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Civil Works Contractors. Civil engineering is getting advance day by day.

Civil Works Contractors

It has become complex from its ancient form. The process of choosing a good civil works contractor or a company is very demanding now, as it has widened its scope into many other fields. With the advancement of technology, a lot more have been introduced in this field. Now there are efficient ways of constructing roads, bridges, pipelines and other construction processes. We all know that all the companies do not work equally so there are few things that you must keep in mind while hiring a civil works contractor or a company.

The first thing is to think about your requirements. If you are living in Pakistan and looking for a civil works contractor, then Ittefaq Group is here to help you to complete all your civil engineering projects. Construction Company in Lahore. Steel Buildings Warehouse. ​Steels buildings and steel buildings warehouse is getting popular day by day.

Steel Buildings Warehouse

Earlier it was only used for the construction of commercial sites, but now it has been widely used for the construction of the homes as well. Steel buildings have many advantages over ordinary construction material. The main benefits of steels building include: The steel building structures have customary frame models. These are easy to assemble and have greater durability than ordinary construction processes. PEB Companies in Lahore. With the increased awareness in recent years, the attention of engineers, builders and creators have shifted towards environment-friendly strategies.

PEB Companies in Lahore

In the construction industry, this is known as “green building”. The pre-engineered building contractors have laid the foundation of it in the construction industry. What is pre-engineered building or PEB? The pre-engineered building means a structure that is manufactured and pre-engineered and then merged to form a new system. Cold Storage Companies. ​A cold storage company provides diverse procedures to ensure that the goods are reaching to the people in its accurate form.

Cold Storage Companies

The security matters a lot here to ensure that the product is in the right hands and within the trusted people who are going to work on it. A cold storage company should always follow and adhere to modern and advanced security standards. If a company is outdated and is not following the latest standards of food safety or equipment security then never choose it. There should be strong monitoring of the products with strict guidelines to make your goods benign. Everyone expects to get their products in an unharmed way, so it is really important to look for those cold storage companies which guarantee you the secure services.

HVAC Companies in Lahore. What is HVAC and what is the importance of HVAC companies?

HVAC Companies in Lahore

This question is asked many times by the people and some are recommended to go for these HVAC services. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of any construction site. We all know that it is very difficult to live comfortably without proper heating and air conditioning system during the hot and cold season. Many people take all these things for granted but at the same time, some people believe that HVAC of any constructional project is very important. Imagine spending a hot summer without a proper air conditioning system or spending freezing weather without an internal heating mechanism. This case is not only applied to the large buildings or homes, even if you are running a business and your workers are not feeling comfortable at the workplace, then it is your failure that you are unable to provide them with a healthy environment.

MEP Contractors in Lahore. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in the construction domain.

MEP Contractors in Lahore

MEP is considered the backbone of the construction world as it involves designing, organizing and maintaining the MEP system of a constructional site. The MEP firms are there to tackle all these services. These things are considered important throughout the construction procedure. The assistance provided by MEP engineers or company involves the cost estimation, maintenance of the constructional site, documentation of all the important data and help in decision making. It does not matter either you are living in a small house or a high rise apartment; MEP system will make that place live-able and satisfying for you. MEP makes a place pleasant to live without worrying, about the climatic changes. There are many MEP contractors in Lahore and you can hire them for your small to large scale projects. Precast Girder Slab. Girder slabs are the most effective products used in construction as they have a capacity to hold heavy weights.

Precast Girder Slab

It is because of its combination of steel and concrete that helps to stand the substantial structures. These are most appropriate for the medium spans, whereas, elongated spans can also be attained through innovative and distinct designs Ittefaq Concrete Solutions is manufacturing and designing the Girder Slab Roofing System since 1986. We offer precast slabs and girders in varied sizes and sections. Our Girder Slabs can withhold 100ibs/ft^2 load of the structures. Advantages of Girder Slab Roofing System Girder Slab Roofing System have many competitive benefits than other available alternatives. Readily AvailableMovable and ReusablePretested MaterialsEarly Building OccupancyQuality AssuranceCost Effective and Economical Specifications: Standard Girder Slab Sections.

Tayar Chatain. Infrastructural advancements in the construction industry are the result of the accessibility of precast structures.

Tayar Chatain

We all use the term “Tayar Chatain” in Pakistan. This is also a part of precast structures.

Ready mix Concrete Lahore