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Welcome to Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton WA. Free rv parking las vegas. Bally's. Written by MacAdmin November 09, 2010 Location Address: 3645 Las Vegas Blvd South RV Parking and Camping Information Overnight RV Parking Allowed: Maybe - Read Listing and Reviews Parking Rules: Unofficial parking. RV Park Available: Other Information Local Weather Overnight RV Parking MAY be OK Map User reviews Average user rating from: 1 user(s) ...we spent several nights in our more usual spot behind Paris Las Vegas and it's sister properties on either side, Bally's and Planet Hollywood. Thanks to Sean, for his report on the Casino Camper Yahoo! Was this review helpful to you? There has been no problem parking behind Bally's near the fenced off employee parking area.

Casinocamper : Casino Camper. The purpose of this group is to share information about casino-based RV travel.

casinocamper : Casino Camper

Visit here to chat about your experiences visiting casinos in your RV, post a trip report, or ask questions about casinos you plan to visit. * Is free overnight parking available? * Do they have an RV park with hookups? * Are there any good Video Poker machines? San Manuel Casino. Report from Laura & Sasha, November 28, 2009 Warning: Where the RVs have to go, extremely steep hill, put into at least 2nd gear if not first, just to get up the hill. There are no signs, no-body there to let you know where to go, and it is not easy to find. I would not go back, just because of the hill. Is FREE overnight RV parking allowed? (Yes) There is no one to ask if there needs to be permission or not, but I called and they stated RV parking is there. Conditions: The parking lot is level, and as long as it is not a big weekend, there should be enough room for the big rigs. Facilities provided: There is no dump station, nor fresh water but there are trash containers in the lot.

Casino: Food; We did not go to a buffet but went to the food court instead. Gambling: We signed up for the player’s club, $5 each free play, $1 off food at the food court. Entertainment; anything to do here? Is there anything for kids to do? Anything that impressed, surprised, or disappointed you? Free Overnight Parking. Hollywood Park. Written by MacAdmin October 29, 2010 Location Address: 1050 South Prairie Avenue RV Parking and Camping Information Overnight RV Parking Allowed: Parking Rules: Overnight parking is OK, on casino side only. RV Park Available: Other Information Local Weather.