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Social Media Zahlen 2013 für Xing, Facebook, Google+, Twitter und Co. Aktuelle Social Media Zahlen 2013 für Xing, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ und Twitter.

Social Media Zahlen 2013 für Xing, Facebook, Google+, Twitter und Co

Facebook in Zahlen. Social Media Infographics / 50000 verified Twitter accounts #infografia #infographic #socialmedia. Brazilian Website Selling The Facebook Girlfriend Experience. Tired of being single on Facebook?

Brazilian Website Selling The Facebook Girlfriend Experience

A Brazilian website offers Facebook users the chance to go the Manti Te’o route and create a girlfriend out of thin air. By paying $10 to $99, will materialize a fictional girlfriend who will lovingly comment on your timeline, creating the illusion that you’re in a relationship. ABC News discovered the website, which offers services in tiered pricing. While the $10 level gets a user three comments in three days from a fictitious girlfriend, the $19 level extends that to five comments in seven days. For $39, a person could get 10 comments in seven days, plus switch their relationship status to “in a relationship” with that fake profile. According to ABC News, the site (which is all in Portuguese) reads: Sometimes people need to rent a fake girlfriend to make jealous (an) ex-girlfriend.

Apparently women can earn money by submitting their pictures to be used for this service. The Times launches 'experimental Tumblr page' for Opinion. The Times today launched what it called "an experimental Tumblr page" outside its paywall offering Opinion content such as additional comment pieces from Times columnists.

The Times launches 'experimental Tumblr page' for Opinion

In an announcement on its Digital Experiments Tumblr page the Times said the new page will be "kind of a mix between a blog platform and a social network", also featuring photos from the news, links and video, "anything that we over at the Opinion desk find interesting". The title added that it hopes the new page will "give a flavour of what our columnists and leader writers do, how they think, and what influences their writing". Although the page is outside the paywall the Times stresses that "no paid-for content appears on the Tumblr page". "To read columns, leaders and Thunderers, look at cartoons, watch animations – and, indeed, access the rest of – you still need a Times subscription. " Nine Twitter accounts every journalism student should follow. By Patrick Foster Facebook, Tumblr and Instragram all have their purposes for college writers, but let’s face it, Twitter is the social tool that any modern journalism student must master if she or he wants to earn their living in a newsroom.

Nine Twitter accounts every journalism student should follow

Nobel-prize winning author William Faulkner once advised young writers to read as much as possible, “Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. How Coca-Cola monitors social media. Coca-Cola has more than 500 brands in 206 countries.

How Coca-Cola monitors social media

That’s a lot of customers, and it means a whole lot of conversations. But what do you focus on? Which conversations matter? Who’s influencing the conversation? How do you get this information to the people who can do something about it? In her BlogWell presentation, Coca-Cola’s Natalie Johnson walked through all of these big questions and shared how, as one of the most-talked-about companies on Earth, the beverage-maker is able to learn so much from online conversations.

«Social Media verteilt die Macht neu» Tagblatt Online, 12.

«Social Media verteilt die Macht neu»

Januar 2012, 09:32 Uhr Alec Ross ist seit 2009 beim US-Aussenministerium als Berater für Technologie und Innovation angestellt. (Bild: framino/ WASHINGTON. The Social Media Data Stacks. Data is a marketer's best friend.

The Social Media Data Stacks

Access an amazing collection of social media research in this free ebook! The 45 charts and analysis will give you answers on: The impact Google+ has on the social media landscapeThe percent internet users using social networking sitesShort- and long-term social media trendsHow much social media is affecting marketing budgetsFacebook visitors stats and percentage of brands on FacebookAnd much more Plus, get access to both the .pdf and the powerpoint files! The data in this ebook is collected from the world's best brands and major data partners, such as: Social Media is NOT Just For Interns! (Says a Disgruntled NPR Social Media Manager) By Foster Kamer 11/16/11 2:48pm Share this: Can a Fail Whale shed tears?

Social Media is NOT Just For Interns! (Says a Disgruntled NPR Social Media Manager)

Social media! Some people believe in its power for brands to attain previously unexplored levels of reach and influence while engaging with their audience in a totally new and awesome and visceral way. Some people just use it as a glorified RSS feed. Fair schooling, to whoever it went out to. So, yes, totally fair to be aggravated that somebody mistook a four-year veteran of public radio for an intern. Follow Foster Kamer via RSS. Google+ Brand Pages for Ford, MTV, Mashable Likely Coming. Social Media (Marketing) als Thema für Diplomarbeiten. Convention Zürich. Dipl.Des.

