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Forex Trading Order Types: Basic Forex Guide (Part 12) - It is not always possible to negotiate immediately and in these cases you need to learn how to trade automatically.

Forex Trading Order Types: Basic Forex Guide (Part 12) -

Orders can help you get profits or protect you from losses. Trading platforms for the forex market allow entry and execution of different types of orders. Find out the various types of nuts and how to use them. Once you’ve chosen the top forex broker that suits better your trading style, it is time to buy or sell currencies, indicating which transactions you want to do.

EUR/USD Goes Up On US Dollar Weakness - The main market mover of last week was the GDP of United States.

EUR/USD Goes Up On US Dollar Weakness -

After the disappointment of the preliminary data, the growth of the US economy was strong in the first quarter. US GDP, in its second version, showed a variation of 1,2%, against the 0,7% previously reported. Analysts had expected an improvement in growth of + 0,9%. On an annualized basis, the US Gross Domestic Product grew by 2,2%, against 2,3% expected by analysts. Two weeks ago it was published also the Eurozone GPD which revealed that euro area has risen 0,5% over the previous quarter, as expected by analysts, the same variation was confirmed for the fourth quarter of last year. All beginners should know that forex means trading on the bigger currency exchange market in the world, where every day is exchanged almost $ 3 tri… Best and Worst Trading Assets of 2016 -

A new year ended and it is time to take stock.

Best and Worst Trading Assets of 2016 -

The trading world moves very quickly especially when it comes to Forex where currency volatility is the host. We will try to establish a ranking of the best and worst assets of 2016 including currencies, indices, commodities and bonds. Forex Trading Strategies - Soloforex by soloforex projects. Bitcoin News 2016. In the week prior to Christmas there were not many market movers to shake up the market but the effect of the Federal Reserve’s decision still weighs on the US dollar and on the forex market.

Bitcoin News 2016

The US currency, after taking what he could from its competitors, won on all currency pairs and it is also taking away precious air from the currencies of emerging countries. The dollar rose in the wake of the surprising victory of Donald Trump in the United States and the decisions of the Fed to finally raise the interest rates. This stimulus has led to heavy outflows in emerging markets, as a stronger dollar and higher US rates have tarnished the appeal of riskier assets such as the currencies of developed countries. Herald Van Der Linde, HSBC’s head of equity strategy for Asia, noted that ‘both the dollar’s rally and the US bond yields are stalled by the end of December, not only expectations for growth stronger than the United States were granted, but those expectations were too high. The Power of Social Trading - Zulutrade. ZuluTrade is an automated trading platform to invest in the Forex market and a binary option broker.

The Power of Social Trading - Zulutrade

ZuluTrade is one of the leading providers of trading signals and it is one of the leading companies when it comes to social trading. Founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai and Kostas Eleftheriou (who left the company in 2008), ZuluTrade is a financial services company that operates as an inter-connection platform between top forex brokers. It started with trading for binary options from May 2015 thanks to a partnership with the mediator SpotOption. Its offices are in Athens and in the United States, where it is registered as IB (introducing broker) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC U.S.) and it is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). In Europe it is controlled by Triple A Experts SA. ZuluTrade allows to trade with a different approach than classic brokers.

Automated Forex Trading: Let Your System Earn Money For You. For any beginners it has always been a dream to be able to make money immediately, without waiting to accumulate experience.

Automated Forex Trading: Let Your System Earn Money For You

For this reason, they were born autotrading systems that allow you to make profits on forex even if you are completely inexperienced. The autotrading is a trading strategy where buy and sell are placed automatically, based on the settings of a software system or platform. The buy or sell orders are sent out to be executed in the market when certain conditions (pre-determined) are met. The advantages are greater profits, fewer losses, especially given that autotrading completely erases the emotional compulsive factor of online trading.

There are investment newsletters that provide an autotrading feature where, based on the newsletter’s recommendation, an order to buy or sell a position is sent to the subscriber brokers automatically. 2017: Ecb Extends Qe While Italy is at Risk of Economic Shock - Soloforex. The past week had a great impact on the stock exchanges markets, especially European ones.

2017: Ecb Extends Qe While Italy is at Risk of Economic Shock - Soloforex

We have seen in fact, the failure of the constitutional referendum in Italy with the resignation of the President Matteo Renzi while Mario Draghi confirmed the QE plan, leaving the rate unchanged at 0%. European Central Bank decided to extend the QE until December 2017, but the next April the monthly amount of purchased assets will be reduced from 80 to 60 billion euro.

