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Solace Infotech is empowered by 10 years of experience in the field of IT, and has the correct ability to assist you with all your technological needs. Our services are designed to take your business to the next level, reducing the gap between you and the heights of success you wish to achieve. We have reliably conveyed ideal answers for our wide-going worldwide customer base. Highly optimized solutions and services across wide range of industry domains. Some of our key services include application development, open source development, mobile application development, business intelligence and analytics, cloud development and digital marketing.

Best web development trends and technologies for 2020

10 Best React component libraries you should know in 2020. Why you should track your app's performance? How you can avoid security issues in app development? "Flutter 1.12 features that will rule 2020 " How you can Switch your apps from Objective C to Swift? When Apple Inc. has released the first iPhone SDK in 2007 and insist outsider developers to make iPhone applications, it has declared Objective-C as official iOS programming language supporting Xcode as a development tool and IDE.

How you can Switch your apps from Objective C to Swift?

Swift offers many advantages like, writing less code, less maintenance of apps, speed up app development process, less bugs and crashes, strong security and so on. If you have been working on Objective C, it is the right time to shift over Swift. A large number of the well known iOS applications like Yahoo, LinkedIn, Lyft, Weather and so on have effectively headed out from Objective-C to Swift effectively. Also know, Swift VS Objective-C: What language to Choose in 2019? Objective C to Swift Converter- Apple offers modern Objective-C converter in X-code.

Edit → Convert → To Modern Objective-C Syntax Tips While Using Objective C to Swift Converter- 1. Always remember that, you cannot convert all your code from Objective-C to Swift at once. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Swift vs Flutter: Which one to choose for iOS development? Nowadays, hybrid mobile application development is gaining more demand and popularity than before.

Swift vs Flutter: Which one to choose for iOS development?

This is because of the budget constraints and rapid development needs. What should you consider before developing an iPhone app? In spite of the decrease in iPhone sales, iOS applications are as yet popular than Android applications.

What should you consider before developing an iPhone app?

Likewise, the developers can build iOS applications more rapidly and with a cheaper way than Android applications. But, the users currently have the choice to choose from more than 2.2 million iOS applications available in the Apple App Store. No designers can increase application download and application installs without making the iOS application popular in the market. Top 5 tips for effective iOS app development process. Mobile apps have created a revolution in the world with its splendid features and functionality.

Top 5 tips for effective iOS app development process

And popularity of mobile apps are continuously increasing and the proof is millions of apps are available in the app store and a large number of new apps added everyday. Completing expectations of users by using innovative applications have inspired application developers to explore their creativity level to the next step. From kids to adults, everyone is busy in exploring the apps of their choice.

Today, mobile apps are not only provide entertainment, but also make life easier. Shortly, the application development industry is flourishing and iOS app development is one of them. Best NodeJS CMS platforms to use in 2020. NodeJs is a well known web framework.

Best NodeJS CMS platforms to use in 2020

It has been used to develop highly scalable web applications. Everyday more than 1.5 Lakh websites are using NodeJs and similarly the number is increasing relatively. With regards to Content Management System (CMS), numerous NodeJs frameworks have been leading the route to a consistent digital content platform. Throughout recent years, NodeJs has been used to make some amazing CMS architectures. Ionic vs Flutter : Which one you should choose? Native applications are about high performance.

Ionic vs Flutter : Which one you should choose?

These are built for specific platforms and written in languages that the platform accepts. The way to achieve success in the mobility world is reaching to more users, regardless of devices or operating systems. Cross-platform mobile development can either involve an organization building the original application on a native platform or build up the original app in a singular environment for development that will allow the application to be sent to various native platforms. Both Ionic and Flutter have a common aim of developing high performance apps that works anywhere. However, both are characteristically different. Why You Should Go For Native Mobile App Development? Since the past ongoing years, various applications have been changing our lives continually.

Why You Should Go For Native Mobile App Development?

Many experts said that mobile app development is rapidly growing industry and also it will continue the growth in future as well. Everyday people look for mobile apps for each case, for instance, order food, online shopping, hotel booking etc. Many companies are dependent on mobile apps for serving their users. Nowadays, organizations choose native applications because they effectively combine with the entire ecosystem. Some cool Vue UI Component Libraries that will rule In 2020. Vue.js, is a popular JavaScript library that you can use to make dynamic applications on the front end.