Convention Zürich

How Will Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Look in One Year? - Benzinga Insights - Why social media is a massively important tool for any journalist. Journalism is changing in front of our very eyes and social media is responsible for a large part of that change and most people within the industry see it as a bad thing as print media and traditional advertising models come under pressure.

Why social media is a massively important tool for any journalist

People share information on services like Twitter , bloggers break news and plenty of sites copy and paste the work of people in traditional media. It might seem like social media is mostly a negative thing for the industry but journalists are having to embrace the new mediums and those who don't are missing out. Statistiken zu den Nationalratswahlen. Wahlkampf: Wie nutzen Politiker Social Media? » für, Krattiger, Facebook, Wahlkampf, Philipp, Kutter » Blogwerk Firmenblog. Am 9. Social Media Gipfel gaben zwei junge Politiker Einblick in ihre Social Media-Aktivitäten. Auch für sie gilt: Die geschickte Kombination von On- und Offline-Aktivitäten macht den Erfolg aus. Und: Zeit bleibt eine knappe Ressource. Stefan Krattiger, 26 und Gemeindepräsident von Aegerten im Kanton Bern und Philipp Kutter, 34 und Stadtpräsident von Wädenswil im Kanton Zürich beschrieben am 1.

Juni im NZZ Bistro by Tibits, was sie tun, um via Facebook die Gunst der Wähler für sich zu gewinnen. Welcome to Google Docs. FHS eSociety Blog » Der Einsatz von Social Media im Abstimmungskampf – Beobachtungen aus St. Gallen. Am vergangenen Sonntag hat die die Bürgerschaft der Stadt St. Gallen über das Projekt zur Neugestaltung von Marktplatz, Bohl und Blumenmarkt abgestimmt. Bei einer Beteiligung von 46.8% der Stimmberechtigten wurde die städtische Vorlage mit 11177 zu 9785 Stimmen abgelehnt. Gemäss TAGBLATT hat es einen heftigen Abstimmungskampf gegeben. Gegenwärtig wird allenthalben eine verstärkte Bürgerbeteiligung in politischen Prozessen gefordert. Social Media Policy.

St.Galler Tagblatt Online - «Facebook wird genauso gross wie Google» Tagblatt Online, 16. Mai 2011, 11:28 Uhr Lars Hinrichs sieht bei den grossen Internetunternehmen noch keine Blasenbildung – im kleinen Bereich tummeln sich mittlerweile viele Investoren, die hohe Bewertungen bezahlen. Wenn Social Media aus dem Ruder läuft: Pril „Hähnchengeschmack“

Die Macher der Aktion „Mein Pril – Mein Stil“ wollen das Premium-Spüli Pril sicherlich mit einem Hauch Internet auffrischen – ganz ohne Spülhände. Freedom Filter. Google's Secret Social Initiative Delayed Until Spring 2011 [EXCLUSIVE] Google's big social initiative, once thought to be a full-fledged social network named "Google Me," is experiencing delays that have pushed back the launch until spring 2011. Mashable has learned that Google's big social play could debut in March or April, a far cry from earlier rumors that pegged a 2010 launch date. The project is a top-secret affair, even within the company. It is being led by Vic Gundotra, one of the company's public faces and a VP of engineering. Using Twitter to Track Dropped Calls.

The New York Times Introduces The Evolution of the Hyperlink. 2 December '10, 12:17am Follow As reported by the Atlantic, The New York Times has snuck in an update to its hyperlink feature. The new feature allows users to link to and highlight individual sentences and paragraphs in its web stories. While it could be a tad complicated for an average reader, it’s a great tool for writers and bloggers who frequently link to NYTimes stories. Here’s how it works. To link to a specific paragraph, simply add a “#” and the number of the paragraph, e.g.: go a step deeper and skip to a particular sentence, try e.g.: where it gets really gets cool: To highlight that section, simply switch the p to an h. e.g.: simplify things, if you hit your shift key twice on a Times story, small icons appear next to every paragraph.

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