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We are the premier environmental friendly solution provider for foundation, retaining walls and structural support of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. With the use of helical pile, helical pier and helical screw, we make the foundation of the building strong and high quality which ensures its long lasting life. In addition to this, we install boardwalk for sensitive areas such as marshes, bog or lake front to make safe and smooth passage.

Best Screw Pile Foundation for Residential. Helical Pier Contractors Amherst. Helical Pier Contractors. Solid Earth Technologies, Inc. located in Amherst, NH, has been installing piles for commercial, residential and government projects throughout New England since 1997.

Helical Pier Contractors

Being highly qualified pile contractors, we have specialized in foundation stabilization and helical pier installation for over sixteen years. Our professional team of certified installers are trained to diagnose foundation issues and recommend the best and most economical solution for you. We have the technical skills and resources to complete the most complicated projects.

Our management team is educated and experienced in soil mechanics, piling and earth anchor design and installation. Our crew members have satisfied all of the requirements by AB Chance and are certified for helical pile installations. Helical Pier Foundations. Helical Piles. Helical Pile Deck Foundations. Solid Earth Technologies, Inc. - Construction - Local Business. Construction Contact Information Company Details Year Established 1999 More About Solid Earth Technologies, Inc.

Solid Earth Technologies, Inc. - Construction - Local Business

We are the premier environmental friendly solution provider for foundation, retaining walls and structural support of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Website :- Map View. Underpinning Foundation. Helical Pier Companies. Deep Pile Foundation. Wetland Boardwalk. Guy Anchors. Applications for guyed structures, self-supporting towers, structures substations, and switching stations are all part of the CHANCE T/C (tension-compression) foundation and guy anchor product line.

Guy Anchors

Applications in sensitive areas, high water tables, difficult access as well as normal soils make the CHANCE T/C foundation a priority in transmission line construction. The CHANCE guy wire anchor, Type SS, made with A. B. Chance proprietary high strength steel can have capacities to 200,000 pounds tensile load. These guy wire anchors have been field proven over decades of service under the severest conditions. For more technical information on helical anchored telecom foundations, you can go to our CAD DRAWINGS FOR HELICAL APPLICATION & PRODUCT DRAWINGS within our website. Brochures on Product Application for Telecom Foundations ♦ Brochure on Power-Installed Foundations, Guy-anchors & Installing Equipment.

Helical Screw Piles. Tieback Anchors Retaining Walls. Ideal for permanent wall remediation or temporary excavation support Helical Tieback Anchors are used to reinforce and anchor retaining or basement walls damaged by lateral loads from earth and water pressure.

Tieback Anchors Retaining Walls

Since the 1950-s, the Chance Company has been manufacturing multi-helix screw anchors. These anchors have established a consistent record of performance through extensive use in the tieback, electric-utility and petroleum industries. Construction applications for screw anchors in retaining-wall tiebacks continue to grow. The screw anchor's advantage is how it removes the performance uncertainties and costs associated with a grouted anchor when used in loose sandy soils and low-shear-strength clay soil. When placed in the soil, the screw anchor acts as a bearing device. Installation torque limitations may preclude the application of screw anchors in some extremely-dense soils. Several factors contribute to the lower installed costs of screw anchors: Helical Pile Installation. Foundation Contractors MA.

Helical Pier Installation Equipment. Helical Piles. Underpinning Foundation. What is underpinning?

Underpinning Foundation

Foundation underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilizing a settling foundation of an existing structure. In order to achieve this with the underpinning method, galvanized steel shafts, also know as helical piers or screw piles, are inserted into the ground until they hit supportive soil stratum. These piers allow the foundation load to be transferred to stable soil. As a result, this deep foundation system helps to level the structure.

AB Chance Helical Pile Foundation Systems are an alternative to micropiles as a common method in underpinning. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider underpinning: Helical Anchors. Pier Foundation. When encountering poor soil conditions on a building site it may be necessary to transfer the building loads to deeper more stable soils.

Pier Foundation

Determining the most effective and economical solution to this problem will generally involve an investigation of the soil conditions which is typically done with a soil boring. A soil boring is performed to obtain data that provides the soil type, the organic layers and depth to bedrock. The Helical Pier Deep Foundation System is designed, tested and proven for applications in expansive soils, high water tables, fill areas and other areas where unstable soils require piering. A soil boring can help determine the proper depth for installing piles based on the information discovered within the soil boring report. Once the soil conditions and load requirements are known, the size of the shaft along with the size and number of helixes are determined.

The immediate benefits to using the Helical Pier Deep Foundation System: Boardwalk Construction. We are quickly becoming aware of the concerns to protect our environment and ecological development.

Boardwalk Construction

When it comes to building or constructing helical pile foundations in sensitive areas such as wetlands, marshes, bogs, beach or lake fronts, AB Chance helical pier foundation systems have been recommended as a safe approach to constructing with minimal impact to the ecological habitat. We have worked with audubon societies and conservation commissions to build boardwalks, docks and bike or hiking trail bridges that pass through wetlands. Have a look at the brochure on this page that offers technical information on helical piles for nature trail footbridge/boardwalks.

Some of the great benefits of using these foundation systems: