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Reputation report v1. Pret a Manger - Veggie Pop Up - European Retail Blog. UPDATE: 8th September 2016 A few months back I visited the then newly opened Vegetarian Pret Pop-Up store by Pret a Manger. At the time it was not designed as a permanent offer, but in our blog (see below) we said that we “could see this offer potentially working, particularly in areas or developments where Pret have multiple stores and landlords are looking at improving the diversity and Tenant mix or creating a point of difference.” Since then, in only two months, the overwhelming success of the Pop-Up in SoHo has convinced Pret to not only keep the first store as a Veggie Pret permanently, but to open several other units across the UK. This is another sign that being a “Veggie” is not a trend – it is a market movement. So the question for operators is “how much veg makes you a veggie friendly restaurant?”

Sensory journey. Royal Military Museum - Logo - Exelmans Graphics - Visual Communication, Graphic and Web Design. Behance. DesignStudio | Airbnb. Airbnb Brand Guidelines (2014 Rebrand) — Andrea McCulloch. Behance. Fogg — Bunch. Behance. Behance. How The Big Brands are Using The Power of Colors. Cisco Brand Guidelines Book. Environment: Zero Waste - Kroger 2016 CSR. Environment: Moving our facilities toward “zero waste” is one of Kroger’s key sustainability priorities. In 2015, we continued to move the needle in our waste reduction initiatives and continued to look for new ways to improve our business practices. Whether it is diverting waste from landfills, reducing our packaging, recycling plastic bags, or donating safe, perishable foods to food banks, we are increasing recycling rates and finding cost-effective and responsible alternatives for our waste. Several years ago, Kroger joined the EPA’s Waste Wise Program and adopted the EPA’s “zero waste” definition for our company-wide sustainability efforts.

This nationally recognized program provides a tool to benchmark, measure and communicate our efforts in a more consistent and cohesive way. Our customers trust Kroger to deliver safe, fresh, high-quality foods and sometimes excess food is generated. In 2015, we expanded the enterprise-wide waste diversion initiative in all grocery stores. - Connecting People Through News. Wonderwall Luminous Installation in Lisbon. Sustainable retail.

6 Ways To Go Vegan! - Let's Raise Awareness. The vast majority of vegans were once carnists. Most of us enjoyed a delicious steak in the past, but now we can’t even look at one without getting disgusted by it. So what has changed our minds so drastically? How did we go from meat lovers to meat haters? Some of us even within a single day, like me. Well, every vegan has their own way of becoming vegan, that is to say, their own game-changer. In this article, I cover 6 possible ways to go vegan. Vegan Documentaries Let’s start off with the what I find most effective and fastest way to go vegan. 7-day vegan challenge The 7-day vegan challenge is a challenge for yourself to try out veganism for 7 days. Vegan festivals / events Go to a vegan festival or event! Vegan restaurants What a better way to go vegan than to try out some delicious vegan food in a vegan restaurant? Ask a vegan / follow vegan Instagram pages I said I went vegan in one day, that’s true, but only because of vegan pages on Instagram.

Like this: Like Loading... 20120331 VegSoc AR Final protected. WWF UK Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015 16. Stink Studios. Marty Cooper (@hombre_mcsteez) CEO CookOff. Wwf strategicplan. WWFUS brandbook 0207. BritishFoodReportFeb2017.


ALL - Studio Moross. Websites. Experiental marketing. Health and wellbeing (trend drivers) About ZSL | Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Respecting and valuing animals and the natural world Our belief is that a diverse and healthy natural world is valuable in its own right and is essential for ensuring secure and healthy lives for people. This motivates ZSL’s vision and mission, and our other core values follow from this. Inspiring conservation action By actively 'Working for Wildlife' and showcasing our efforts in the field, we hope to motivate others to take conservation action in their daily lives. Achieving excellence in our field Building on our heritage, Royal Patronage since 1831 and reputation as a learned society, we aim to be an authoritative source of information and good practice for the scientific study, conservation and husbandry of animals.

We aim also to make efficient and effective use of available resources to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do, in the operation of a successful and innovative conservation organisation. Acting ethically, responsibly and sustainably.


