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Fever Ray

Fever Ray Martin “Mander” Ander exhibition January 10th, 2013 Martin “Mander” Ander who created the Fever Ray artwork has an exhibition at Tune Up Records in Antwerpen, Belgium from 20 jan to 17 March.
Someone Records
News - Slaapwel Records News - Slaapwel Records Because it's an undeniable fact a year can not end properly until everyone has posted their year end lists, I asked all artists from the slaapwel roster what their favorites are. Some gave me a top 5 sleepy records, others chose records they listened to the most in 2011 - even if they were old records - so by no means is it a very coherent list, but no doubt the records you see here are worth checking out if you're into Slaapwel-ish music. If you look at those lists, it seems like I should be talking to Nils Frahm, Jefre-Cantu Ledesma & Cory Allen sometime soon :) Special thanks to Simon, who took time to give a little review as well - check for those at the bottom! STEINBRÜCHEL (Top 5 sleepy records with occasional waking up from 2011)Cory Allen - PearlsMatty Bye - Elephant & CastleMachinefabriek - Sol SketchesIn The Country - Sounds and SightsNils Frahm - Felt
feedback loop label Support Vitor Joaquim creating his new album Geography. Go here: After his latest cd “Filament”, considered by the Indie Rock Mag as one of the best Drone/Ambient records of the year, Vitor Joaquim is now preparing his new cd “Geography”. Like the previous edition, “Geography” is also released by Kvitnu, the acclaimed Ukrainian label. Like "Filament", this cd will also be published by Ukrainian Kvitnu, counting on with the collaboration of Luis Dourado on graphics, and with sound contributions from Simon Fisher Turner, Carlos Zingaro, Ulrich Mitzlaff and Nuno Rebelo, among others. The output will be scheduled for late September 2012. feedback loop label
The wonderful ‘Music Won’t Save You’ blog wrote an amazing review of ‘Book Of The Folded Forest’ by Orla Wren. Thank you Raffaello! ORLA WREN – Book Of The Folded Forest(Home Normal, 2013) Settanta minuti di musica, sette video e sei cartoline, il tutto racchiuso in una splendida confezione dai toni seppiati costituiscono l’esperienza totalizzante dell’itinerario atemporale in un bosco incantato tracciato nel terzo lavoro del misterioso asceta elettro-acustico Tui, alias Orla Wren. hn hn
heat death records
Erased Tapes Records - Home After releasing his critically acclaimed new album 'Spaces' with an exclusive release concert in New York, Nils Frahm announces his European & North American tour with a brand new video. The official music video for album track Says was created by visual artists Romain Assénat and Ana Silva. Romain previously submitted a 'typewriter symphony' for Nils's Screws Reworked online project. 'Listening to 'Says', we wanted to create a visual space fitting with the repeating form and the kind of echo present in this piece. We had the visual idea during a show of Nils in Germany, two days after, we've created a device for capturing this idea: a video-feedback with ink on glass captured in one take, in a very analogue way and without any post-production', he explains. Erased Tapes Records - Home
Richard Skelton Works / Pamphlet Evidence of Capillary Beauty Dismantled / Pamphlet, Print Sightings *.* *.*
Haruko Limited CD: Most of the basic tracks for the album were recorded by Susanne Stanglow in an old shooting alley in autumn 2011. Guitar and vocals were recorded live, everything else was added later. Haruko
Audio Gourmet Netlabel - Pentadactyl
Handstitched* - Pentadactyl
[antonymes] - Pentadactyl
12k Welcome - Pentadactyl
Fluid Audio - Pentadactyl
We’re very pleased to have been involved with a re-issue CD of Listening Mirror’s “The Heart of the Sky” album. The album originally … Read More Many thanks to Richard Allen at A Closer Listen for taking the time to review all 3 of our latest … Two tracks from Antonymes’ There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay were featured as part of the The Welsh M1 programme with … We’ve 2 new postcards released later this month. Pentadactyl Pentadactyl
Frédéric  D. Oberland - HOME - Pentadactyl
Tympanik Audio Two new releases available now from Tympanik Audio. ‘Room 78‘ is the highly-anticipated new album by Slovakian Electro-Industrial duo Disharmony. Tight, crushing beatwork is laced with brooding synth pads, heavy basslines, hints of processed guitars, and echoing vocal samples, all punctuated by razor-sharp vocals.

Tympanik Audio