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SolutionDots Systems

SolutionDots Systems is well-reputed and innovative information technology services provider in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are providing vast services in IT industry enriches customer satisfaction level.

Tip & Tricks For Successful ERP Implementation - Important Steps of IOS App Development for Developer - Exited Features Introduced by Apple In iPhoneX - Intelligent ERP – Core to Business Digital Transformation - Top Essential Tools for IOS App Development. Today’s most popular and advanced operating system for the smartphone has been developed by Apple.

Top Essential Tools for IOS App Development

This is used by millions of users in millions of devices that includes iPhone and iPad etc. if someone wants to develop an application according to this specialized operating system. They definitely should have a grip on quality coding. IOS is bringing amazing trends in technology that support the developers too. If someone is interested in IOS app development they may use a variety of tools to make their work fascinating. Development for IOS application is actually a platform for any organization to move positively towards success. IOS App Development Tools. Top Problems Encounter during IOS App Development - Top Market Trends of Student Information System - Technology advancement has brought a brilliant change is education system.

Top Market Trends of Student Information System -

Today’s school, colleges, and universities are rapidly adopting the online school as well as student information system. This revolution is beneficial for all stakeholders that include parent, teacher administration and most importantly students. Every online SMS has a separate portal for students named as SIS (Student Information System). These are the comprehensive ERP solutions that include a variety of modules at the singular platform. Student information system integrates into SMS (school management system) is rapidly evolving along with new trends and requirements. Today we will share some of the most important SIS trends to identify its unique and innovative approach. Single Database. Government Tax - Are You VAT Ready? - VAT (Value Added Tax) is actually a consumption tax that is imposed on goods and services at every stage of the customer cycle.

Government Tax - Are You VAT Ready? -

There are a lot of benefits but businesses and organizations find it quite challenging for their business growth. It automatically increases the cost production for any product form its complete manufacturing procedure to the final delivery. VAT is going to support businesses in avoiding their financial difficulties. If an organization wanted to be VAT ready, they should be fully prepared and plan with an effective Point of Sales Software. How to Check If You Are VAT Ready? To be a VAT ready organization, there are different points that need to be considered in order to avoid any concern. Smart Management with Cloud POS System. During seasonal, regional and holy oceans the routine task for retail, restaurants and other businesses gradually increases.

Smart Management with Cloud POS System

Smart management with cloud POS system is essentially required here. The organizational employee feels stress and workload that may disturb their behavior as well as productivity. Once a customer is unhappy or disturbed it may affect others too. During these peak times, efficient client management with enhanced productivity may improve organizational revenue. The organization, business normally train their staff for such situation but a point of sales software improve their training with effective results. Traditional POS V/s Smart Cloud Point of Sales - Most of the people whether associated with a retail business or not are familiar with old traditional POS system.

Traditional POS V/s Smart Cloud Point of Sales -

This system includes as credit card terminals, cash registers and barcode reader etc. This system used with cable support, therefore, payments mess could be seen on or under the table. Ink and paper were the strong requirements of receipt printing, it seems difficult to continue if, one is running out of it. How to Convince to Invest In Updated Cloud Based ERP System? - Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Patient Management System - SolutionDots System at GITEX Technology Week (8th Oct – 12th Oct) - SolutionDots Systems, one of the most dynamic technology services providers of Saudi Arabia, is currently demonstrating its enormous products at GITEX Technology Week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

SolutionDots System at GITEX Technology Week (8th Oct – 12th Oct) -

SolutionDots Systems has displayed its products & services that excite and engage the audience because we are aimed to advanced, innovate and accelerate technology for all. Our prompt support, dynamic innovations, and excellent teamwork enable the audience to extend their expectations. Our team has promised to empower the spectators with exciting solutions and enhanced engagement opportunities. We believe industrial transformation requires technical expertise along with strong team potential. In addition to all of the services, SolutionDots Systems has introduced its enormous products DriveHR, RectBox, TrackKnight, TotalSchool, and NextTotal respectively. Academic Challenges Faced By the Students : solutiondots1. SolutionDots — Challenges Faced by Parents in Child Academics.

Challenges Faced by The Teachers in Today’s Era - SolutionDots - Quora. Education is a most important department for any country around the world.

Challenges Faced by The Teachers in Today’s Era - SolutionDots - Quora

Today’s technology has changed the atmosphere of industries. Such modifications also changed the educational criteria in a variety of manners. This change is the cause of different challenges that are required to meet. These challenges are associated with different school entities including kids, parents, children, and the administration. Teachers are required to modify their teaching approach with understanding kid’s approach to learning. If teacher’s challenges aren’t discussed and handled, it may create problems for all other associates including students, parents, and administration. Top 5 School Management System Features Loved By Parents - A school management system is today’s significant requirements for an institute.