Subsequently the BCE published the new estimate on growth and inflation. The deposit rates are still at -0.40%. It seems that on spring will come the long-awaited Tapering (gradual reduction of bonds purchased by a Central Bank), although Mario Draghi made it clear that they have not discussed exactly about that, but the ECB will continue to be actively present on the bond markets. Immediately after Italian referendum, MPS fell and the differential between BTP/BUND opened with a jump to 170 points and then closed the session at 166.70. The Award-Winning Forex Broker. Among top forex brokers currently outstanding there is HYCM (Henyep Capital Markets).

The Award-Winning Forex Broker

HYCM is owned by Henyep Capital Markets UK Ltd, a subsidiary of the Henyep Group, a large conglomerate that offers a lot of financial services and it also handles charity work and education. HYCM is London based and it is regulated by FCA & FSCS but it appears also in the list of Italian forex brokers as a top forex broker in Italy. It is also the winner of numerous awards including Best Broker in several regions and Best Retail Platform from a several financial publications. HYCM has been in business for over 30 years and this makes it a very safe broker, reliable and reputable. It is great choices for all types of traders, from beginners to professionals, thanks to a simplified process for open the account, training materials and a comprehensive range of products. Oil Price rise after Opec Decision - The market movers published in the past week have affected both the new and the old Continent, from data on manufacturing PMI to the unemployment rate.

Oil Price rise after Opec Decision -

The news that has dragged more the markets, however, can be attributed to the agreement of the OPEC to cut 1.2 million barrels per day in oil production. Let’s go step by step. Here are a few market movers published for the Euro area. Monthly output price index stood at + 0,8%, compared with the consensus at + 0,2% and the previous data at + 0,1%. On annual basis, however, the index in October marked 0,4%, a smaller decline than the one emerged from the previous survey (-1,5%) and from analysts’ estimates (-1,0%).

Etoro: Forex Broker Review - Operation and Opinions. ‘Trade & Invest in Stocks, Currencies, Indices and Commodities (CFDs).

Etoro: Forex Broker Review - Operation and Opinions

Investing in the world’s most popular financial markets has never been easier.’ Here is how one of the top forex brokers introduces itself to the traders. eToro is regulated broker (FCA, ASIC, and CySEC) that offers operators a high level of security and transparency. Thanksgiving week 2016: Positive US Data in the Week of Thanksgiving. The week opened with the boom of the index of durable goods orders in October which were up of 4,8% in October, compared with the decline of the previous month to -0,3% (revised at + 0.4%).

Excluding the transport sector, orders for durable goods increased of 1,0%, compared to + 0.1% in September (revised to + 0.2%). Immediately after the publication of such data, it was released the minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting. This has given way to a surge of the greenback, extending even further the trend undertaken in the last two weeks. The Fed reports spoke of a strengthening of opinions in favor of a rise in interest rates in the face of a labor market in constant strengthening. The probability seems to have become a certainty then: according to the market there will be an intervention on interest rate on December the 14 th , after one year. After that, the euro-dollar exchange rate has reached new lows and the US currency has strengthened even more.

US Economy Push up the Dollar Index to Maximum Levels. The week after Donald Trump election as the new President of the United States has been a succession of positive and negative comments about his possible actions, while some Americans protesting against his taking office on the 20th of January, 2017. The market has softened this news and after a momentary confusion has returned to move as usual. Stock Market News Italy. Central Banks Meetings Dominate the Economic Calendar - Soloforex. This week will be very intense in the Forex market: from November 31 to December 4, the central banks will dominate the economic calendar and all the movements of currencies.

The attention of traders will be devoted to the meetings of the most important central banks of the world: the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of Australia. All of them have scheduled a policy meeting this week. Even the macroeconomic calendar is quite full of high-impact market movers, including inflation and Eurozone GDP, together with the PMI indices of the UK and other European countries. Basic Forex Trading Guide: How Forex Market Works ~ Binary Options and Forex Trading Strategies.

This article will be a basic forex trading guide (divided in different parts) where beginners will find all the information needed to trading forex. It is important to have a solid background because ‘invest safely’ means to have a good basic knowledge to make money with forex. Before starting, though, we need to do a necessary premise: to earn on forex you have to choose very carefully the platform to use. Not all platforms, unfortunately, are equal. There are very useful platforms and there are the ones who cheat customers. Basic Forex Trading Guide: How Forex Market Works. Euro Dollar Exchange Rate: Chinese Economy Is Better than Expected. Federal Reserve Loses Its Credibility. Forex Vs Stock Trading. Almost all non traders are aware of the main European, US and Asian stock indexes, because they are reported in the news.

However many traders and certainly most non traders do not know how the stock indexes are traded. The first index was created by Charles Dow in May 1896. It has evolved into what we know today as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Before deciding to trade indexes it is important to understand the difference between stock index trading and stock trading. Stock trading is referred to trading stocks of specific companies, each with individual prices.

Index trading is trading a basket of stocks which make up the index, through one instrument.