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A sock company that strives to give your feet the comfort it deserves through evidence based research. Our philosophy is to give back to not only the purchasers but also to those that need help the most.

How Bamboo Sock Manufacturers Create Long-Lasting Products. Bamboo is now heralded as the better material for socks compared to the more traditional cotton and polyester.

How Bamboo Sock Manufacturers Create Long-Lasting Products

What Makes Bamboo Fabric Sustainable? Growing up, we have always been used to wearing apparel made from cotton, wool, cashmere, and synthetics.

What Makes Bamboo Fabric Sustainable?

Over the years, we have learned that these fabrics may not be as healthy for us, the wearers, and even more so for the environment as we first thought. Manufacturers and consumers alike are looking to find a healthier alternative. Will the search finally end with bamboo fabric? What makes bamboo fabric so sustainable? The wide use of bamboo products has been ushered in by this need for a healthier change. Fantastic Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks for Sale. For people living with diabetes, poor blood flow and loss of sensation in their feet are often a struggle.

Fantastic Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks for Sale

Bamboo Cotton Socks vs Cotton Socks: What’s the Difference? When your feet are wrapped in sweat, they may get more irritated due to the material of the socks you’re wearing.

Bamboo Cotton Socks vs Cotton Socks: What’s the Difference?

A good pair of bamboo cotton socks can make all the difference, especially for people who want to keep their feet dry even when they feel hot and sweaty from high humidity. Everybody wants premium comfort when wearing their shoes after all. Where to Find Good Compression Socks in Australia. People wear compression socks for different reasons, whether it be for everyday comfort, improved performance in sports, or relief from circulation-related problems.

Where to Find Good Compression Socks in Australia

These socks come in different strengths and sizes, and they can be found in different places too. You must have come across this page looking for answers on where to buy your own pair. Before buying one, you first have to consult your doctor and see which option works best for you. That’s especially if you have medical-related conditions. Qualities All Great Compression Socks in Australia Have. Compression socks provide a wide array of benefits.

Qualities All Great Compression Socks in Australia Have

They give off comfort and are perfect for athletes who need to improve their performance. People who stand all day at work use compression socks to prevent varicose veins, and those who are recovering from surgery or experiencing arch pain use them as well. When looking for the perfect pair of compression socks in Australia, you need to consider not only your needs but also the qualities of the socks. All You Need to Know About Diabetic Socks. People who suffer from diabetes often require many medical equipments for daily treatment.

All You Need to Know About Diabetic Socks

They require tools to monitor their blood sugar levels, lancets, syringes, just to name a few. Having diabetes is tough, but there are therapeutic tools that can ease the discomfort that comes with the disease like specialised diabetic socks. Are Compression Socks For You? Follow This Guide. 7 Ways to Recycle Your Old Bamboo Cotton Socks.

Bamboo cotton socks are among the most comfortable pairs of socks that one person can ever wear.

7 Ways to Recycle Your Old Bamboo Cotton Socks

But no matter how much you take care of it, these pieces of clothing do have a due date. They are durable, but like all things, they are susceptible to the effects of time. Whether they get too old and saggy or lose a pair, the inevitable truth is that you cannot keep a pair forever. Why Bamboo Makes Best Material. Plastic has been the preferred material among many manufacturers since it is cheap and durable.

Why Bamboo Makes Best Material

But in the past few years, there has been a growing appreciation for eco-friendly materials like bamboo to produce everyday products. Materials like bamboo fabric are sustainable since they are highly renewable and pose minimal effect on the environment. With continued and popular use, bamboo products might be the key to saving our planet. Why Switch? When was the last time you used products made from plastic? Dangerously so, this infamous material is the number one culprit for serious environmental problems like pollution, greenhouse gasses, marine life deaths, and many more.

Sustainable Products Must Have. Humans produce about a hundred metric tonnes of waste each year.

Sustainable Products Must Have

It is not a mystery that the number is that high considering how wasteful we are. Whenever you need water, you can easily buy one in convenient plastic bottles and throw them once you’ve quenched your thirst. If your phone no longer works, you can easily hop in to the store and buy a new one. These are just some of the examples that illustrate the need to switch to sustainability. What is sustainability? Sustainability pertains to efforts involved in maintaining or improving the current state of the environment, society, and economy. What Are Pediatric Compression Socks? The Bamboo Work Socks Australia. Description Our feet are always exposed to pressure. However, socks are there to look after them when we’re at work doing pretty tough jobs.

To provide extra comfort to the feet throughout the day, Soles created the Worker Sock, the trendiest bamboo socks in Australia. The Diabetic Compression Sock. Description A huge percentage of the world’s population is suffering from diabetes, a condition that is known to raise blood sugar levels and increase the risk of foot ulcers. To help reduce the risks of complications brought about by the condition, especially in the leg area, socks and footwear must be worn by diabetics.

At Soles, we have created a non-restrictive diabetic compression socks that is designed to alleviate pressures on the feet and legs. Our socks also help manage moisture to reduce the risk of infection. Custom Socks in Australia.