transformed wall tiles into a wonderful blend of functionality and design. They modify the charm of any space and have become an essential part of décor with their dynamic qualities. Contemporary décor designs are mapping uncharted arcades of ornamentation with the advent of digital printing. You can virtually obtain any design or texture you’re looking for. The following points suggest how these wall tiles are a great option to embellish your interiors. Modern Designs: Decorating a room with ornate furniture or show pieces can lead to spatial restrictions. Size Matters: Whenever adorning a space, remember to use objects that blend with the spatial requirements.

Strive for Harmony: The endless materials and designs can be confusing. Clad the Walls: Wall claddings are simple coverings that are used on the wall exteriors. Ensure Easy Maintenance: Tips for a Kitchen Makeover | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Kitchen remodeling is a great way to enhance its efficiency and appearance. You can give your kitchen a make-over by changing its wall and floor tiles, installing a stylish countertop and altering the backsplash. Here are a few thoughtful tips you can incorporate while designing your kitchen: Install a stylish countertop: redoing the countertop can help you liven up the interiors of your kitchen. Nowadays, countertops are available in a wide array of colors, so you can choose the one as per the look you want. Go for natural colors as they complement well with steel appliances.

Change the backsplash: Quality backsplashes are important as they prevent damage due to water, oil, steam etc. Use patterned tiles: you can give your kitchen a sleek, contemporary look with tile patterns likecheckered, honey comb and herringbone. This is Why You Need Ceramic Tiles | Wall, Floor Tiles and Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Tiles are a convenient option as compared to other flooring materials. They are highly durable, water and stain resistant, cost-effective and offer ease of maintenance. In modern interior décor and architecture, they fit perfectly in every space—living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and several outdoor and commercial spaces.

It’s environment friendly, reduces household allergens and increases your home’s value. What’s more is that you can personalize ceramic tiles to derive your desired look. And once you’re convinced about their scope of design, you can be sure that hardly any other material can compete with their quality. Here we list a few reasons why ceramic is the best option for home and office tiling: Design that reflects: Your personal and work spaces reflect your personality and way of life.

As hard as a rock: As their reputation precedes them, tiles are extremely tough. Low Maintenance: Maintaining spaces take up more time than building or designing them. Worth every penny: Like this: Top Bathroom Tile Trends - Home of Service. Design Tips for Patio. 5 Tile Trends for Office. Top Architectural Styles and Tiles to Match « Somany Ceramics.

Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Bathroom | somany ceramics's Blog | Bloopist. Transform Your Living Room with Digitally Printed Wall Tiles. | 5 Tips to Pick the Right Bedroom Tiles. FlipSnack - TOP BATHROOM FLOORING... by somany ceramics. Modern Décor Tips for Your Terrace - Somany Ceramics. Modern Décor Tips for Your Terrace - Somany Ceramics. Kitchen Backsplash Tiles: Things You Need To Know | Wall, Floor Tiles and Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Flooring Ideas for Dining Rooms | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Tiling Ideas for Commercial Spaces. 4 Myths About Wooden Tiles Debunked – Arun Kohli – Medium. TOP BATHROOM FLOORING IDEAS by somany ceramics. Top Bathroom Flooring Ideas- Somany Ceramics. Somany Ceramics — Tips To Feng Shui Your Living Room. Tips to Feng Shui your Kitchen.

Refreshing Bathroom Tile Ideas. Flooring Ideas for Different Rooms. How to Install Floor Tiles in 4 Simple Steps - Home of Service. Tips to Redesign an Older Home | Wall, Floor Tiles and Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Buy best designer floor tiles for your home and offices. SOMANYCERAMICS : Home Decor tips for Monsoon – Arun Kohli – Medium.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Tiles - Somany Ceramics. How to Decorate A Small Bedroom? | Styling Your Home with Pastels « Somany Ceramics. Fun Ideas for Decorating your k… | somanyceramics2. Fun Ideas for Decorating your kids room. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal | Penzu. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal | Penzu. How to Style an All-White Décor – Arun Kohli – Medium. Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Decorating Tips to Improve the Look of Any Room – News King. Kitchen Trends That Can't Go Wrong. Why Ceramic Tiles Are Perfect for Kitchen Flooring | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics.

Somany Ceramics — Tips for a Bathroom Makeover. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers | Hometalk. The Growing Popularity of Vitrified Tiles – Arun Kohli – Medium. The Growing Popularity of Vitrified Tiles – Arun Kohli – Medium. 6 Bathroom Trends for 2017 - Somany Ceramics. Somany Ceramics — Upgrading Your Bathroom Essentials. 4 Simple Hacks To Ace Your Bathroom | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Creative Ideas To Add Vigor To Your Bathroom! | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Tiling Trends to Look Out for Kitchen Backsplashes. Add Style To The Look Of Your Bathroom. Revamp Your Outdoors With Style. Somany Ceramics — Redefine The Look Of Your Bathroom With Tiles. Somany Ceramics — Redefine The Look Of Your Bathroom With Tiles. About Maintenance And Care Of Tiles | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Tiles Taking Over The Interior Designing world! Somany Ceramics — Major Factors That Affect The Look Of Your Home.

Essential Tiling Ideas For An Ideal Bathroom. Benefits Of Using Wall Tiles | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Tile Designs For Every Room Of The House | Hometalk. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers | Hometalk. Somany Ceramics — Redecorating Kitchen – Getting The Perfect Floor... Tiles Speak The Story Of A Dream - Home of Service. Things You Must Know About Wall Tiles | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Benefits Of Using Vitrified Tiles. 5 Bathroom Tile Trends For 2017 – Arun Kohli – Medium. Most Trending Kitchen Backsplashes | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers | Hometalk. Refurbish Your Home The Right Way | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware – Somany Ceramics. Comprehensive Guide On Buying Tiles For Home. Key Factors To Redesigning Your Home | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics. Somany Ceramics — Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping For Tiles.

Ideas To Aestheticize The Look Of Your Kitchen. Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger. Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger. Tips To Keep In Mind Before Remodelling Your Bathroom. Redoing The Flooring Of Your House? Check Out These Amazing Tile Designs by Arun Kohli. Interior Designing Trends - Home of Service. Keep These Points In Mind While Refurbishing Your House | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware - Somanyceramics.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Tile. Things To Keep In Mind While Building Your Home! | Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware – Somanyceramics. How To Elegantly Redesign Your Bathroom With Mosaic Tiles? – Medium. Somany Ceramics. — It Is All About Home And Design!