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Bob Wettermann

BEST Inc offer PCB repair tool kits and materials that helps you in fast repair and modification of lands, traces, contact fingers, SMT pads, plated hole connections and PCB base board material. We are known for quality materials and services in the industry and that's why we are awarded 5 times for best services by the Industry.

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Replacement Parts - PCB Repair Materials –

Please wait... FREE Shipping for domestic orders over $250 Product Info Shop by Price Sort by: Land Repair Kit @ The BEST PCB land repair repair kit gives you the tools you need for fast modification and repair of PCB circuit lands-no matter what their size.

Land Repair Kit @

BEST's master instructors and online PCB repair training videos along with these materials allows you to meet the original PCB quality standards. The method for repairing damaged circuit lands is their adhesion to the PCB using an electronics grade 2-part epoxy system or their dry film counterpart. This dry film version, while less messy than the epoxy version, is not recommended for replacing lands in high reliability working environments. These replacement lands, etched on the board contact side in order to increase the bond strength, are the same size as the original. Mini Micro Stencils. Mini Micro Stencils When it comes to PCB rework of complex device the method that has been most widely accepted over time has been the use of mini micro stencils.

Mini Micro Stencils

These stencils are miniaturized version of the full metal SMT stencils used in the PCB assembly industry. Given that the objective in any rework process is to emulate the original manufacturing process, this type of stencil is the way to emulate this process the most closely. PCB repair kit featuring dry film for the adhesion of replacement pads and traces. The BEST PCB Repair Kits are designed to meet the quality of original trace, pad, and plated thru-hole assemblies.

PCB repair kit featuring dry film for the adhesion of replacement pads and traces

These kits give you the tools you need for fast repair and modification of lands, traces, contact fingers, SMT pads, plated hole connections, and PCB base board material. These materials are packaged together and designed to allow you to meet original PCB quality standards. This PCB repair kit = includes circuit frames which are adhered using a dry film, which through heat and pressure, adhere the replacement pads and traces onto the PCB.

Custom Circuit frames for the replacement of SMT pads, traces, fingers and other traces patterns on a PCB. Custom Circuit Frames BEST is the leader in circuit frames.

Custom Circuit frames for the replacement of SMT pads, traces, fingers and other traces patterns on a PCB

We have a wide vareity of options plus we can make custom frames to make your PCB repair go smoother, faster ad more cost-effectively. BEST produces BOTH the dry film and 2-part epoxy circuit frames. The first is a little "clener" during attachment while the latter has the gretest bonding force to the laminate. We have a variety of eight sincluding both 1, 2 and 4 oz copper as well as both RoHS compatble, standard tin-lead and gold plated versions available. Instead of overwelming you with the hundreds of different patterns and having to pick through them (you can ask for the listing) you simply tell us the following:

EZReball Universal BGA Reballing Kit - - PCB Repair Kit and Materials Online. PCB Repair Kit Epoxy Version – - PCB Repair/Rework Kit: How to Reball Your BGA Using a Preform BGA Reballing Kit. By Bob WettermannThere are cases when you need to quickly repair a BGA or CSP or POP package location. - PCB Repair/Rework Kit: How to Reball Your BGA Using a Preform BGA Reballing Kit

In removing the device there may be times where you would like to reball it and place it back onto the same location. In those cases you may night have the time to wait those few days for a customized reballing preform to the fit the package exactly. In those cases the BEST BGA reballing kit is the right tool/kit to have in your tool box. By using this kit and some ingenuity when it comes to cutting, or some tape for blocking off or a few solder balls for adding at certain location many different new patterns can be made.

This kit includes a variety of preforms at certain consistent patterns and pitches that allows you to do this. Follow These Steps to Reball your BGA: BGA Reballing Process. BGA reballing involves removing the remnant solder balls from a BGA package and adding new solder balls into same. It involves a simple procedure that can be carried out by any individual when need be. It can involve either lead and lead-free solder balls. The tools and devices used for the above BGA reballing process are not that technical at all. They can be handled by any individual. In fact repair depots repairing laptops and other computer accessories can perform this process with a simple tool set and reballing preforms. The the tool set for BGA reballing includes at a minimum the following:

Epoxy Repair Kit – PCB Repair Materials – The BEST Epoxy Repair Kit can be used to fix damaged solder mask, damaged PCB laminate material as well as repair lifted pads and traces. 3rd party testing has shown by using the BEST 2-part epoxy, the bond strength of repair traces, pads, and lands equals that of the original land, pads, and traces.