Top 5 School Management System Features Loved By Parents -

It is mostly used by the schools and other institutes to improve their management and bring an ease of working for administration, teachers and the students. It is also appreciated by the parents, in fact, there are some essential features especially required by the parents. Solutiondots.kinja. Undoubtedly cloud computing is accepted by the people with open arm.


Organizations have decided to adopt it for their competitive edge. But there are still some businesses have hesitation regarding cloud migration. Top 5 Significant Benefits of Cloud Automation - People Actually Uses HR Software Solution - HR Software Features – Best Suite for All Business Size – solutiondots. Today human resource department, as well as different recruitment agencies, are grooming with technology support.

HR Software Features – Best Suite for All Business Size – solutiondots

Competition is quite high to appoint quality and diverse candidates. There are a lot of HR software that supports recruitment department in identification as well as the hiring of a candidate. SolutionDots System: How Technology Support In Variety Recruiting? Today organizations are focusing on variety recruiting because it has improved employee’s productivity. Along with staff productivity such recruiting support in generation of higher revenue. SolutionDots System: Essential Basics of Cloud Technology. Cloud technology can be used as a representation of the internet in networking. It is a complete information technology environment that is specially planned for the remote establishment of scalable and calculated IT resources.

The internet offers an access to different IT resources associated with the web. Web applications are usually associated with cloud and they don’t require any special installation like desktop apps. While using cloud technology a computer connects and communicate to complete network of servers. Top 4 Most Common Uses of Cloud Technology -

Cloud technology has improved working criteria and increased competition. It also reduced business costs and increased its flexibility by utilizing optimal resources. It has enhanced the ability of business to achieve their goals in a different way. Cloud technology can be used in different premises for business consistent growth and accomplishments. Cloud Hosting Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are the common uses of cloud technology that is quite cheapest mode. Cloud Risk Factor – Should Not Be Ignored – solutiondots. Undoubtedly cloud transformation is today’s business requirement to meet competitive challenges.

Cloud has a lot of benefits that positively enhance business growth. Along with there are some cloud risk factors available, that shouldn’t be ignored. While Transferring Business To Cloud What Should Expect? - Important Features School Management System: solutiondots1. Online School Management System Revolutionized the Institutes - SolutionDots — How a Retail Point Of Sale Software Save Money? SolutionDots System: Top 3 Tip – Optimization of Retail Point of Sales System.

Management of retail business is a quite tough job. It includes staff, inventory and client management at the same time. Therefore, it needs a comprehensive and customizable retail point of sales system to efficiently expand and handle business. The best system is one that effectively meets business core requirements and attains customer loyalty.

Optimization of Retail Point of Sales System During the selection and optimization of POS system especially for a retail store, three important points are strongly required to concentrate. Easy to Use: A retail business and its employees require POS system to improve productivity and enhance the level of customer services. Inventory Proficiencies: Why Business Need an Events Management Software? Hosting an event isn’t an easy job. Significant Elements for Successful Event Execution - How Is Mobile Application Better Than Website? - Top Challenges Faced by Mobile Application Developers – solutiondots. SolutionDots System: Non-Negotiable for Right HCM Software. Business finds it a time to move with HCM software, once ineptitudes and redundancies start costing them.

How An HR Software Benefits An Organization? - Top 10 Reasons behind IT Project Failure - Java 9 – Reasons Behind Developer’s Excitement. Oracle has announced the final release day for Java 9 and developer are waiting impatiently for that due to various reason. Point of Sales (POS) Features to Streamline Business. Java’s importance in Today’s Development Era - Two decades are enough to demonstrate the importance of Java as a programming language. It has expanded strength with every passing day and prove itself a front line programming language. If we talk about the application development, it is Google’s choice, especially for Android apps.

Reason behind Java’s importance There are a lot of reasons that keep its worth for a long time some of them are enlisted below: It is platform independent language because the developers just compile their Java code once into bytecode. Smart Retail – Point of Sales (POS) System - Top Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Business - Why Your Business Should Have A Mobile Application? - SolutionDots System: Application Development Is Beyond the Coding. Does Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Efforts Beneficent? Why Should Small Business Prefer Outsourcing? - Failure in Hitting Organization’s Targeted Revenues - Personnel’s Time Wasting – Significant Reason Is Management – MySaudiJobs.