Some cool Vue UI Component Libraries that will rule In 2020

Since its modest beginnings in 2014, it has gained a leap in the recent two years. Vue has risen as the strong competitor to Angular and also React. Know the comparison of Angular vs React vs Vue at- Angular vs React vs Vue: A 2019 Comparison (Updated). One reason for Vue’s popularity is the wide use of components, which make development a lot simpler to grasp. A component in Vue, actually, refers to a single entity within the application. Every component might be a graphical part of the application, with its unique view and behavior.

Vue UI Component Libraries for 2020- 7 Effective steps to enhance Enterprise Mobile Apps security. Enterprise applications have become a need for the business enterprises.

7 Effective steps to enhance Enterprise Mobile Apps security

Survey reveals that 70% of the enterprises have already implemented the enterprise apps and are using customized apps. Know the need of enterprise mobile apps at- Why You Should Build An Enterprise Mobile Application? One of the main reasons why the enterprise mobile apps are become more effective is- it has brought significant improvement in the efficiency of the employees of an organization, increases the mobility of the work and upgrading the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. hence, it climbs the general productivity of the business.

Considering the fact that website are easily getting attacked by hackers, enterprise mobile apps security becomes more important. The security of enterprise applications is even more basic because the employees share the details using common database. Why Flutter development is possible with reduced cost? Flutter is an open source framework of Google.

Why Flutter development is possible with reduced cost?

It helps to build iOS and Android mobile apps with a single codebase. It is not just a framework, it is complete SDK for building cross platform mobile applications. Flutter includes rendering engine, widgets, APIs, and also command-line tools. Flutter uses DART programming language. It uses Ahead-of-time compilation. Laravel optimization tips that you can't miss in 2020. Since its rise in 2011, Laravel has become an extremely popular choice for developing business-centered applications including information management systems (prominently known as business information management systems) and e-commerce platforms. One significant aspect of this popularity is Laravel performance optimization that allows developers to balance the performance of Laravel applications. know the reasons of why Laravel is the best PHP framework at- 10 Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for 2019.

Why Businesses Should Focus on Laravel Performance Optimization? The structure of the framework and also the related libraries ensures that developers can create powerful code with least effort. However, the code still has space for optimization that could be used for Laravel performance tuning to ensure smooth execution after deployment. Performance and optimization are two key factors that regulate the success of each business applications. Tips for Laravel Optmization- 1. Why you should choose Spring Framework for enterprise apps? Spring structure is one of the most popular frameworks to build Java Enterprise Applications. Nowadays, it has become the most famous framework in the Java community. Basic features of Spring framework can be functioned by any Java application. Some cool points to consider before you invest in mobile app idea. The inventions of smartphones and tablets have changed the look of the modern era.

Mobile phones largely influence the manner in which we live and interact with one another. These days, most people have mobile devices. Many organizations are shifting their attention towards having mobile apps to streamline their work processes and give access to real-time data anywhere. In spite of the fact that you are moved by eagerness to create an awe-inspiring mobile app, some factors should be considered. Android or iOS App Development: Which is Better For Your Business? Selecting the best platform for your mobile application is a crucial decision towards its success.

Majority of the population is working upon the digital devices and is a huge market for the organizations to serve. But the population is diversified and distributed over various platforms on their devices. This makes it significant for the organizations to select which platform to target and gain a market share for themselves. Two of the main platforms upon the mobile devices are Android and iOS. They comprise the largest share of the market leaving leaving all other operating systems aside.

How To Evaluate The Cost Of Flutter Development? The remarkable success of the application development industry has impelled a few entrepreneurs to look beyond the regular methods of doing business. They are changing to mobile applications. But, what as you would like to think is the most significant aspect when you choose to build up a mobile application? It is indeed, estimating the cost of flutter development. Now, the main question is how would you evaluate the cost of making an application?

Why you should use Flutter for MVP development? When launching a new application, the product development time is one of the most important factors, which clients focus on. This is Why Enterprises Prefer Sencha Ext JS over Angular. Ext JS 6 is a JavaScript framework well suited to develop enterprise applications that scale. Angular isn’t generally designed with the perspective of enterprise developers. Here we will list out most common reasons of enterprises for choosing Ext JS over Angular. UI/UX Design Trends In 2019 That Users Like. Technology evolves rapidly, and digital products become more complex.

Design trends become an impression of this evolution. The designer needs to be updated with the latest design trends. Why you should choose Flutter for cross platform app development? In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of cross- platform mobile application development. As an application development platform, it has been catering to the needs of forward thinking businesses. Amazing Java Frameworks For 2020 That You Can't Miss. Java is one of the most well known programming languages. How to build a simple Svelte JS app? In the JavaScript world, a new framework comes out each day. The thought behind such advancements are quite often the equivalent yet with a couple of significant improvements.

Modern component based frameworks include ReactJS, VueJS, emberJS, Angular and so on. You can see the comparison between these frameworks at- Angular vs. React native vs Kotlin: Which one to choose? In the course of recent years, React Native has gotten a popular choice for Android and iOS application development. The cross-platform code sharing promise is the most tempting feature of this technology.

Regardless of being a very popular choice, React Native isn’t a Holy Grail and has its limitations. Kotlin vs Java. Basics of TensorFlow.js- A javascript library. 5 Best Kotlin Server-side Frameworks. Kotlin is a new programming language, which has been already reported by Google as a “first- class” language supported on Android. Although, it is continually being developed and improved, Kotlin is already considered a mature ecosystem and its popularity is growing rapidly, particularly with the mobile development.

Everything necessary is done with just installing the Kotlin Plugin and allowing it to configure your project. Node.js vs PHP :Which one to choose for backend? Python vs C#: Which one to choose? Why you should use Kotlin for android development? Tips and Tricks for Effective Chatbot Development. Most Common Mistakes To Avoid In React Development. What's new in Node.js 12? 6 Cool Optimization Techniques In React. Awesome Steps To Make Your Angular Form Reactive. React Native vs Ionic: Which one is best for you? 5 Awesome Tricks To Speed Up Your Magento Website. Top 6 Rust Frameworks To Use In 2019. Top 6 Rust Frameworks To Use In 2019.

Top 10 Alternatives to NetSuite ERP and how to choose the best one? Most common mistakes to avoid in Netsuite ERP implementation. Why You Should Render React On Server Side? Using NetSuite For Businesses. React Navigation vs React Native Navigation: Which is right for you? Most Common API Mistakes And How To Avoid Them?

5 Best Development Tools For Vue.js. Why You Should Use JAMstack? Top 10 Best Platforms for Chatbot Development. How You Can Speed Up Your Website? Everything You Should Know About Ruby on Rails. Why You Should Use Chatbot For Your Business? Important Considerations For Mobile App Testing. Best Ruby on Rails Frameworks. Hybrid Cloud vs Multi Cloud- What's The Difference? How You Can Boost Your Web Application Performance? Postman Tutorial For Automation. Best Creative Ways To Promote Your App Free. Top 6 Big Data Frameworks.

How to use Python in Android? 7 Best Practices To Improve E commerce Design And Usability. What's new in Rails 6? Effective Considerations For Building An Enterprise Mobile Apps. Data Lake And Hadoop For Analytics. Accelerated Mobile Pages vs Progressive Web Apps: Which Is Better? Why Golang Is Better Than Other Languages? Golang vs Rust- Which One To Choose And Why? Node.JS vs Golang: Which One to Choose? 10 Cool Plugins To Convert A WordPress Site Into Mobile App. Which Frameworks You Can Use For Development In Go Language? 9 Cool Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In E-commerce. Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Outsourcing The Mobile App Development. How Mobile Apps Are Beneficial For Your Business? Yii vs Zend vs Laravel vs Symfony- Which One To Choose? How You Can Convert iOS App To Android App? Why You Should Build An Enterprise Mobile Application?

How to Choose the Right Backend as a Service (BaaS) Platform? Amazing Successful Tips Of Cloud Migration That You Must Know. 9 Effective Tips To Reduce Mobile App Development Cost. Julia vs Python: Which One You Should Choose? Using Flutter In Mobile App Development. Monoliths vs Microservices: Which one is best for your software? Why you should use Golang for enterprise mobile apps? Mobile App vs Mobile Web: Which one you should choose? Why Should You Choose Python for Real-Time Applications? Beacons with Mobile App. Quality Assurance VS Quality Control. What To Consider While Developing Real Time Applications? Why you should use Golang for enterprise mobile apps? Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Mobile App.

Alpha, Beta and Gamma Testing- What is the difference? When you can stop testing of a software? What You Can Choose An Alternative To Firebase? What Is Automated Testing And Why We Need It? Linux or Windows: What should you consider while choosing the best platform? Best Alternatives For Building Real Time Web Applications.

All You Need To Know About Virtual Reality. Healthcare Cybersecurity: The Solution is Security & Operations Center (SOC)