Epoxy Repair Kit – PCB Repair Materials –

Even under thermal air shock conditions from –50°c to 85°c at 30 minutes dwell time for 200 cycles the BEST epoxy adhesive held up! BEST epoxy repair kits use the same epoxy BEST repair technicians have been used for repairing thousands of PCB. We have included the tools you will need in making these repairs and have included them in this general epoxy repair kit. This kit includes (10) 2 gm packs of resin/hardner, a stainless steel dental pick for precision poacment and volumetric transfer of the adhesive as well as orangewood sticks to assist with forming and bending traces for easy placement. Gold Replating Kit. PCB Pad Repair Kit. EZReball Universal BGA Reballing Kit - - PCB Repair Kit and Materials Online. EZReball™ BGA Reballing Preforms –

The BEST EZReball™ process is the answer to your reballing problems.

EZReball™ BGA Reballing Preforms –

This BGA reballing process simplifies the process while eliminating the clean up of all those paper remnants, allowing for better yields and faster reballing times. The simplicity of the EZReball™ reballing process allows even the beginning repair technician to reliably and quickly replace balls on a BGA package. By aligning the edges of the preform and the package the two are “squared up” thereby eliminating the need to buy custom fixtures or frames. The adhesive is engineered such that the balls are firmly held in place until after reflow thereby reducing the problem of missing solder balls found in other techniques. After the device has been reflowed, the BGA reballing preform is simply peeled off, eliminating the time required in cleaning off residual paper ORDER HERE-3 day delivery. StikNPeel™ Rework Stencil @ Easy to Use Rework Stencil.

Sometimes there are products that come along and you think to yourself-Wow!

StikNPeel™ Rework Stencil @ Easy to Use Rework Stencil

The StikNPeel™ rework stencil is one of those products. It simplifies the rework of site locations by placing a highly flexible, removable, adhesive-backed stencil on to a circuit board for localized solder paste, adhesive or flux printing. Why Chose StikNPeel as Your Rework Stencil The flexible nature of the film allows this rework stencil to e fit in to the dimensions of modern circuit boards.

Circuit Frames for PCB Repair – BEST has a variety of standard circuit frame patterns.

Circuit Frames for PCB Repair –

We also can cross-reference competitive patterns and fabricate custom patterns without very large minimum orders. Call for help in picking the right circuit frame. These are ALL ROHS compliant. Circuit Tracks - PCB Repair Materials - BEST Inc Store. - PCB Repair Kit and Materials Online - Blogs. SMT Prototype Stencil. Reballing preforms for the fast, clean and accurate reballing of complex BGA packages. This is a unique BGA reballing stencil. It improves first pass yields and makes the reballing of devices fast and simple. This BGA reballing stencil allows you to easily change alloys or reball devices after their removal. BGA reballing stencils come in a variety of alloys including but not limited to : tin-lead, lead free (SAC 305), high temp More information on the testing of this device can be found here.

Minimum Aperture Size: .002in (.05mm)Stencil Material: High temperature Polyimide with tacky, porous tape whihc cleans up with IPA.Minimum Pitch: 1.50-0.50mm pitchMaximum Stencil Size: Approx 4 x 4in (100mm x 100mm) We accept either standard GERBER files, part data sheets or CAD files. This configurable part number for this reballing stencil means you do not have to sort through all of the patterns listed (there are many more). If you need an EZReball(TM) in a pitch smaller than 0.5mm pitch order here. The data you sned us to make your part must have: # of solder balls. Accessories. BGA Rework Stencils – StencilQuik™ BGA rework stencils make it easy for you to place BGAs. Whether the site is being reworked, you are simply wanting to place a part on a prototype board or the mask damaged underneath the part needs to be repaired, StencilQuik™ is the method to use for BGA placement. For rework applications the need for a high end split vision rework system is eliminated.

The balls tactily can be felt fitting in to the apertures of the stencil. A simple time temperature heat source will now reflow the solder balls on the bottom of the device. This simplicity is carried over to the prototyping area as complex packages such as BGAs and CSPs can be easily placed without the need for or training in high end equipment.

