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Domed Community Center in Post-Earthquake Japan Provides Safe Space for Play - Curbed. Produkte - Deutsch - Goldtatze. Turn Your Home Into a Feline Paradise With These (Actual) Catwalks. Hajdo House. Gerês House. A Couple Build Their Eco-Friendly Dream Home in the Forest. Sandy Chilewich and her husband, Joe Sultan, had always been beach-goers, heading out every summer to their ramshackle house on Fire Island—a perfect place for a family with two young sons.

A Couple Build Their Eco-Friendly Dream Home in the Forest

But with the boys now grown, and that community overgrown, they were restless and ready for something different. The couple also wanted a place they could go year-round. They had long dreamed of building their own house and decided to search for land in Columbia County, in upstate New York. How to Achieve a Greater Satellite Signal with the Right LNB. A satellite dish system is a sophisticated way of watching television.

How to Achieve a Greater Satellite Signal with the Right LNB

The signal originates with a satellite above the earth’s atmosphere. Artist Turns Fallen Branches Into Beautiful Furniture (14 Photos) Sebastian Errazuriz is a Chilean born, New York based artist and designer that is highly regarded for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines.

Artist Turns Fallen Branches Into Beautiful Furniture (14 Photos)

Raised in London, Errazuriz obtained a design degree in Santiago and an MFA from New York University. Tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles; Errazuriz is known as a prodigious and obsessive workaholic. Threefold Architects completes light-filled London home. Glass walls and a generous light-filled atrium offer plentiful views of the surrounding garden and sky for residents of this north London house by Threefold Architects (+ slideshow).

Threefold Architects completes light-filled London home

Located at the end of a terrace in Highgate, the two-storey residence was planned to sit amongst trees, plants and lawns, so the London-based Threefold Architects team allowed this to shape their design. They added floor-to-ceiling glazing at ground level, created juliet balconies on the upper floor, and also arranged the floor plan around a top-lit atrium.

This helps to brings light right through the building. "We sought to create a house where the garden almost flowed though it," explained studio co-founder Jack Hosea. "This led to an open ground floor plan that is dug into the site at the back and virtually glazed on all sides, with the central atrium creating a flexible space drawing light and views right into the heart of the house. " Named Garden House, the building provides a home for retired couple. A'tolan House / Create + Think Design Studio. Download & Build This Sine Wave Inspired TV Console. When I first saw Haldun Kececigil’s parametric TV console, it immediately reminded me of a kinetic wave cabinet I saw last year.

Download & Build This Sine Wave Inspired TV Console

However, what I like about Kececigil’s piece is that it only has three simple hinged panels and a minimalist construction while preserving a really dynamic, almost-animate visual appeal. Kececigil, who also built a paper tube bench that we recently featured, designed the cabinet with ventilation and IR remote connectivity in mind. Review: Jump Start Your Car & Charge Your Laptop With WeeGo’s 18k mAh Battery. You are stranded somewhere after trying to start your car.

Review: Jump Start Your Car & Charge Your Laptop With WeeGo’s 18k mAh Battery

The battery is dead and your cell phone is too. How to Build a Self-Feeding Campfire. You may have seen pictures on social media or videos on Facebook showing various ways of building a self-feeding campfire.

How to Build a Self-Feeding Campfire

Some people say to build a reverse fire (wood piled largest to smallest), others swear by a horizontal log fire (where you split a long log in half and then build your tinder fire inside the spaced-apart halves of the log). Preserve Your Sleep Cycle with a Red LED Night Light. If you’re an insomniac, falling asleep is only half the battle.

Preserve Your Sleep Cycle with a Red LED Night Light

Staying asleep can be difficult, too. Arizona sleep specialist Vincent X. Grbach believes that if you wake up in the middle of the night, any source of white light can cause the brain to think that a new day has begun. Nature House / Junsekino Architect and Design. Architects Location Chaengwattana, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210, Thailand Builder Jarin Dejchutrakul Area 400.0 sqm Project Year 2010 Photographs From the architect.

Nature House / Junsekino Architect and Design

The perception of this project is viewed from both inside-out and outside-in. Homeowners requested for every space in a house has to feel the nature and the presence of “water”, which is the main theme of this project, either by visual, sound, or feeling. 52 Buildings to See Near The Times's Places to Go, Part 2 - Architectural Tourism. After rounding up 26 architectural sights worth considering for your 2016 travel plans last week, Curbed has compiled the second half of our companion piece to The New York Times's "52 Place to Go in 2016" feature.

52 Buildings to See Near The Times's Places to Go, Part 2 - Architectural Tourism

For the final part of our architectural addendum, we scouted out grandiose palaces, modern buildings, and historic sites worth seeing if you end up at one of more of the year's buzzed-about travel destinations. From the palace of empires (Spain's Alcazaba) to the resting places of emperors (Longwood Home on Saint Helena), it's a diverse trip through styles and continents. Image via Wikimedia Commons Brno, Czech Republic Any visitors to the Czech Republic are guaranteed to hear about the beauty of Prague, its fairytale residences, castles, and charming Stare Mesto (Old Town). But for modern architecture fans, the country's second city, Brno, should be on top of their itinerary. Creative Commons image by Ted Swedenburg. Image via St. Lisbon Restaurant Features Eclectic Design, Cuisine. Coffee Grill is a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. Envisioned by Yaroslav Galant, the new project combines vibrant design with eclectic haute cuisine and a lively ambiance.

The restaurant, in a historic building in the city center, encompasses two floors. To infuse the space with personality, the designers restored the mezzanine, windows and several interesting wooden and stone elements throughout the site. The aesthetics of the original building contrast with the comfortable stylized furniture. The designers used old chandeliers and industrial-style lamps to achieve a lighting scheme that is warm and eye-catching. Freshome recently featured a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar designed by the same studio. The Earthships of Taos. The Beckett House / Adam Knibb Architects. Main Contractor: Winchester Builders & Decorators Ltd Timber Cladding Supplier: English Woodlands Timber From the architect. Following on from the success of the Bluebell Pool House, Adam Knibb Architects were approached to review and produce ideas for a whole house refurbishment and extension to the neighbouring property – The Beckett House.

With tight planning constraints Adam Knibb Architects had to take an inventive view towards getting the space required. Vincent Callebaut Imagines "Oceanscrapers" 3D Printed from Recycled Trash. Vincent Callebaut Architectures has envisioned a radical underwater colony for "climate change refugees" 3D printed from recycled materials taken from the ocean's floating garbage patches. This particular proposal of "oceanscrapers" is sited off the shore of Rio de Janeiro. It's aim is to provide a sustainable habitat with 10,000 housing units, office and work space, sea farms, gardens, community orchards and much more, while fostering marine life.

IKEA Hackers - Clever ideas and hacks for your IKEA. Inspired By the Raw Beauty of a Tuscany Villa: Residence BO in Ukraine. Build an Indoor Garden Monitor for Checking Light and Soil Conditions. Durisol and hempcrete stem wall foundation. Over the past few years, we have turned to Durisol insulated concrete forms (ICFs) several times. They offer an attractive blend of sustainable features with the convenience of conventional methodology. For the teachers’ union office project, we needed a short stem wall to raise the walls of the building a suitable height above grade.

What is a Passive House? A building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time. Passive House is not a brand name, but a construction concept that can be applied by anyone and that has stood the test of practice. Yet, a Passive House is more than just a low-energy building. Passive Houses allow for heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared with average new builds.