Sustainable Diets: What You Need to Know in 12 Charts. We are what we eat, and what we eat has a profound impact on the planet. When people think about food and sustainability, they typically focus on how the food is produced. Is it, for example, locally sourced, GMO-free, pasture-fed, organic or certified? Just as important, however, is the question of what is eaten. What we eat is rapidly changing around the globe, as people converge toward diets high in calories, protein and animal-based foods. A new WRI paper, Shifting Diets for a Sustainable Food Future, explores these changes and the challenges they pose for food security and a sustainable future. It shows that just small shifts in the choices consumers make can have a huge impact in reducing agriculture’s resource use and mitigating environmental problems—the average American, for example, could cut their diet’s environmental footprint in half just by eating less meat and dairy.

Here’s what you need to know in 12 charts: We need to close a big food gap. The biggest beef is with beef.

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Campaigns (Trend Drivers) Health (trend drivers) Climate change (Trend drivers) Ravaged Sublime. Rainforest. Gen PR Final. Wwf uk strategy 2013 2018 external. Ravaged Sublime: Landscape Photography in the 21st Century | Dayton Art Institute. October 15 2016 - January 8 2017 The “Year of the Classical Elements” concludes with Ravaged Sublime: Landscape Photography in the 21st Century. The exhibition highlights the element earth and presents nearly 30 monumental, landscape photographs by internationally recognized artists Edward Burtynsky and Richard Mosse. Video: A look inside the exhibition on Living Dayton Audio: More about the exhibition on WDPR's ArtsFocus Download the Exhibition Brochure Ravaged Sublime demonstrates a rising trend amongst contemporary photographers who explore and challenge the traditional definition of landscape representation and what constitutes a sublime experience in the 21st century. Meet the Artists Exhibition Admission Museum Members: Free Adults: $14 Seniors (60+): $11 Students (18+ w/ID): $11 Active Military: $11 Groups (10 or more): $11 Youth (ages 7-17): $6 Children (6 & under): Free Prices include admission to the special exhibition and the museum’s permanent collection.

ALL - Studio Moross. How to Effectively Use Transparent Backgrounds in Graphic Design. In graphic design, backgrounds are kind of like wall paint or wallpaper… Get it right, and you have a nice backdrop that blends into and sets off an attractive space; get it wrong, and you get a glaring eyesore that distracts from the room’s carefully chosen furniture and artwork. Though the background of your website, flyer, or social media graphic might seem like a relatively minor detail, you don’t want it to be the equivalent of a paint job gone wrong or a wild wallpaper choice, where viewers can’t focus on anything else.

So let’s look at some inspiration and walk through some techniques you can use to make the most of backgrounds in your design projects. While there’s nothing wrong with basic white or a solid color, we’ll be looking specifically at how adding some transparency to your backgrounds can be a useful, versatile tool: 01. An illustrated or patterned background can add a lot of personality to your design. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. That’s a Wrap. Organic Superfoods from Rainforest Foods. Discover the story behind The Goldfinch. Sojournal. Fotorator. 2016 Web Design Report. Science Kitchen. Wanaka / Studio de création. Homepage - MAY. Let's Make London Vegan! | Chuffed | Non-profit charity and social enterprise fundraising.

**Official announcement** We're delighted to announce the official number of train posters for our #LetsMakeLondonVegan campaign... As of December 19th, there will be **2,500 posters** in the train carriages on the London Underground! This is an additional 500 extra posters than our initial crowdfunding target, and that's all thanks to your awesome generosity and fantastic support! The posters will feature Rocky the calf, Ernie the piglet or Little Eric the chick, and you'll be able to join in the supporting social media campaign from wherever you are in the world. :) Thank you for giving Veganuary 2017 the biggest head-start!

You can help to #SaveRocky, #SaveErnie and #SaveLittleEric now by encouraging family and friends to try vegan with us in January. All are Ernie... Two weeks ago, late at night, the Veganuary team visited a pig farm... This farm was chosen randomly – a small, local farm in Yorkshire (UK). The farm was filthy. We have less that two days left on this crowdfunder... Behance. Behance. Behance. Behance.