Customized versions are shipped in 3-5 days after check plot approval. Whether you are using paste flux or solder paste StencilQuik™ speeds up the area array rework process while providing for a more reliable connection. Device Make Up and Engineering. EZReball™ Reballing Preforms - Tin Lead - BEST Inc Store. Circuit Frames for PCB Repair – IPC 6012 specification for the design of rigid printied circuit boards from IPC. PCB Repair Kit Epoxy Version – PCB Repair Materials - Circuit Frames - BEST Inc Store. IPC Standards – SMT Framed Stencil turned in 24 hours or less. SMT Framed Stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils designed to work on SMT printing machines. These laser cut stencils are permanently glued into a frame.

These framed stencils are are designed for highly repeatable continuous operation in volume production. They are well-suited for volume production assembly, Shipment is 24 hours from approval of checkplot. BEST SMT framed stencils provide for optimal solder paste volume control and can be used for fine pitch SMT printing. Key features: * High quality nickel-stainless PHD material (much better than standard stainless steel in terms of its release properties) means smoother aperture walls and cleaner release characteristics * Clean Laser-Cut Apertures. Pad Repair Kit – PCB Repair Materials – EZReball™ Reballing Preforms - Lead Free – BEST Inc Store. Gold Contact Replating Kit – PCB Repair Materials –

PCB Repair Materials & Tools. Metal Stencils, Stainless Steel Stencil – If you are looking for a reliable partner that will “go the extra mile” for your SMT stencil needs-then BEST Inc. is your source. Because we have been providing PCB rework and repair services our business and service level understands the "must have it fast" needs of SMT/rework stencil customers.

Trace Repair Kit – PCB Repair Materials – BGA rework kit featuring a variety pack of BGA stencils for rework and mask repair underneath BGAs. BGA Reballing Preform for 957 ball count, 1.27mm pitch, 40x40mm package; leadfree balls. HeatShieldGel. BEST HeatShield Gel™ is a thermal shield water-based gel designed to be used in the PCB rework/repair or board assembly areas in order to provide thermal protection of electronic components.

It is truly a revolutionary means to protect components. It keeps components from being exposed to full reflow cycle temperatures, thereby reducing their potential thermal damage. Protect components such as plastic connectors, heat-sensitive ceramic capacitors or even batteries. EZReball™ Reballing Preforms - Lead Free – BEST Inc Store. IPC Standards – Land Repair Kit @ PCBVac(TM) Cleaning Your Circuit Board. Pcb flux cleaner. PCBVac(TM) The PCBVac(TM) is the only tool you will need to get rid of BOTH dry and wet media from a PCB. BGA rework kit featuring a variety pack of BGA stencils for rework and mask repair underneath BGAs. BGA Rework Using StikNPeel(TM) Stencil. Flip Up SMT Rework Stencils - Epoxy Repair Kit – PCB Repair Materials – Gold Replating Kit. Through-hole Repair Kit.

PCB Throughhole Repair Kit for repairing vias and plated throughholes. Best ezreball. Best in PCB Rework and Repiar Kit & Tools. Board Repair Kit – PCB Repair Materials – How To Re-plate and Repair PCB Gold Fingers. PCB repair kit to help repair damaged laminate. New BGA Placement Invention. Wire hold down labels for PCB rework and assembly able to sithstand reflow temperatures 6.4mm round in shape. BEST HotDots™ are a versatile, clean and effective method of attaching jumper wires and other elements of a PCB in place during the assembly process. HotDots™ are designed to “take the heat” as they are made from a polyimide film using an engineered high temperature adhesive system.

This material combination has already been proven to stay in place during wave and reflow soldering processes and bakeout cyles as tens of thousands of rework stencils have been placed on boards using this material. The see through material allows you to be sure of your placement. HotDots™ are cut in to a variety of shapes (including custom configurations) Butterfly shapes hold the wire in the center cut out area and then “fan out” to the PCB surface giving the largest possible holding surface area. The HotDot™ adhesive system is a semi permanent effective way to get the wires or other elements to stick to the board-wherever you need in the process. HotDot™ , Round, Diameter 4mm Qty –360 count Other features: PCB repair kit featuring dry film for the adhesion of replacement pads and traces.

SolderingGeek. PCB Trace Repair Kit for repairing circuit traces. PCB Repair Tools - Rework Stencils, Reballing Preforms & SMT Stencils @ PCB Repair Materials & Tools.