Welcome to Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton WA
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Bally's http://www.casinocamper.com/media/reviews/photos/thumbnail/300x300s/df/06/0d/364_BallysRVparkingPano_1289411104.jpg Written by MacAdmin November 09, 2010 Location Bally's
casinocamper : Casino Camper casinocamper : Casino Camper The purpose of this group is to share information about casino-based RV travel. Visit here to chat about your experiences visiting casinos in your RV, post a trip report, or ask questions about casinos you plan to visit. * Is free overnight parking available? * Do they have an RV park with hookups? * Are there any good Video Poker machines?
Report from Laura & Sasha, November 28, 2009 http://www.Laura-n-Sasha.com Warning: Where the RVs have to go, extremely steep hill, put into at least 2nd gear if not first, just to get up the hill. There are no signs, no-body there to let you know where to go, and it is not easy to find. I would not go back, just because of the hill. San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
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Written by MacAdmin October 29, 2010 Location Address: 1050 South Prairie Avenue Hollywood Park Hollywood Park