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Disable automatic updates in Windows 10. Windows 10 introduced a bunch of useful features, but at the same time some principles changed in respect to the previous releases.

Disable automatic updates in Windows 10

Not all users are happy with these changes. This behaviour can be modified with a variety of workarounds, allowing you to disable updates in Windows 10 or schedule them. If you need to completely disable Windows Update, or at least require your confirmation when Windows asks to download and install these updates, there are some workarounds to gain more control over Windows 10.

You can also postpone them but is not the same, so we need to play fair here. The first part of the tutorial talks about the Group Policy Editor, and how you can change the behaviour of Windows Update from there. Some users try to disable Windows Update service from services.msc. Disable automatic updates on Windows 10 by using the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) In case you have Windows 10 Home Edition, you don’t have access by default to the Policy Editor. Disable updates completely. Install Office 2019 on Windows 7/8/8.1. You probably know someone who still uses Windows 7 or 8 in their computer.

Install Office 2019 on Windows 7/8/8.1

Reasons may vary: Using outdated hardware that doesn’t get well with Windows 10, preference of the classic Windows user interface instead of the newest one, rejection of the update system implemented in W10… etc. Microsoft tries to force its users to upgrade to Windows 10 The point here is that although earlier Windows versions still work for a lot of users, Microsoft is trying to bury them in favor of Windows 10. Why are Microsoft product keys so cheap on eBay? A case study. We are aware that you can find the cheapest prices for Microsoft product keys in eBay.

Why are Microsoft product keys so cheap on eBay? A case study

But, what’s the trick behind this? Is it true that they sell the same keys to more than one person? How do they manage to offer the cheapest prices on the web? These are related common questions. We prefer that people draw their own conclusions after reading this article. Let’s search for a Windows 10 Pro deal in eBay US We pick the 5th result from the first page. The seller states that no more than 2 keys can be placed per order. About Microsoft software distribution channels Keep in mind that Microsoft distributes it’s software license via multiple channels: Retail, OEM and Volume Retail is oriented to final consumers. Volume licensing it’s the most practical and cost effective approach for business. SOFTWARE PLANET: BUY WINDOWS 10 LTSC AT AFFORDABLE PRICE IN ARGENTINA. Microsoft 10 LTSC is useful in different business related areas.


It offers a wide range of services in the manufacturing industry, laboratory, ATMs to others that are used in public places such as airports and the like. For better functional stability and longer maintenance of machines, Windows 10 LTSC is a compatible version to work with. When chosen as standard client operating system, it is perfectly designed for the above said sector offering a plethora of benefits.​Now, you must be wondering about where to get the operating version from. Putting an end to all your worries, the ideal place to Purchase Windows 10 ltsc is none other than Software Planet. For guaranteed licensed products, this store is the safest bet. What version of Windows do i have? Some years ago, looking up for the version number of Windows wasn’t probably of your interest, unless it was particularly necessary.

What version of Windows do i have?

With the arrival of Windows 10, they’ve become more relevant than before. Here, we will explain on how to know what version and edition of Windows you do have. Windows always made use of build numbers. These change with every significant update of the system. Traditionally, most of us have been refering to Windows based in it’s version name. With Windows 10, this changes a little. Notice: Aside build numbers, there’s also different editions inside Windows 10 – Home, Pro, Enterprise and some more – with varying features. Let’s make a brief summary to know what each thing means. Office 2019 vs 2016: The Differences. Finally, we can count with another upgrade for the standalone version of Microsoft Office, after 3 years of it’s last release.

Office 2019 vs 2016: The Differences

Let’s do a quick review of the differences between Office 2019 and it’s predecessor, Office 2016. We’ll talk about the reasons that justify it’s upgrade. Let’s clarify: Office 2019 is a stand-alone, one-time version with no renewal fees. It was suspected that it could be the last Office version with perpetual license, but Microsoft later clarified that there will be at least one more. Don’t expect this kind of releases to be sold for much longer, because this business model is being set aside until it gets completely deprecated in favor of the subscription model. This way, when you purchase a license for Office 2019, it never expires. What’s new in Office 2019? Having a look the differences between Office 2016 vs 2019, we made a brief compilation of the most outstanding novelties.

New features included in Microsoft Word are: Powerpoint now incorporates.